Open Season on Canadian Women and Children for Syrian “Refugees”

Authors note; As always follow the links and research on your own, believing random dudes on the internet is how we got here. Prejudice and Judgement are different things.

Since the 2015 airlift of Syrian “refugees” to Canada we have experienced nothing but violence and hatred from these people. The fact that our government showers them with money, even spending  in excess of 200k setting one up with a candy factory in economically depressed Atlantic Canada. Apparently none of the locals had any business ideas.

In a memo obtained by The Rebel through the Freedom of Information Act, bureaucrats discussed how to handle a media inquiry about the yearly cash support that Canada provides Trudeau’s Syrians.

“ Thanks Nancy, we have a table approved in past responses with breakdowns. Can we try to dig that up and include it here? I think the reporter is looking for numbers. We know that 50k is the new start-up cost but we haven’t used that yet. If we do can we get MINO approval? Earlier this week we opted to go with the individual cost response for the Canadian Federation of Taxpayers , but in this instance the reporter is talking about families so it may be okay to use”

Canada’s worthless “woke” Judiciary has made it official, violence against Canadians is completely acceptable, and any pity we feel should be with our “guests”. In a decision Fergus O’Donnell stated unequivocally,  “because depth of harm he had suffered,” in Syria that he deserved a conditional discharge from 4 serious assault charges. These serious assaults began almost as soon as he arrived in Canada.

“John Bothwell admitted his client has “an unenviable series of charges,” but said the court needed to take the man’s past into consideration upon sentencing. “This is an individual Canada took in. We took him in knowing he was broken.”. 

So this decision is now a precedent in Canadian Law. The Syrian “refugees” Canada has been flooded with are now free to rape and murder with near impunity. And they have been busy.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 10.50.38 AM

The violence toward Canadian women and children began almost as soon as Canadian tax dollars brought these refugees here with little or no vetting. These possible Jihadists were placed directly in our schools with entirely predictable results.

It would appear that the honeymoon is over with a few of the Syrian men — the 19 & 20 year olds. Things have been brewing for a few weeks now — the older males Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 9.08.19 AMchallenging (two other teachers) particularly when it comes to the girls in the class and also bullying others in the class. There was an incident today and things also got physical with a few students….Syrian refugees at a New Brunswick high school bullied young students, ignored teachers, and harassed a Jewish student, educators wrote this spring in a series of e-mail messages.One e-mail even detailed how a student enthusiastically shared his love for rocket-propelled grenades…….During a class activity … talking about hobbies or interests, (an Arabic-speaking student) stated that he liked RPGs and made loud noises and gestures,” Chantal Lafargue, a teacher at Fredericton High School, wrote in March.”

No arrests were made and parents were actually lectured about “diversity” for complaining. School officials minimized the incidents. Because what is the safety of children compared to “diversity.” This is not at all an isolated incident.

And they were not the only Syrians who began their attack on women and children almost as soon as they got off the taxpayer funded plane. Ibrahim Ali waited only four months before committing the premeditated murder of 13 year old Melissa Shen

Ali arrived in Canada in March 2017, four months before Shen’s murder. He was one of several members of the same family, one of three or four brothers, sponsored by a Bowen Island community group, and a Vancouver church. The fourth brother had lived in B.C. for a number of years..Ali arrived in Canada inScreen Shot 2020-01-26 at 9.18.54 AM March 2017, four months before Shen’s murder. He was one of several members of the same family, one of three or four brothers, sponsored by a Bowen Island community group, and a Vancouver church. The fourth brother had lived in B.C. for a number of years

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 9.23.19 AM

During Ali’s first court appearance members of our eternally grateful new Syrian community showed their sadness at Melissa’s death by throwing coffee on a woman protesting the lack of government accountability for screening “refugees”

Trudeau apparently shares the sentiment;

“Justin Trudeau said it is “dangerous” to blame his immigration policy for crimes committed by the immigrants he welcomed into Canada….At a recent town hall in Kamloops, British Columbia, Trudeau also said that looking at crimes committed by refugees and migrants was not “helpful or useful” in Canada’s multicultural society.”….

Sex assault of minor girls is also on the menu. and the only part of this the mainstream media is at all interested is the possible negative reaction toward our poor Syrian perpetrators.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 2.25.50 PM

“Soleiman Hajj Soleiman, 39, was arrested Saturday and charged with six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual interference after six teenage girls, all younger than 16, told police they were inappropriately touched while swimming at the West Edmonton Mall water park.”

Our completely compromised justice system of course let him walk.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 2.27.07 PM

A man accused of sexual assault hugged his wife after learning his charges were dismissed Friday. Meanwhile, a group of teenage girls and their supporters left the courtroom in tears…..Soleiman Hajj Soleiman was arrested in February 2017 after several teenagers reported being touched by a man in the West Edmonton Mall water park. He was acquitted of all charges against him — six counts of sexual assault and six counts of sexual contact with a child — in a provincial court ruling Friday morning….

Justice Joyce Lester said that while something did happen at the mall’s wave pool, there was not enough reliable evidence to convict Soleiman.”

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 5.36.53 PM

When not assaulting minor girls, some of our enterprising “new Canadians” are helping us “diversify” our political system by blocking participants from entering a rally held by a registered Canadian political Party during a Federal election. An action that would usually result in serious charges under the election act. One young man, Ali Souufi helped an 80 year old Canadian woman understand that shes nothing but a NAZI for perhaps not wanting to import thousands more wonderful “New Canadians” just like him him.


The video contains the Elderly Ladies response to the this worthless little clown it is brilliantly Canadian defiance.

This incident involves violently interfering with a political rally during a Canadian Federal election. It was barely carried by mainstream Canadian media despite the original video of the incident on twitter recieving 7 million views in 36 hours. The decision to close Al Soufi’s family restaurant after some angry Facebook posts was greeted as a  disaster of epic proportions. The MSM fell over themselves to interview them. Not one of Canada’s servile Jounalists interviewed the brave Canadian woman who was assaulted by him.

Alsoufi entered Canada in 2015 after living in Saudi Arabia. His parents were set up by Canada’s taxpayer with a restaurant in Toronto’s high priced downtown. Interestingly they had already been featured as propaganda pieces for Trudeau’s open border utopia by the New York Times. and a polished Chatelaine Magazine/ Netflix video. 

This is interesting because nearly every aspect of the Syrian conflict and resulting refugee crisis has been highly produced. From the myth of moderate Syrian opposition;

” the Obama administration has tried to create pro-U.S. civilian and armed groups. Obama has failed, not because of “lack of leadership” but because Syrians won’t accept U.S. policy. In my interviews inside Syria and neighboring countries, Syrian rebels and opposition activists made clear they opposed the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and Washington’s total support for Israel. Every Syrian I ever met wants Israel to return the Golan Heights seized in 1967, for example, but the U.S. isn’t interested in having that discussion……Meanwhile, American allies such as Saudi Arabia have armed extremists such as the al-Nusra Front, a group affiliated with al-Qaida. Saudi Arabia’s ultra-right-wing interpretation of Islam shares many ideological similarities with al-Nusra and IS. Yet the U.S. plans to have Saudi Arabia train “moderate” Syrian rebels, which is like asking Al Capone to train Chicago police cadets.

To staged chemical attacks;

To the award winning media construct the ISIS allied “White Helmets”. Hundreds of which were secretively brought to Canada.

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 12.25.21 PM

The Video shown in the link below shows the “White Helmets” participating in brutal executions with ISIS

Make no mistake this precedent means that no matter how dangerous they may be, Syrian “refugees” De Facto have more rights than anyone born in Canada. Judge Fergus O’Donnell just made that fact a precedent in Law. They have the right to attack and even kill our citizens with virtual impunity. Don’t expect your compromised police or justice system to do anything about this. Unless of course you complain, then you may well be getting a visit from the thought police. In fact maybe I should put on some coffee. While I wait for them to arrive, lets see how these folks are culturally enriching other jurisdictions

William Ray




Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 2.33.44 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 2.35.10 PM

Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 2.36.29 PM


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  1. Article Quality drops after the part about Teenage Girls.
    It is more emotionally impactful if you have a version of the Article that ends there.

    If people need convincing beside/beyond saving women & children they are not going to Protest anyway.


  2. Trudeau originally said he would take the responsibility for any crimes these so called Refugees caused. So Trudeau himself is responsible for their crimes. He should be charged with sedition, in that he is complicit in the crimes of the Syrian refugees. Trudeau is a Traitor to the Canadian people and to Canada.


  3. Its time Canadians… start our own.. culturally.. welcome group for these men and make them disappear..for good.. with their own viltural weapons.


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