Stand with Women

Our Mothers , Daughters, Sisters and every woman we know are in the process of being stripped of the most basic of Human Rights. Any who disagree even mildly are silenced with brutal intensity, threatened and even physically assaulted. If they complain to the state then the full weight of the state will be used against them. Law itself is used to codify silence and compliance. It is time to stand beside the women in our lives like a wall of granite and help them in whatever way they require to grind these dark ideologies into dust, for if we fail to do so then we truly dishonor our Mothers and repudiate the advancement of human civilization.

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My Grandfather, Walter Ray, owned My Grandmother Emily Ray outright. Clear title no payments. She was considered part of his “Chatal” on par with his Oxen.  My Mother Joan, as a Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 1.26.10 PMyoung woman, could not enter a bar in Alberta without a male chaperone.  Since our monkey ancestors determined they could keep the female of our species in line through violence and intimidation we have pretty much treated women like slaves for all of human history. The last, very few years, have seen some awkward steps toward 50% of the population, our Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, finally being able to enjoy the full rights and opportunities of the society that literally could not exist without them. We have also come far in recognizing Children’s unique right to societies protection. All of that is now under threat from a heavily financed, completely unscientific dogma that has been spectacularly successful in silencing dissent and enacting legislation to back its doctrines. It has stripped women and children of hard won rights and protections.

The Girl Guides allows Biological males to shower with and sleep in the same facility with specific instructions not to inform parents.

This dangerous policy has had somewhat hilarious, but darkly instructive, results in Alberta. A man declared himself a woman to avoid paying higher auto insurance premiums. This encapsulates the base concept of this group of men using this legislation to erase any advantage women might have and take it for themselves.


In England right now a woman is being investigated for hate crimes for putting up Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 1.44.29 PMstickers that say “women don’t have Penises.” Women in jurisdictions across the world are losing their rights to single sex spaces of any kind. In a Woman’s shelter in Ontario a woman was shut down from speaking to the Ontario Human Rights board for not referring to a biological male as female. She was trying to ascertain if SHE had the right not to be forced to share a room with this male. She doesnt under Ontario’s new human rights act.  Girls in Alberta many other provinces are losing the right to have a female washroom as these facilities are made “gender neutral” in deference to Trans Ideology.  In Scotland they are starting in Elementary schools.

Women in England could not even hold meetings as their venues were threatened and they ere sometimes physically blocked and even assaulted by these biological males who have been successful at shutting down any questions or debate. This is now happening in New Zealand. They have de-platformed many Feminists who have attempted to questionScreen Shot 2018-11-02 at 10.05.33 PM the erasure of their identity. The Trans activist community has been open in threatening violence and even death to any women who oppose them. Many times these self proclaimed “women” threaten other women online by asserting they will choke them to death with their “girl dicks “.

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 5.28.53 PMThe open threats of violence toward women is truly stunning. Yet police and social media managers do nothing. “TERF” or Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist is the epithet of choice. A pretty curious idea that feminists would not have the right to be exclusionary toward the non female.  A public display was made in the San Francisco library of weapons made from axes and bats exporting violence Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 5.41.48 PM.pngand death to TERF’s. This Term has even been used in academic papers seemingly with no issue. It is literally rampant on social media with calls for the rape and murder of women. Women are pounced on by organized groups and targeted. No response from Twitter to this but @jack was quick to issue bans against anyone who might question the fact that someone with a penis might not be a woman.  How did we get to a place were open calls for violence against women is acceptable. Because this group of Biological males is viewed as more marginalized there been no response by Law enforcement or the courts. But when a woman started putting up stickers saying women don’t have penises an investigation was started in hours. Women’s voices are being silenced, that needs to stop. Report any threats against women to police. On social media flag and report, and then notify police.





Another tactic aimed at any who question their fixation on transitioning children is that you are putting “Trans Children” at massive Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 7.48.13 PMrisk of talking their own lives. Except there is absolutely no evidence of this and in fact evidence to the contrary.  The only long term study done in Sweden does note very elevated levels of suicide and metal health problems among Trans people but in no way ties this to acceptance or lack of it. They seem to put it down to factors associated with Gender Dysphoria.

School Curriculums have been radically changed in schools across Canada without consultation and in many cases over the very reasonable objections of parents. This curriculum introduces sexualized language and ideas in some cases as young as grade 3. It teaches completely unscientific concepts about sex and sexuality to children tooWoke stupidity 2015 curriculam Ontario young to truly comprehend it. There seems to be a definite aim to “discover” Trans children and administer hormonal blockers to prevent the healthy progress through to adulthood. Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 4.26.46 PM.png The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario  have workshops on how they can be “Fearless Gender Warriors.”

There is a then not surprisingly a veritable outbreak of young women having healthy breasts removed in radical double mastectomies to confirm their “gender choice”. Many are now beginning to “De-transition” but the damage to their systems from massive hormone use and mutilating surgery is irreversible. And their stories are being actively suppressed in media and academic study. A recent academic study into Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria has been the target of unbelievable suppression . This well researched study has been the subject of incredibly intense attempt at suppression. Basically Littmans conclusions are that;

“In on-line forums, parents have been reporting that their children are experiencing what is described here as “rapid-onset gender dysphoria,” appearing for the first time during puberty or even after its completion. The onset of gender dysphoria seemed to occur in the context of belonging to a peer group where one, multiple, or even all of the friends have become gender dysphoric and transgender-identified during the same timeframe. Parents also report that their children exhibited an increase in social media/internet use prior to disclosure of a transgender identity. The purpose of this study was to document and explore these observations and describe the resulting presentation of gender dysphoria, which is inconsistent with existing research literature.”.…Lisa Littman Brown Edu.

Within hours of the publication the Trans machine rolled out. The first shot was fired by Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 3.59.25 PMa person identified on Twitter as TS Heartless Hailey. Plos One, a reputable science platform, almost immediately  took the unprecedented step of reviewing an already Peer Reviewed paper. Hailey, ([Redacted]). is a self identified trans-woman who is Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 6.19.13 PMbiologically a male. His twitter bio reads “Western Canada’s only  goddess. Worship and serve by Skype or in person. Educator of sex positivity, sex worker rights, feminism & transformative justice.” He must have left out his research credentials. Though he does seem to have some out of the box ideas on human biology. Meagan Murphy of Feminist Current  was kicked off twitter for describingScreen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.24.43 PM TS Haley Heartless as a “dominatrix” and pointing out actions he attributes to himself in trying to defund a womans crisis shelter in Vancouver.  This is what women have been dealing with the past couple of years a massive repression machine backed by law and most of the mainstream media. Hailey heartless will be speaking at the Woman’s March On Vancouver event. They have blocked longtime feminist Murphy on social media.

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“In contradistinction to this view, I argue that the alleged ahistorical transgender child is not a naturally occurring person but a newly emergent, discursively produced historical figure. I use the genealogical method8 provided by the philosopher Michel Foucault to trace the component parts of the discourses—the ‘power/knowledge’ relations—that ‘make-up’ the transgender child identity.9 I demonstrate that medicine and the law construct the transgender child rather than that the transgender child exists independently of medico-legal discourse and is a person to whom medicine and the law objectively refer. I conclude that the construction of the transgender child identity is not progressive and humane but on the contrary binds children to traditional gender stereotypes, medically harms them through life-changing irreversible procedures, and renders clinicians unable to operate within the medical ethos to which they aspire, namely to ‘first do no harm’. The law is complicit in the derogation of children’s human rights to adult oversight, to bodily integrity, and to have their best interests served.”….


Children on the Autism Spectrum are seemingly  targeted for “Gender confirmation” and “Transition” at the youngest age possible. This is being presented as some sort of genetic link even though we have a basic and and massively incomplete knowledge of Genetic links to autism.  We don’t even comprehend how autistic children deal with and develop Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 10.44.06 PM.pngcommunication, but we can tell they were born the wrong gender. Some of our most vulnerable children and most concerned parents are being sold alot of pseudo science to make life changing decisions about their children’s fundamental health and future. But just to make sure they don’t miss out on access to all our children Dr Carly Guss an instructor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical school has published in the Journal of Adolescent Health advising all general practitioners to , without any promoting by child or parent, question ALL child patients as to whether they feel they might be Transgender. Because it is obviously routine to ask patients about psychiatric conditions they have made no reference to. Perhaps they should inquire if the child “feels” they might have schizophrenia at the same time, just to be sure.

We need to better than our fathers in defending the rights of the people who give us life. We have consistently failed throughout human history to do so. Lets change that in our lives on a full spectrum basis. Brothers please reach out and talk to the women in your life and see what you can do to support them. Reach out and find women’s organizations and ask what you can do. If you’re on social media and you encounter the silencing of women by the well organized hate and suppression machine, step in and give these ladies some love. Talk to your politicians at every level and educate yourselves about the changes to our laws that erase women and put children at risk. As a Journalist I will be educating myself on the internationally connected charities that have pushed this ideology and the actors who have enabled them mostly in the dark. Its time to break out the spotlight. As soon as I know more I will pass it on. But it is up to each and every one of us if we truly respect the women in our lives to take and active and supportive role in defending their rights across the board. We have truly failed throughout our history show any real care for the women in our lives.  Leaving them alone, to struggle brutally for  every inch of basic decency and rights. If we are the Men we like to think ourselves to be then we must change that. We must teach our sons better, we should start by example. Lets start now, right fucking now.



Some concrete actions

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  1. You did good William Ray, even if you were just bluffing.

    I wonder if I knew your mother back in the day, here? She has a fine son.



  2. Hey Canuck Boy!

    This debate has FUCK ALL to do with you as it’s taking place in Britain.

    And at least, unlike you, trans people aren’t the products of twenty generations of rampant inbreeding or breeding between humans and goats. Not do they think, unlike you, paint-thinner is one of the food groups.

    Get in the sea and fucking stay there, you transphobic shitpipe. And go and suck your grandmother’s warty, cheesy cock while you’re at it…


  3. I don’t know where else to comment. I don’t seem to be getting your posts…

    Thank you for your most recent article, in The Star, so beautifully written, thoughtful and thought-provoking. Keep writing. That is the best way to achieve your goals for your son, for us all. You are incredibly gifted.


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