Lets destroy the corrupt M.S.M in Canada, and have some fun doing it.

Under the Trudeau regime Canadian news media have become a non-stop Operation Mockingbird exercise in dogmatic Identity Politic ideological conditioning  and unabashed glorification of our demonstrably corrupt foreign backed junta in Ottawa.

We as Canadians have a clear and present duty to absolutely destroy these propaganda outlets. Here’s how we can do it and have some fun.

So modern Journalism has been a money losing proposition for some time now for the MSM. Most major newspapers don’t even publish hard-copies. The 600 million dolloar bailout shows just how dire the MSM’s financial position is, finishing them off will be fun and easy.

So in the cut throat, fast paced world of modern digital journalism  advertisers and investors watch the performance of these brands , like CBC, Global and Globe and Mail in real time using much more sophisticated software like Similar web. Using this software allows them to see traffic in real-time, where its coming from ect. Advertisers and investors spend their money, or don’t, based on these metrics. All we need to do is cause a massive crash in these numbers and they will either go bankrupt or have to openly become Junta media supported with our stolen tax dollars. So here’s the plan.



So just like it says don’t click on their links and don’t share them ever.  Its not like you will be missing real news they haven’t been in that business for some time. Vice recently had to be bailed out directly by George Soros. The Toronto Star is teetering. Especially in the case of CBC 40% of their traffic seems to come from outrage sharing. Their advertisers don’t care whether you love them or hate the message just that you click on the messenger and see their adds. Investors care that advertisers continue to support their investment. Interrupt that chain and they fall.

“The Toronto Star recently announced it will be cutting a total of 55 jobs due to financial woes, according to the Globe and Mail. The country’s largest newspaper will be downsizing largely due to the fact the publication is unable to make enough money from advertising. About half of the jobs will come out of the Star’s editorial department. In order to be able to function without most of its staff, the paper will be contracting copy editors as well as page designers through Pagemasters North America, an Australia-based outsourcing company.”


Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 12.38.11 PMIf you encounter an outrageous headline SCREEN SHOT IT and share the screen shot thus giving them no record-able metrics. We can organize in different Facebook groups to detail one or two people to monitor the MSM and either cut and paste or screenshot info they think important


There are a plethora of independent and international sources for basic information. Support and subscribe they need money to grow and really challenge the mainstream. Plus once we destroy Global, The Star, CBC, CTV ect we will want to have at least the start of a complete rebuild. Support your local media. You should check them as many are owned by mainstream media giants,. My point would be at least your dealing with local people you can call out and call on. But I leave that to your individual judgement.

Complain loud and often to the Canadian Broadcast Standard’s Commission the form is here. Every time you see children sexualized, every-time they broadcast racist attacks on “white Canadians”, or persons defending women’s sex based rights hit them with everything you can.

If it is an issue with digital print media fill out the compliant here

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 12.52.41 PM.png

Call or email the editors, owners of these outlets when they print garbage and record the calls.

With the CBC because it is a partly a crown corporation we may also have redress through the Federal court system. Anyone can file a case for 2 dollars. Call your local Federal Court for instructions.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 12.55.34 PM


For any reading this in the Canadian Indy media we need t up our game substantially. Start networking and collaborating.

The Yanks are catching on

Screen Shot 2019-11-25 at 7.28.33 PM.png

And remember while its very important to destroy these news outlets and ensure that the sacks of human excrement they call journalists end up eating cat food alone in the dark, its also important to have fun!

Cheers all

William Ray




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  1. Rather than share just a screenshot, use a webpage archiving service (archive.is for example) to create a snapshot of the news article you can share. This has the added bonus of preserving the entire article while denying advertising clicks.
    Adblock is also available for numerous browsers and other levels of your computer, but you are still vulnerable to a degree of tracking even with it.


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