“I urge all Indigenous people to demand the Chief and Councils of their First Nation reject Trudeau’s “Reconciliation and Implementation of Indigenous Rights” process.” Ozaway Pinesse, Ojibway Nation

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Ozaway Pinesse. Ojibway Nation


At around 6:02 of the video, (bottom of article) Trudeau speaks of the power structure in Canada and calls indigenous people the fourth order of government….I sent this out June 10, 2016 but nobody listened to me. I cannot understand how the Chiefs are being led by the nose into a sub-municipal level of governance.

This sub-municipal status is exactly where Trudeau is forcing us into…a sub-municipal level of governance is not nation to nation or reconciliation, this is imposing the 69 white paper and fully assimilating us where we will truly be “Canadian Indians” as defined under the Canadian legal framework. We will be entities governed under the Municipal authorities Acts as in force in the provinces and territories.

Trudeau clearly stated that:

A) the federal government was the first order of government,
B) Provincial/Territorial governments are the second order of government,

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