The Liberal Party and its Millennial Minister of Truth Karina Gould have nothing but absolute disdain for Canadian Democracy

The Liberal Party of Canada and its Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould are calling for the ability censor Social Media, modify google algorithms, suppress certain information or sources, and prevent Canadian citizens from seeing foreign press.  JustinScreen Shot 2019-05-27 at 1.08.40 PM.png Trudeau and by extension the Liberal Party of Canada are seeking the real tools of authoritarianism in the form of the Digital Charter. The ability to filter reality using parameters they set. If you think I’m being hyperbolic consider the following paragraph a sort of, “prove me wrong” challenge.

As a society we have thrown away newspapers and all other traditional media. We long ago stopped actually speaking to each other. Most people can neither read an actual map or be able to use the Dewy Decimal system to find information. Many of you are googling Dewy Decimal system right now. Even the few public places of human contact and discourse; line ups , bus stops, common rooms, cafés, waiting rooms and the like have now been turned into deathly silent monasteries full of the faithful bowed in supplication over our small plastic icons. We have completely turned the public sphere over to multinational corporations. They fully control our preeminent forms of Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 3.16.06 PMcommunication. Even though the infrastructure like satellites and fiber optic systems that make these “companies” more than a series of algorithms were funded by us. They provide us with a processed and censored view of the world around us. By doing so they have become some of the most powerful entities in the world. Its the Matrix but instead of the machines having to bother plugging some gizmo in the back of our heads we obligingly hold it up to our faces. Having anxiety disorders related to not having access to social media is a thing. People chasing non existed cartoon characters unto train tracks and busy streets and dying, also a thing.

So lets examine how deep the love of home grown Canadian democracy runs in Ms Gould and the Trudeau Liberals.

Even a cursory examination shows Ms Gould and Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party owe their election in 2015 in some large part to foreign influence, direction, and sweet, sweet foreign money. Their actions have shown an utter disdain for Democracy at a fundamental level.

In 2017 I interviewed a very well respected Canadian Combat Veteran David Macleod. David started his 20 years with the Canadian Army as an Infantryman serving as a Peacekeeper in Cyprus, Bosnia and Kosovo. He went on to hold senior Intelligence and planning positions with major formations earning a Unit Commanders commendation for the Afghan mission.  He detailed to me how he was approached cold by representatives of the Liberal party in 2014. He had never been a member of the Liberal’s but had a very high profile in the Veterans community then raging at the Harper government over our treatment. Based on the voluminous and sincere promises made to him on the treatment of veterans and other issues he agreed to run for the Liberal nomination in his riding.  Dave told me his rival for the nomination, whom he quite liked, was a longtime Liberal activist and party member. David found out after his nomination win that before the ballot the Liberal Party called every card carrying Liberal in the district and told them to vote for him, he was the candidate the Party “needed”. This was not an isolated behavior in the Liberal party run-up to 2015.

Two other high profile military candidates were forcibly put in their positions by the party machine over the vocal, sometimes violent objections of the riding associations, the actual  grassroots members of the Liberal Party.

One was General Andrew Leslie, a former commander of the Canadian Army whom I actually served under in the Artillery.  I interviewed his opponent David Bertschi, who Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 1.12.30 PMhad run against Trudeau for the leadership of the Liberal Party a year earlier. Bertschi maintains he was forced using trumped up Party infractions in a letter sent by Trudeau handler Katie Telford. Leslie was acclaimed in the riding to chants of “lies” and “shame” and a fistfight.  Leslie not only announced recently he would not run again but was set to testify against his own government over its unwarranted prosecution of Admiral Mark Norman.

Harjit Sajjan, who somehow vaulted over Leslie for the Defense Minister despite being only a reserve Colonel, is the other forced candidate. Many longtime Liberal’s quit the Party and there was uproar in the Sikh community with Rajinder Singh Bhela, a longtime Liberal and former general secretary of  Vancouver’s largest Sikh temple saying “WeScreen Shot 2019-05-27 at 1.13.39 PM think this Liberal Party’s been hijacked by the WSO,”(a Sikh extremist organization)  Sajjan’s term as Defense Minister will most likely be remembered for his $161 000 k selfie budget , and having a “different perception” of his role in Operation Medusa than the people that actually carried it out.

Returning to David’s journey down the Liberal rabbit hole. He was disheartened by the undemocratic nature of his nomination but justified it at the time as “well that’s how the sausage gets made”. He decided to ruck up and carry on. So its off to Ottawa for new candidate training.  He arrives and is shocked by the fact that most of the trainers are young Americans that worked on Barrack Obama’s 2009 campaign.  He is also shocked to be receiving up to 15  E-mails a day with orders to cut and paste certain statements on social media at specific times of day. You can still see this behavior in Liberal Party social media constantly.

His input on Party policy was not required or accepted. When he and another candidate tried to ask questions around disagreements they had with the Liberal backing of Bill C-51 they were forcefully silenced. He was being top down directed to ignore the needs and wants of the people who had trusted him to represent them and adhere absolutely to the Party line. David MacLeod took his duty toward the people of his riding with the same level of commitment he showed through 20 years of honorable service. He resigned the nomination before the federal election in 2015 saying about C-51, “The Act is a very disturbing piece of legislation that undermines Canadian democracy and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,”. But his disgust was actually far more global. By 2017 he wanted to tell his story and pitched it to several media outlets. But no one wanted to throw shade at the golden glow coming off le beau Justin at the time.

Screen Shot 2019-05-26 at 1.18.27 PM.png
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The huge amount of American Democratic operatives controlling the “training” of Liberal delegates witnessed by Dave was due to Jennifer O’Malley. As reported by the

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 3.22.03 PM.png
Ms O’Malley remains a senior American political operative.

Globe and Mail in 2014 “Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have quietly been getting regular advice from Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager in the last U.S. presidential campaign.”   She worked with an American based firm called Precision that boasts, “We’ve won presidential elections, defined global brands, and grown organizations from the ground up.” They did such a good job that,“Precision Wins 2016 Pollie Award and 2016 Goldie Award for Innovative Use of Data,.. in Canada’s 2015 Elections”. Ms O’Malley Dillon’s influence on the power structure of the Liberals can be measured by the fact she  was a keynote speaker at their 2014 convention, where young Justin ascended to the throne. So it would seem she had a hand in putting the right front-man in position, getting him elected.

The incredible influence surrendered directly to a foreign political operatives is stunning. The use of an American company  for its”Innovative” use of data relating to Canadian citizens in a manner that sounds reminiscent of Cambridge Analytica who’s central player was actually a Liberal Party employee, should be a huge issue.  If you doubt the continued consanguineal relationship take note of the sudden flurry of visits to Canada by the Clinton’s and Obama’s since the turn in Liberal fortunes. All of sounds like a far more fundamental threat to our collective sovereignty and the integrity of our Democracy than Russian Facebook adds.

Now lets have a look at our Millennial Minister of Truth, Ms Gould.

Karina Gould grew up in Burlington Ontario the daughter of then GM of Dairy Farmers of Ontario.  By her own account she worked as a volunteer on Liberal campaigns in high school.  Right after graduating from high school instead of looking for a job or struggling  to be admitted to a University she spent a year volunteering in Mexico at an orphanage. Now while certainly laudable it also denotes that Minister Gould, like almost all of Trudeau’s cabinet, come exclusively from a certain economic class.  She returns to Canada and immediately attends McGill University in Montréal one of the finishing schools for the upper middle class.

Then its off to a job in Washington DC for the Organization for American States.  Clement Doleac, Research Associate for the Council On Hemispheric Affairs, states that “U.S.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 3.48.36 PM.png
Photo; Telesur

imperialism is at the roots of..(this).. hemispheric organization”.  Gould is listed as a Migration Consultant at the age of 23 with a starting salary range around the 30k a year range American. Still with only a bachelors degree in a millennial generation struggling with the “gig” economy you take what you can get. The President of the OAS just stood beside Trump and endorsed military action against Venezuela to oust its democratically elected government. It is also implicated in the coup and subsequent pillage of Haiti. This is an extra-national bureaucracy with no mandate from the people that seeks to impose its will over that of national governments, or the people they represent.

In her first year on the job there she is credited with facilitating the publication of the very first INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION IN THE AMERICAS First Report of the Continuous Reporting System on International Migration in the Americas (SICREMI) This is one of the foundational documents for both the United Nations Global Compact on Migration  and its Agenda 2030 according to documents from the SIXTEENTH COORDINATION MEETING ON INTERNATIONAL MIGRATION; Population Division Department of Economic and Social Affairs   This document is at base a surrender of elected national authority.

Then it was off to Oxford to complete a Masters in International relations. According to the Oxford site this will set you back around $61’380 a year Canadian. Upon returning to Burlington Ontario she worked as a Trade and Investment consultant for the Mexican Embassy.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 3.28.40 PM.png
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Just a note here. At no point was Karina Gould been employed by, or working in the interests of Canadians or Canada. She is by training a charter member of  an international bureaucrat class who has a fundamental disdain for Democracy. She cut her teeth working for an Organization that backs regime change in its member states.

In 2015 her short but happy political career began when she signed up for the Trudeau sunny days train and became, at 29, one of the youngest MP’s elected. Lets lookScreen Shot 2019-05-14 at 3.34.52 PM.png at her actual election in Burlington and its relation to another foreign influence group Leadnow is a supposed “grassroots” Canadian group but thanks to work done by Vivian Kruase and others we know that Leadnow is an astro-turf front for Foreign actors to the point that a complaint with the Federal Election commission detailing its massive ties everything but the “grassroots” . They are still active in every level from municipal up of Canadian politics exerting foreign influence.

Screen Shot 2019-06-19 at 1.09.10 PM.png
Leadnow traces to citizens lab who’s donors include


They’re signature campaign in 2015 was “#votetogether.” Their stated aim was to defeat the Conservatives by influencing the voting habits of Canadians. The Canadian Union of Public Employees protested this tactic. According to their own after action report they

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 10.27.37 AM
One of LEADNOW’s recommendations

sallied forth thousands of volunteers, manned huge telephone rooms and social media hubs. They produced copious amounts of very professional video and where dominant on social media platforms. They had websites that recorded data on Canadian voters who signed up. Lets remember what Ms. O”Malley and Precision won that award specifically  for.

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 4.27.33 PM This foreign influence group also spent huge sums of money on media even sponsoring “Morning Political Briefs” from Make no mistake all of this takes millions of dollars and expertise much of which seems to originate outside of Canada. The database compilation support their VoteTogether campaign required is not seen in our major political parties. It is a remarked on tool in the bag of the American Democratic Party.   Leadnow is gearing up to interfere in Canada’s 2019 election advertising positions in Burlington starting at 40k a year. I am very familiar with grassroots Left-wing organizing, nobody gets paid 40 k a year to start.

Ms Gould won the Burlington riding by less than 5%.  Many of   her Liberal cabinet mates had similar stories.  The swing to the Liberals in Burlington at 23% was out of line with previous race since 1980 with an average of 8%. In an interview with Conservative incumbent for Burlington Ontario, Mike Wallace, he stated that “We were happy with…well happy with our numbers it was the collapse of N.D.P support that killed us. We didn’t see that coming.” Leadnow was active directly in the Burlington federal riding mounting a campaign against Conservative Wallace in 2012 because of the “Omnibus” Nature of the Conservative C-13 budget bill.  That would indicate they had a ground team in place in the riding with updated polling and demographic data, activists, and bags of foreign money. The other thing of note Mr Wallace said about his defeat was, “She had amazing ground game, door to door. I have no idea how she did it but her people knocked on every door in one of the largest riding’s in Canada.” Literally Leadnow’s specialty,

In 2017 Gould takes over the embattled Democratic Institutions portfolio from the embattled Maryam Monsef. The portfolio was embattled because of the broken Liberal  Party plank of electoral reform. Monsef was embattled because one of the planks she got elected on, being born and raised in war-torn Afghanistan, turned out to be more a matter of “her perceptions” of where she was born and lived than a matter of actual fact.

One of Ms Gould’s first acts was to push through Bill C-71. This bill is cited by many opposition parliamentarians both New Democratic Party and Conservative as diminishing rather than enhancing our democracy. With Conservative MP John Nater  stating during debate that “Bill C-76 is an omnibus bill. It is 350 pages long and contains hundreds of different sections. At best, it contains seven vastly different elements. Many of these elements are flawed, and not only will they not improve our elections, but in some cases they will actually weaken them.”

Screen Shot 2019-05-08 at 4.26.59 PM.pngThe Liberal Party forced closure on the bill effectively limiting debate on it, because transparency one assumes. Ms Gould’s newspeak apparatchik training and her absolute disdain for democracy surfaced hard during one portion of the debate. The following exchange would have had Orwell himself in awe of its audacity. This bill, now Law, will allow the questionable use of voter registration certificates as the sole ID required. Even stipulating that if you can not meet even this low bar someone can vouch for you. The requirements of most local Libraries being deemed far to stringent for something as pedestrian as exercising democratic control of government. It also contained provisions that would allow people who haven’t resided in Canada for over five years to vote a measure that has provoked real concern about foreign influence.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party and its Minister Karina Gould are members of an Oligarchical political class who view the Canadian people and, one suspects, Canada itself as annoying obstacles to their global project. They Want to control the filters through which for better or worse we perceive our world and political discourse.  We as Canadians should be prepared to use every lever of power at hand to ensure they fail. And maybe we all need put down our little plastic boxes and read a book buy a local news paper, or go right off the rails and actually speak to the people around us like its 1995.

William Ray

Links to the basis of the Elections Canada Complaint
Source links for elections complaint
Sources1 http://www.the-open.net9 http://www.the-open.net10 Email sent by Ben Brandzel to subscribers to OPEN’s emails, July 21, 2016.11 Email sent by Ben Brandzel to subscribers to OPEN’s emails, July 21, 2016.12









  1. A great article about the globalists running/ruining our country’s democracy.
    I want Canadian solutions to Canadian problems. Please share this article to everyone you know.
    Thank you


  2. Very informative,. It actually scared the begesus out of me. I’m sharing this everywhere I can. Anyone, after reading this, that still thinks the Trudeau government should be voted back in are in need of a serious intervention. .


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