In memory of their sacrifice let us now begin the assault to retake Canada

On this June morning 75 years ago the mostly teenage members of the Canadian expeditionary forces bobbed like flotsam on the cold Channel currents. In moments they would begin the final assault on the soldiers of the corporate backed Nazi Ideology. The leading units of the Canadian assault suffered 90% casualties. One Officer I spoke to who landed at 20 with the Regiment Chuadier recounted that on reaching a seawall 50 meters up Juno beach he turned back  and saw his men prostrate across the sand. He screamed himself blue exhorting them to move forward, until he realized he alone had survived the desperate dash and they would never move again. Today a traitor will stand over their place of their sacrifice. Justin Trudeau will no doubt mouth empty platitudes to their courage because he has to. They will be empty because he and his fellow Elite ideologues have been working hard to destroy the country these men fought for. If we do not now stand ready to begin the assault to regain our nation with the same ferocity and determination as our ancestors then we will loose it to Trudeau and his fellow ideologues. These people and their dark ideologies are the direct philosophical descendants of the grey uniformed men who were defeated by the courage of our fore-bearers.

The forces of a global Elite have been conducting an assault on the democracies of the west. They have dressed it in the language of “Inclusion” and “Tolerance” all the while preaching collective race guilt  and ever increasing division. They are using our children as ideological pawns

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