A request for the Antifa going to Québec city on the 25th.

While I would never discourage anyone from standing up for what they believe I have a  request for the Antifa headed for Québec city. Could you give some consideration to the following.


-When you commit random violence you play directly into the hands of the state. They art ordown violence. You permit the mainstream narrative to look like this

«On est aux prises avec une situation où l’extrême gauche fait autant partie du problème que l’extrême droite.»

Michel Juneau-Katsuya,
expert en sécurité nationale et ex-agent des services de renseignement canadiens
« Combien de bombes les islamistes radicaux ont réussi à faire sauter au Canada depuis le 11 septembre 2001 ? Zéro. Combien de bombes ont sauté au Canada depuis le 11 septembre 2001 ? Plus de 30 », a-t-il expliqué, en précisant que la majorité de ces attaques avaient été signées par des groupes d’écologistes ou d’extrême gauche.
De l’avis de Maxime Fiset, du Centre de prévention de la radicalisation,

La Presse

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 6.10.41 PM.png
Full article

You handed them this narrative and thus endanger anyone who would make their voices heard or engage in non-violent civil disobedience.



-You silence the voices of those who would like to speak against prejudice and try and educate its adherents, to eradicate the ignorance and fear that breed it. You replace it with calls to violence using tired Hollywood actors.

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 2.13.32 PM
Fb event photo Antifa Mtl


-Your violence strengthens the massage and the stature of those you oppose. The Muete gained many online members after your last fiasco. And probably the sympathy of many more.

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 8.03.59 PM

-You silence the voices of those who understand that real progress and cannot be imposed. You call openly for attacks on those trying to get the message of social justice and progress out to the population that can effect it in order to protect yourselves from the consequences of your mindless violence.

black block nadeua

-You do immeasurable damage to actual social movements credibility. You color all activists with your violent colors. Please think very hard about the motivations of the people leading you. What did your leadership actually do when given the opportunity across multiple mainstream platforms, because of public revulsion to your last display. Did they spend the time and exposure highlighting the plight of refugees in Québec society? Did they coherently outline the dangers posed by rising “right wing” sentiment?  What did they use the platform you gave them for ? Just wondering.

In short believe whatever it is you believe but think for yourselves and be wary of the mentality brought on by anonymous mobs, because whatever happens you are individually morally responsible for it, and all its unforeseen consequences.


6 thoughts on “A request for the Antifa going to Québec city on the 25th.

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  1. I think it can be noticed, rather objectively, that the extreme right wants us to be/become violent. As the antifa method is a doctrine, and hence totally predictable, the extreme right does not need a lot of intelligence to get what it wants. I am not judging here, except maybe to the extent that I am saying that if one is totally predictable, one is not at all strategic. I am merely stating the situation. They want us to initiate the violence, which in turn will most probably lead to new forms of repressive laws and repression, and also justify their own counter-violence (franky, the extreme right is heavily armed and dreams of killing folks, especially left-wing folks).

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