The Social Struggle in Spain Mirrors Canada

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Can Vies was an occupied community center in Sants, Barcelona. Open for more than 17 years and supported by the neighborhood, the occupiers were removed in May 2014. For one week, day and night, protesters took turns defending and supporting the people of the community center. Tremendous solidarity arose from the rubble to revive this symbol of local social life.

During these demonstrations, 84 people were arbitrarily detained by security forces. This video was made during the week of support to prisoners and includes the testimony of activists, mothers of the detained and supporters around the theme of “defence of neighborhood life.”

Today in Spain, police violence goes unpunished and largely tolerated by the judiciary. Those charged in the case are still not entitled to a fair trial/process. This video attempts to give voice to those who are silenced and demonstrates that neighborhood life, against all odds, remains a place of protest and solidarity initiatives.

This is a collaborative project: Mayu (directing, editing, shooting), Galimatias Palendromo (interviews) and myself (shooting and sound recording), event pictures: Benjamin Core.

about the author

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 5.11.52 PM

A sociologist by training, I directed my first film in 2013. scriptwriting 
After having long interested in film and the viewer's immersion process in the 
fictional world, I decided to become a writer and myself videographer.

Largely inspired by the visual sociology, I quite naturally directed towards social documentary. 
In Barcelona, ​​in the INTO INDUSTRY Otoxo productions of program I learned the basics of achievement, 
interview techniques, shooting and editing. It is attending the middle of the music I started making 
videos my account and use the name of Rytmico Productions. Gradually, I was given the opportunity to
 carry out promotional videos as well as fictional type of videos.

From the street to the stage, I try to stay as close to what seems true. If my work is particularly 
focused on performance art, today I am trying to develop a critical information component and become 
part of the voices against social injustice, for the common good.

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