Fake populists, fake progressives – can’t the elite all just get along?


Is nothing for real anymore?

We recently learned the “populist” and “grassroots” political organization, Ontario Proud, is in fact corporate-funded as well as conservative-led.

And, this week, the Trudeau Liberals dangled progressive visions of a guaranteed annual income — someday, right after electoral reform, perhaps — although they’ve done almost nothing for working Canadians all year long (except violate their charter freedoms with anti-union legislation).

The real news story of 2018 was the fake fight between fake progressives and fake populists. And what they want you to know is it’s absolutely essential you pick a side. Because if you don’t, their game will come tumbling down. So you gotta really believe.

In the United States, the people bailed out the banks and the Democrats put the bankers back in charge. In Europe, there’s been a decade of austerity under conservatives and putative social democrats.

In Canada, under Conservatives and Liberals…

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