Moving the Overton Window, how Canadian media was used as a weapon against Canadian society

Authors note; please do click on the links in the article, and do your own research, believing random folks on the internet is how we got here.


“The Overton window is the range of ideas the public is willing to consider and accept — ideas a politician to could successfully campaign on. This window shifts over time, as it’s subject to the trends of social thought and norms. All social reform movements have to shift the Overton window”


“Gaslighting is a tactic in which a person or entity, in order to gain more power, makes a victim question their reality. It works much better than you may think. Anyone is susceptible to gaslighting, and it is a common technique of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. “

Psychology Today


How many fingers, Winston?’

‘Four! Stop it, stop it! How can you go on? Four! Four!’

‘How many fingers, Winston?’

‘Five! Five! Five!’

‘No, Winston, that is no use. You are lying. You still think there are four. How many fingers, please?

1984, George Orwell

Trans-women are women

CBC CTV Global Toronto Star Globe and Mail


The Overton Window

The concept originally enunciated by Joseph P. Overton of the Macinak Centre for public policy. Another of the plethora of Oligarch and corporate funded private foundations that allow our masters to study us like lab-rats, and work out how best to construct the maze.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 5.08.16 PM.png
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The basic idea is that there is a range of “publicly accepted” political and social ideas. These comprise the “mainstream” and thus politically acceptable thought in a society. The ideas that fall within this space are said to be inside the Overton Window. As described above the theory opines that social change requires that this window be moved. Now usually this is presented as an organic phenomenon that proceeds from a natural shift in public perception. What we have experienced in Canada, and indeed across the western world Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 12.37.45 PMover the last decade is anything but natural. It fits much closer into Noam Chomskey’s classic “Manufacturing Consent” narrative. A massive and coordinated effort has been made to move the Overton Window and create the appearance that corporate-sponsored Neo-Marxist Identity Politics are the only acceptable forms of public discourse. All the mainstream Canadian media has been in lockstep working hard to maintain the ILLUSION that the tenants of racist “Privilege Theory” and the dark ideology of “Gender Theory” are the mainstream belief and that any questioning or dissent is “uneducated,” “fascist,” or some version of “hate speech” is unacceptable in Canada.

For anyone who thinks this is hyperbole I would direct you to the very recent recording of the storied New York Times editorial board where there content goals were decided not by unfolding events or public interest but by fiat and decree. In a recorded “town hall” meeting of their staff where publisher  Dean Baquet noted how the story they had “shaped their newsroom around” covering Trump is a Russian spy narrative. Without in any way acknowledging the fact it was complete garbage he glides on to direct that they will now switch their energy to proving Trump is a racist. This is certainly not the first time this media outlet has “decided ” what we need to discuss rather than covering what the society are actually discussing. As these graphics show the NYT did a lot of the heavy lifting to bring Identity Politics into our societies. The following data was compiled by analyst Zach Goldberg @zachg932. It shows clearly how the NYT began an incredibly concerted campaign to give the appearance that Identity Politics was widely supported in society. The sharp and absolute rise in the graph shows that this was indeed manufactured consent.






For a further example listen to Edward L. Bernays, the father of modern advertising and propaganda methods. Approached in 1929 to attract a new audience to tobacco, here he explains how he orchestrated a “Torches of Freedom” march from coast to coast. And thus sold lung cancer to women as “Freedom Torches” with the help of a compliant media.



You can be absolutely certain the same editorial meetings have taken place at CBC, CTV, Global, and every other Canadian Media outlet. The MSM in Canada have been beating a constant theme for half a decade. All “white” Canadians are racist. That this is completely and thoroughly contradicted by the fact that we have been recognized for 30 years as one of the most inclusive welcoming societies on earth and continue to be to this day is no barrier to the advance of this ideology.

To shape their altered reality they present us with an endless series of essays written by our social and intellectual betters. It is important to note that the headline itself is the main propaganda vehicle. It is next to immaterial what is contained within. As I will demonstrate the text is usually either completely devoid of support or at times directly contradictory. The important function is simply that you see it when you scroll your news-feed, open a MSM website, pick up a newspaper or watch your evening news. The concept must be enforced repetitively, inserted into every part of the social fabric and from “authoritative” sources.

The fact that all of this is in lockstep with the policies and public pronouncements of a Liberal Government and all backed up by an Academic establishment bought and paid for by the private foundations pushing this agenda, and literally quashing any free thought beyond accepted ideological boundaries, has helped them in their quest to alter our reality.

Let us examine a few examples and “unpack” the strategy here.

Right after the election we were all introduced to “your a racist” story time delivered by Celina Caesar-Chavannes Liberal MP for Whitbey Ontario. In a seemingly never ending series of Op eds in every major media outlet she railed against the systemic racism that allowed her father to build a successful business after coming to Canada from Grenada with a 100$. The same brutal unending racism allowed her to become a millionaire owner of a company managing pharmaceutical trials and an elected member of parliament. In her signature work, as in all the subsequent ones, no actual proof is given. So in this opus we Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 2.39.00 PM.pngare treated to the wrenching story of the microaggressions this otherwise highly privileged individual is forced to confront every day. From doors not being held open, to security badges being checked, it never ceases. The denouement is a truly bizarre bathroom scene where a “white woman” for some unknown reason decides to enter a bathroom stall without taking her purse or wallet, details are sketchy on this point, and admonishes Ms Caesar-Chavennes to not “steal it” in an obvious white power move. Now I don’t spend any time in women’s washrooms but fairly extensive anecdotal research tells me that women do not often leave their valuables outside of toilet stalls. In no part of the piece or the subsequent sermons from the mount are we offered even one overtly racist act, although we are all apparently collectively responsible for the racist repression of hair. So her and Oprah tell us.

Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 8.56.44 AM

Joining in on the woke chorus was our very own Marci Ien. Another highly privileged marginalized person. Our systemic racism having relegated her immigrant father to the Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 8.57.23 AM.pngdrudgery of being a very well compensated senior bureaucrat in the Ontario education system. She seems to have begun a broadcasting career right out of university and for half a decade was a fixture on the most watched morning program in Canada. The horror. Even after boasting on TV about getting out of traffic tickets because of the Marci Ien effect she was able to publish a story that slashed across the mainstream media about the brutally racist TO police pulling her over and not letting her off. Peak racism occurs when the constable demands that she stay in her vehicle after being stopped. We will ignore that fact that everyone holding a drivers license in Canada knows you never do this because to consider that fact would of course be guessed it.. racist.  The Chief of Toronto Police responded the next morning by inviting her to come watch the dash-cam of her traffic stop and point out the issue, and to make a complaint so that we could all have a chance to look at our internalized racism in action. She declined.

I’ll close the “your a racist” roll of honor with a personal favorite, Charles Officer. In his own words as conveyed by our national broadcaster

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 3.36.06 PM.png

“I was born in the ’70s and I have learned that Toronto is a city unlike any in the world when it comes to diversity. Despite my fortunate experience growing up in a multi-cultural corner of the city, I was not exempt from racism. Imagine walking into a room aware that there is someone who thinks of you as “other” or “lesser”. Playing hockey in my youth, I was often alienated at training camps; people doubted my abilities just because of the skin I was in. I remember how differently I was treated when people noticed my play on the ice. How I was suddenly more acceptable. This had a profound effect on my young view of the world……When I was a teenager, I lived abroad and played professional hockey in Europe. At Christmas, I spent time with my father’s side of the family in London, England. I met an older cousin who was a practicing Rastafarian in the traditional sense. He opened my mind and inspired new spiritual pathways. I started growing dreadlocks. When I returned home at the end of the season I noticed people looked at me differently. My mother hated my new hairstyle. Time and time again, she expressed her fear that I would lose my life at the hands of police because my hair was dreadlocked”

Don’t Believe The Hype: Canada Is Not a Nation of Cultural Tolerance, CBC


I mean its hard to type through the tears learning of his horrible disadvantaged life, but I will try. So again an obviously highly privileged person, again there is not one actual example of overt racism in his narrative. Being respected in hockey only after showing some skill is a common experience. Although full disclosure my “white privileged” parents couldn’t afford the equipment or fees so I’m taking anecdotal evidence here. His oppression continued with being funded with Canada’s racist tax dollars to produce a film linking the shooting of an unarmed black teenager in the U.S. state of Florida by a Hispanic man to gentrification in Toronto. Quite a feat of creative license. He now collects our tax dollars to produce “the skin we’re in” basically devoted to turning out an endless stream of “you’re racist, Canada sucks” again all on our dime.

The definition of racism has been expanded to include anyone who wants to in any way control entry to the country. Notice the clever framing here.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 3.55.59 PM

So as actually, if somewhat grudgingly described in the article  a registered Canadian Political party calling itself The National Citizens Alliance, who’s platform centers around Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 4.03.14 PM.pngfighting corruption and massive reductions in immigration, had a permit to hold a rally in Halifax. The local  Halifax ANTIFA group , strangely being called Halifax anti hate by Global, masked up and descended on the four or so people that showed up. They attacked the participants physically without provocation, because, punch a Nazi. Police arrested one Antifa member for actually stealing property from one of the rally organizers and assaulting him. When a second antifa member was being arrested the antifa circled the arresting officer and were aggressive enough that the officer fired pepper spray. Did you get any of that from the headline? Because you definitely were not supposed to. I actually phoned Global news and talked to a producer for their Atlantic Canada digital content. At one point I asked him how as a journalist he could call a registered Canadian political party a “far right group”. He answered that his justification came from the fact that “mainstream Canadian society” would view them as such. I pointed out that numerous recent polls indicated that the vast majority of Canadians actually want a lessening of immigration he had no response except that he “stood behind the piece”.  This is an absolutely perfect example of manufacturing consent. Even though demonstrably a majority of Canadians would agree, at least to some extent, with this registered party’s policy they must be portrayed as “far right” to disenfranchise them. No dissenting opinion must be allowed. And let’s recall that what really happened is that a political party in our democracy was violently forced to halt an event. This is the new normal.

One of the most stunning things I have ever seen is the callous and immediate abandoning of our children to the bizarre precepts of Gender Theory. Increasing amounts of younger and younger children are being referred for hormone blockers and Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 9.15.07 AM.pngeventual surgical mutilation. 10 years ago this would be unthinkable and horrifying. Today its inclusive. Children as young as three are apparently able to innately tell that gender is incorrect. Munchhausen by proxy, enabled by the state and protected by law. Even the most gentle questioning of the ideology must be characterized as “controversial” and pulled from public view.

This is indeed the embodiment of Orwell’s four finger motif. We are asked to ignore all scientific evidence and our very perceptions, and declare that this is indeed a woman andScreen Shot 2019-08-22 at 9.17.42 AM.png that any of our children can have one of 30-some never before seen genders hiding within them, and that in fact we have no say whatsoever if some highly paid gender professional finds one.


Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 9.19.24 AM.pngJonathan (Jessica) Yaniv highlights our medias utter depravity on this subject. Women’s spaces mean nothing, in fact any woman who objects is a “terf”. The safety of children is viewed as some sort of luddite social disease. Yanniv is always described as a woman.





Media in Canada routinely refer to obviously male offenders as “she”, CorrectionsScreen Shot 2019-08-23 at 2.06.42 PM Canada and police are also helpfully recording them as female crimes and housing these men in Women’s prisons. There have been repeated assaults of actual women, even rapes that are now one imagines to be recorded as female on female. This is increasingly happening to women in formerly single sex spaces.

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 1.56.35 PM



Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 3.18.37 PM.png
Enter a caption
Screen Shot 2019-08-24 at 3.18.37 PM
Corrections Canada power-point obtained under Access to Info

The Canada’s olsest women’s rape crisis center has been de-funded because they won’t let males stay or work there. This is of course presented to us as their fault for not being Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 9.25.41 AM“inclusive”. This is presented by the media and the city council as completely normative despite affecting one of the most vulnerable populations in Canada.


We are also being treated to endless documentaries and articles featuring highly sexualized children in “Drag” a highly sexual form cabaret emanating from the gay Screen Shot 2019-08-22 at 9.27.34 AM.pngcommunity.  This, we are told is a completely natural expression of the child’s identity. To prepare our children for this they are now treated to “Drag ” story hour in our public libraries. Never mind the figure behind the curtain who obviously had to introduce them to this and purchase and apply the makeup. Any objection to any of this our media tells us in no uncertain terms is homophobic and very likely fascist.

The first thing to note is that like any Gas-lighting it relies on the misplaced good will of the victim. The fact our society has striven for generations to become a multicultural beacon of tolerance made this possible. The fact that the vast majority of Canadians have always been more than ready to look at things through the experiences of others and respect them sealed our fate. The reasons for all this are becoming increasingly apparent as part of a larger coordinated effort to de-stabilize the western Democracies. For some possible insight into this check the links below the article.

The best way to win this game is not to play. Simply ignore the obvious narrative. The vast majority of the Canadian population does not hold these views. Even their laughably skewed “polls” can’t hide this. Talk to your neighbours, have the courage to broach these subjects and make them points of discussion. Certainly the women and children of this country deserve that.

Lets start a #noclick #noshare campaign against CTV, CBC, Global, and the Star and Globe and Mail. Their advertisers will see this in real time and walk away with their money.

William Ray













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