Turkish coup, A well planned job possibly with ties to US intelligence.

The last few Hours have seen a stunning coup in Turkey. This wasn’t a surprise to everyone this was expertly planned and executed. The chief of staff is under arrest and internet and phones have been cut.  President Erdogan is in hiding and martial law has been declared all within a scant few hours.

The amount of planning an operation like this would take under the noses of their own Government and NATO allies is staggering but it is obvious that it was backed throughout the military from its resourcing  and It also isn’t outside the realm of possibility that Erdogan’s dreams of a return to Ottoman greatness, or his recent  rapprochement with Russia, have displeased some in the western power elite so that this incredibly well oiled coup may not be completely homegrown. It is worth noting that Fethullah Gülen the prime suspect behind the coup lives in self imposed exile in the United States. Many have reported that he has strong links to American Central Intelligence. Nuri Gundes a former high ranking Turkish intelligence officer has made this claim repeatedly. If true it is reminiscent of Libya’s Khalifa Haftar, an ex CIA asset who helped turn Libya into the paradise it is today

What this means for Turkey’s ongoing struggle with the Kurds and its role in Syria and NATO remains to be seen. Canadian troops are currently training the Kurdish forces in Iraq in the fight against ISIS. This is seen as a grave threat by many in the Turkish military as the Kurds claimed homeland would cut a large chunk out of southern Turkey.

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Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.23.42 AM
Canadian Forces Still in Combat.but for Whom?



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