Russell Diabo and the The First Nations Strategic Policy Counsel sound a dire warning on the current Liberal strategy toward Indigenous rights:”National Top-Down Secret Liberal Process”

A must read for all Canadians

“The Prime Minister and the AFN National Chief signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) on Shared Priorities in June 2017, following the December 2016 creation of an AFN Canada Cabinet Committee(Permanent Bilateral Mechanism). A Bilateral Mechanism– this is an AFN-Federal Cabinet Committee where the AFN National Chief & Prime Minister meet annually and AFN delegations meet federal Ministers semi-annually on shared priorities as set out in the AFN-Canada MOU.In this joint committee, AFN is basically a rubber stamp because it does not control the funding, pen or process. Canada is using and funding the AFN tomanufacture the consent of Indigenous peoples to forge ahead with top down processes giving the illusion that we want what they are developing for us. “….. Click on Image for full report.Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 8.56.32 PM

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