Teachers Unions want to push socialism, lets redistribute their Billion dollar pension funds.

Every nasty authoritarian scheme to rule the masses starts with the children. From the Nazis to the Khmer Rouge, the indoctrination of the young in the desired ideology is one of the core principles. Fun trivia fact: as 1930’s Germany prepared the generation that would cause untold suffering, part of their indoctrination included the Nazi-generated concept of Soziale Gerechtigkeit , literally Social Justice. The base concepts are the same, the targeted groups are different. The Khmer made it a point, like their ideological father  Mao Tse-tung , that the revolution happens through the children. They went out of their way to turn children against their families by portraying the parents’ ideas and moral beliefs  as “wrong and unsophisticated,” if they differ at all from the sanctioned narrative. Is any of this sounding eerily familiar?

                                    Some historical examples of the political education of children

It is beyond obvious to any thinking Canadian that our education system has been overrun by ideologues. Our children are being brutally propagandized every day. Children Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 11.14.54 AMhave come home in terror after being doused in climate alarmism that has no basis in reality. They are being told the country they are born in doesn’t really exist, and neither do girls and boys.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 5.46.11 PM
Poster in BC schools, Teresa earns 275k a year and has thus far has not offered to give her job to a more deserving marginalized person

Minor children are being exposed to increasingly sexualized diversity classes and if they are “white” they are openly shamed for their skin color and told they bear “white” race guilt. Now it is emerging that all over Canada teachers are openly and directly advocating for left wing political parties and demonizing conservative views, or really anything outside their rigid ideological frame. I have left dozens of links below the article to academic papers that debunk the  “Implicit Bias” theory and testing on which much of the rest of this so called “diversity ” education rests.

Here is an example from the US but this “common core” curriculum is the same racist trope from a discredited academic paper is being taught to Canadian children. The man speaking was key in its implementation



What Teachers Unions enforce upon our children

In Kamloops BC the following was presented to grade 10 children as a social studies quiz. This was only discovered after a student sent a picture to his father on social media. There is a belief across Canada by “educators” that parents should have no right to interfere with, or even be aware, of what dogma they are leveling at our minor children. They have fought in court to protect these “rights.”

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 10.50.08 AM.png












The school boards’ response has been tepid to say the least, “It is an oversimplification of those very complex ideas, which we need to revisit with those students,” according to Assistant Superintendent. Bill Hamblett, who worked very hard to downplay the significance of his members engaging in the political conditioning of children.

One prescient student responded for more factually, “It’s basically a teacher saying, ‘This is my opinion — learn it and it will be yours too,”

Screen Shot 2019-12-10 at 10.22.45 AM.png




[ in-dok-truhney-shuh n ]


the act of indoctrinating, or teaching or inculcating a doctrine, principle, or ideology, especially one with a specific point of view.


In Alberta, despite the fact that the population is obviously and overwhelmingly conservative, and despite the fact many of their parents work or did work in the oil and gas sector their children are treated to this by their so called “educators.”



When called out for this by the actual elected education minister of Alberta the vitreous outrage was on full display. Bear in mind this is a publicly-funded union, one that we at base pay for and entrust with our children, telling the democratically elected minister to STFU and mind there own business.

What Teachers Unions actually do

Here’s a member of the teachers union who recently gave a female independent journalist a heartfelt lesson on “inclusion” outside the UCP convention.

For a group pushing extreme socialism, decrying the evils of of the hetero-normative patriarchal white supremacist wealth accumulation society; (things all actually included in lesson plans), teachers are amazingly enthusiastic and successful capitalists.

Screen Shot 2020-01-04 at 10.52.17 AM.png
The Ontario Teachers Union offering to pay citizens to spread their propaganda

The Ontario Teacher’s fund is one of the richest, privately held pots of money in all of Canada with assets in 2019 of 191 Billion Dollars. Bear in mind all of this comes from the pocket of us, the taxpayer. The money to build these funds came from us and in most provinces we are forced by contract to pay for the management of these huge wealth funds. All for members of a profession that objectively enjoy salaries, job security and benefits few Canadians will ever know.

Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 10.44.33 AM.png

The earnest socialists of the Alberta and BC teachers Unions are no slouches either coming in at 11.5 Billion and 28.4 billion respectively.


Teacher pension fund wealth managers, no doubt devote intersectional Marxists every one, will tell you without blinking that this massive pile of money is always invested ethically and back into the community. Both these assertions would be false. Firstly so-called “ethical investment ” in the stock market, that literal paradigm capitalism is a rather tricky moral dilemma for our “dear comrades”. Ethical investments history is marked with corruption and deception.

“On Jan. 28 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a Canadian magazine and Innovest, an investment research firm specializing in corporate social responsibility, released a list of the “100 Most Sustainable Companies in the World.” In the words of the press release, these were the “one hundred companies most open to leading the way to a more sustainable world…..On the face of it, this should have been a watershed moment. ….Near the top of the alphabetical list was ABB Ltd (ASEA Brown Boveri), a one-time promoter of mega-dams including the Narmada dams in India and the Arun Dam in Nepal. On July 6, 2004, ABB settled a U.S. Federal Court action for bribing government officials in Nigeria, Angola and Kazakhstan, paying $5.9 million in ill-gotten profits. On the same day, it pled guilty to violating the anti-bribery provisions of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and agreed to pay $10.5 million in fines. In Nigeria, ABB paid illicit bribes to officers of NAPIMS, a Nigerian government agency, to evaluate and approve bidders for oil and gas contracts. In Angola, it was doling out money in brown paper bags to government employees. Meanwhile, the U.S. Justice Department continues its ongoing investigation of still more corruption…..Moving from A to B is Bristol-Myers Squibb, under investigation by the SEC for violating the FCPA in Germany following prosecutorial action there. The company was fined $150 million last year by the SEC for cooking its books; it paid $135 million in claims and settled with the Federal Trade Commission on charges that it conspired to prevent the cancer drug Taxol (which was developed by NIH and U.S. taxpayers) from becoming generic after patent expiration, costing women with breast cancer hundreds of millions of dollars (Bristol-Myers Squibb was charging $6.09 per milligram compared to foreign generic producers charging $.07 per milligram). It also paid a $535 million settlement to 29 states to settle litigation over whether it had illegally blocked generic production of BuSpar; and Bristol-Myers Squibb joined with other big pharmaceutical companies in lobbying for a provision in the new Medicare regulations prohibiting the U.S. government from negotiating with drug companies on bulk purchase discounts for drugs, what used to be called price-fixing.   Included on the list of the 100 most sustainable companies were corporations in oil, gas, beer, mining, utilities, defense, soda pop, candy and hard liquor (“Did you know 43 percent of the milk produced in Ireland goes into Bailey’s Irish Cream,” brags Diageo, which also makes Smirnoff, Johnny Walker, Tanqueray, Cuervo and J&B). Three of the 100 companies have a business model that directly addresses the well-being of the future of the planet: Vestas and Gamesa, both manufacturers of wind turbines, and Whole Foods. There was no explanation at the time of the press release as to why these 100 were the most sustainable companies, or what sustainability means, or which criteria were applied.”

The Truth About Ethical Investing, ,  Alternet

So beyond the obvious oxymoron of “ethical” stock markets, we have direct evidence that the dedication that our courageous social justice warriors feel definitely does not extend to disturbing their bank balances as noted in the Tyee by Katie Hyslop

“The BC Teachers’ Federation prides itself on being a “social justice” union, and in many ways that is true: it’s a living wage employer, an advocate against child poverty, an environmental steward, pushes an anti-Northern Gateway pipeline lesson plan, and is a fervent defender of public education, criticizing corporations like Pearson Education for privatizing education. …..Disturbed, Hutcheson took a look at B.C.’s plan. He found not only investments in Talisman but in British American Tobacco, which in addition to manufacturing and selling cigarettes had suppliers in Malawi accused of child labour and abuse; Comcast, an American cable, digital phone, and Internet company which sells on-demand pornography; and other corporations he considers unethical.
Although Hutcheson is part of a group of like-minded teachers concerned over the ethics of investing in such companies, the union itself remains divided on the issue.
“I’ve been accused by members of wanting to reduce pensioners to the point of having to eat cat food — that’s bullshit,” he tells The Tyee. “I’ve been pilloried in the Retired Teachers’ Association magazine as having ‘my own political agenda.’ That’s crap, too.”
A motion brought to the BCTF’s Annual General Meeting in 2005 by another teacher, Jim Pine, to divest from tobacco was passed, but tobacco companies remain on the investment list today. (2012) “

The Alberta Government recently announced as part of a strategy to fight record deficits and a plunging economy they were moving the management of our fervent social justice warriors 11.5 Billion dollars from their own separate board. It was consolidated with other public worker pensions under Alberta Investment Management Corporation,(AIMCo) to save costs and eliminate Duplication. AIM.Co. already administers more than $100 billion in government pensions and other funds.

The reaction on behalf on the Alberta Teachers Union;

“My concern is….. it was pretty diverse,” Martin said. “There were things overseas — good, ethical investments. Will it still be that way…..The focus for us is not about duplication or costs,……. but much more importantly what we strive for is the best possible net investment returns.”
Rod Matheson, CEO of the ATRF

The reaction of the present fund manager is stunning given the fact that Alberta is going through one of the worst economic downturns in its history with its economy faltering to the point suicides are skyrocketing.

Well at least he’s honest, which puts him on the moral high ground relative to his virtue signaling clients.

How we resist

If the teachers unions want to play Marxist-Robin Hood, taking from the entitled to provide comfort to those who need, let’s help them with that and redistribute their billion-dollar pension plans. We need to find a legal way to attach the behavior of these unions and their members to their immense wealth. The policies and ideologies being backed have the full backing of the teachers union and professional associations so the wealth they have accumulated off the backs of the public they profess to serve, should be fair game. Let’s go get it and perhaps use it to fund private schools that would actually fulfill their roles.

Disrupt their behavior. Go to your school, speak with their administrators if you can and insist on sitting in on classes. We have that right. Prepare yourself well and call them out.

Encourage your children to record their teachers in class, save assignments and other material and expose it to the public. Audio and video recordings would be best.

File complaints with your provincial Human Rights authority. Parents are guaranteed by the charter the absolute right to raise their children according to their beliefs.

“the Supreme Court of Canada has held, in regard to section 7 of the Charter, that it should be “plain that the right to nurture a child, to care for its development, and to make decisions for it in fundamental matters… are part of the liberty interest of a parent.” The Court has stated that “the common law has long recognized that parents are in the best position to take care of their children and make all the decisions necessary to ensure their well-being.”

“The education of children, as per s. 21(6)(c) of the Family Law Act and Article 18(4) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, includes extracurricular activities and moral education. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, to which Canada is a signatory, also protects the parental right to choose the kind of education given to their children”.

File complaints against specific teachers, education ministries, and professional associations and above all teachers associations. and file them often. In most provinces once the complaint is filed it must be heard.



Lindy Amato
Director, Professional Affairs



William Ray


A ‘read’ is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text.

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  1. Canadians are too passive, got no Dawg in them to fight. Globalists know this and it’s just a matter of time before the whole house of cards crumbles. So sad to see what many gave their lives for is just being passed over to ruthless, destructive forces.


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