The refugee drama is continuing with a Biblical migration from North East to Western Europe.

Written by Pavlica N.DobrivojeIMG_20150126_202311
From Novi Sad, Serbia


The waves of refugees breaking on the Serbian border have increased in last three days. On the 16th of September a large group of refugees tried to pass through border crossing Horgos 1 which is between Serbia and Hungary. The Hungarian government has sealed the border crossing with purpose for better controlling refugee’s. The  situation climaxed in early afternoon ,when clashes between riot police and refugees started.Police started using the tears gas and water cannons, Dozens of people were injured including  journalists and members of Serbian national TV team, even though they were identified as media. At another border crossing called Horgos 2  there were clashes of lower intensity. It is estimated there where more than 100 000 refugees passing through Serbia. As of yesterday,  17  September they headed to four border crossing which are between Serbia and Croatia.They journeyed through Serbia and places near the Hungarian border. It is estimated that there is about 8 000 refugees in early afternoon arrived in place Tovarnik on Croatian territory, Croatia is a member of the European Union. By late evening that number had grown up to 12 000 refugees. Croatian are overwhelmed by the huge numbers of people in short time. More than half the refugees were transported to large urban centers in the middle of Croatia . Another problem is a mine field between Serbia and Croatia which were not cleared after the Yugoslav wars of the 90’s. The refugees are crossing the border without that knowledge. Croatia has sent a team to help people who are crossing the fields. Many refugees upon finding no solutions for their accommodation  decide to go further into the EU countries, looking to get on the west on same way as the refugees passed in Hungary. There is a lot of  fear, refugees don’t trust European government’s after riot police in Hungary stopped them violently. In Croatia the plan is to refer them to Western Europe after the meeting of EU chiefs ,planed for the 23 of September in Brussels.  The E.U. has designated quotas for Croatia and other members of E.U. for disposal in longer period . They decided that Croatia has to provide for 3 000 refugees according to Serbian state TV. In the mean time Slovenia ,who is also member of E.U. and ex Yugoslavian republic has stopped the buses with 200 refugees at the border to Croatia. The situation is a serious problem for the E.U. states, but the refugees are strongly determined to get to Great Britain, Germany and to Scandinavian states. Most of them have relatives who are living there.That situation is not going  well,  the statement of Croatian Interior Minister Ranco Ostojic who said that Croatia will close all seven border crossings to Serbia, using the same method as Hungary to stop the waves of refugees. In response Serbian Minister of Labor, Veteran and Social Affairs warned that if Croatia does not close the border that Serbia will bring a case before the International Courts.  Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic said,

"If someone in Europe is thinking about safety and security, but also the survival of the continent it is time to finally say what will happen and what all E.U. Member's will do. He further stated that the "Serbian people are not selfish and will hold out as long as possible , as migrants who are forced to spend more time than planned and than it is normal". He further stated that "It is absurd that the highest standards of respect from a country which is not a member of the E.U. but member States that are out of control , and do not receive any advice , reprimand or instructions from Brussels. They are guilty for the situation.
Source Serbian State TV RTS 1.

Serbia has shouldered the largest burden of caring for the refugees. Given the recent history of the region wars ,destruction, and sanctions to Serbia,it is unfair and there is still  no support from the European Union. Serbia has massive unemployment and is hard pressed to afford care for its own citizens. Despite these facts Serbia daily gives 15 euros per refugee for the essentials during their accommodation. On other side some politicians  are speculating that Western Europe is looking for cheap manpower and that number of refugees does not exceed 0,11 precedent of total  E.U. population. Those politicians also  come from Western Europe.Does this signal a defeat of the E.U.foreign policy

There is disconnect at the top between EU member governments and the E.U itself.
The conclusion is that because of European disunity the burden will be shifted to smaller no-member states like Serbia. At the same time fear of terrorists infiltrating  grows.
European Union should be ashamed of its tepid response 
Written by Pavlica N.Dobrivoje

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