Manufactured “Crisis/Solution” paves the way for Private Foundations and their Liberal Puppet to Disenfranchise Indigenous people and carve up Canada

By refusing to meet with Elected Wet’suwet’en band leaders and concluding a secretive back room agreement with the Tides funded unaccountable Hereditary Chiefs the Liberals are setting the incredibly dangerous precedent that the entirely manufactured “blockade crisis” was meant to produce.

All of the disruption and anger unleashed on Canadians was so that the corrupt Liberal Government could set the Precedent of negotiating with anyone they choose to represent Indigenous groups. Disregarding Canada’s treaty obligations and the democratic will of Indigenous people in the form of their elected Band councils. They can now use this precedent, and their controversial Rights and Reconciliation legislation, to fragment any Indigenous Nation that resists.

You have to admit the machiavellian brilliance of the plan to take administrative control of millions of square miles and untold resources under the guise of conservation and Indigenous rights. The added feature of gas-lighting Canadians with “reconciliation” while foriegn corporate interests disinherit Indigenous people from both their modern democratic and ancient land rights forever, is staggering in its audacity.

The Liberal’s pushed hard on their Rights and Reconciliation package that many Indigenous policy experts like Russel Diabo say are a stealth way of disintegrating their direct Nation to Nation Treaty relationship. Making indigenous Nations and their territories glorified municipalities.

The Legislation the government drafted allows them and their Foundation partners to fragment any Indigenous nation…

The Governor in Council could act on the recommendation of the Minister to add recognized Nations or other Collectives and their governments to a schedule of the act. In making his or her recommendation to the Governor in Council, the Minister could be required to take into account independent advice, provided either by an ad hoc advisory committee or an institution (consult Implementation of framework: Institutions)…
It is currently envisioned that the government of a Nation or Collective could exercise any of the list of powers immediately upon the occasion of federal recognition, in areas of jurisdiction such as:
  • who is part of the Nation or other Collective
  • the nature, structure, composition, and functions of the governing body
  • rules and procedures for the selection of members of a governing body
  • conflict of interest rules and procedures for a governing body
  • rules and procedures for enacting laws
  • system of financial management and accountability
  • rules and procedures for holding meetings of the governing body
  • process for amending of a constitution
  • ability to delegate responsibilities, powers, duties and/or functions of the governing body to another entity
  • law-making authority respecting subject matters of language and culture

   Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 8.59.07 PMJustin Trudeau’s “Framework” legislation on “Rights Recognition” is a direct threat to Indigenous Peoples Right of Self-Determination. It needs to be stopped and be restarted with the People from the ground up.

Russel Diabo,

It also allows Indigenous people individually to own land, and to sell their land for commercial purposes to any private no indigenous interest. Lets repeat that for the first time in confederation members of Indigenous communities can own property and sell it outsiders, thus abandoning that lands ancient title. Land lost to that community forever.

“As previously noted, there are only 1.26% of First Nations communities desiring the First Nations Private Ownership Act ; the relatively low number in favor of the Act is not a basis to move forward and does not reflect “free, prior, and informed consent” (UNDRIP, 2007, p. 6). Other voices have been raised against the First Nations Property Ownership Act, “Stewart Phillip, grand chief of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs [stated] there’s widespread opposition to the notion of what he calls privatizing reserves” (Ferreras, 2012,para. 22). The FNPOA is not an Act that represents the majority of First Nations desires and the implementation of the Act is in conflict with treaty rights and violates the rights of the First Nations.”

What the framework does is disintegrate Indigenous ideas of collective ownership of their lands in terms of private property rights.  It opens the door to making millions of kilometers of previously protected Indigenous land available eventually to their Oligarchical masters like Soros and the Rockefeller’s.

Tides or other Foundation groups like the Rockefeller fund and set up Indigenous Leadership/Representatives separate and opposed to the “colonial” elected band system. Then mount high powered media campaigns to portray the elected band leadership as corrupt “sellouts”. Brutally ironic given the millions paid out to these high priced Beaded sock puppets.Then the Soros elected trudeau government will sign binding agreements with the straw-man.

They will use any existing Problem to create a mostly manufactured Reaction which allows you and their controlled straw-man opposition to come up with a Solution. Some of you may recognise that pattern.

This will allow the Liberals to put millions of square miles of previously untouchable communally held Indigenous land on the market for their Oligarchical masters. It opens the potential for indigenous peoples to have their territories legally carved up and sold to the highest bidder, lost forever.

Dissenting Bands or Band governance could be torn apart by co-opting groups within it in the same way  the Wet’suwet’en community has been torn apart. And the government can choose to “recognize” as a “collective” any group that will agree with its policy.

That is the dark future the so called Hereditary Chiefs of the Wet’suwet’en  and the other Tides funded sock puppets are heralding for Indigenous people. They herald no less than an attempt at the final separation of indigenous peoples from their ancient lands.

For Canadians it heralds the continued dissolution of the most pluralistic democratic society the human race has ever produced, and our collective Home.

Lets look at the real face of the Wet’suwet’en Office of Hereditary Chiefs paid for by Tides.

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 12.36.51 PMMy husband is the late Larry Tiljoe, a member of the Witset Band, Gilseyhu Clan and Unistoten “family” line. The Tiljoe family have lived and worked, off reserve, in the Houston area their entire lives. Larry’s father is Russell Tiljoe, Russell’s father was Alex Tiljoe, the late Chief Namox. Larry’s mother Elsie, is the granddaughter of Christine Holland, the late Chief Knedebeas. Elsie and Larry both hold trapline rights along the pipeline within Knedebeas territory and the family has a long standing and significant connection to the land in and around Houston and the Knedebeas territories. In 1993, we started a silviculture business, Nadina Mountain Contracting, located within the Morice Forest District. Our goal was to become a sustainable First Nation contractor who harvested, replanted and rejuvenated the areas we harvested. We managed our contracts and ensured their successful completion and established solid working relationships with local forestry industry key players. We were employing people from Moricetown to Burns Lake, both Native and non-Native. We were employed full time managing the land in forest health, building our business. Then the Office of the Wetsuweten of the Hereditary Chiefs came along.
The OW, situated an hour east of Houston, took over ALL the forest related activities earmarked as First Nations. We were forced us to work under the OW for contracts within our own forests; the OW took a portion of the contract value for the “service”. The OW’s lack of knowledge in forest health and neglect in their financial responsibilities continually caused our business to suffer hardship which rippled to our banker, our employees, and our suppliers. Logging has been acceptable to the OW within their territory and during our time under the OW we noticed the work was cornered by individual OW hereditary chiefs like Chief Kloun Khun – Alphose Gagnon, Chief Knedebeas – Warner William, and Chief ? Adam Gagnon.  They established their own companies and or employed down their own family lines. The OW chiefs negotiated contracts including the values and awarded contracts to themselves. The OW wanted ALL the work for the OW. We were forced out of our own forest district to the forest district an hour east of Houston”

Here are two other examples of this device already being used. Two new Indigenous Conservation Areas have been carved out with little consultation or even knowledge of the public. These “Indigenous managed” reserves between them cover some 300 000 square kilometers. Again these areas are not being managed by any elected or legitimate indigenous governance but by the highly compensated puppets.

Under the new legislation proposed by the Liberals is an interesting codicil that gives any new “collective” ,like the Office of the Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs,  recognized by the Liberals the,

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 8.05.19 PM

There is currently a senior agent of the George Soros directed Tides Canada foundation  working successfully to carve out and lock off massive parts of Canada’s Northern waters, with little or no public consultation in the larger Canadian community.

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 6.47.25 PMMeet Sandra Inutiq. Sandra is listed as a  Languages commissioner of Nunavut, a 100k plus a year job paid out of Federal transfers.  She obtained a Law degree free of charge under a special governemnt program.

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 2.47.03 PM

    Sandra Inutiq also seems to still be collecting up to 84k a year from Tides Canada. Nice work if you can get it, but somewhat strange considering Tides Canada has been working to completely shut down the Oil and Gas industry that supply’s Nunavut with 100% of its power. One wonders per force with whom and to what Ms Inutiq’s loyalties actually are .

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 6.45.07 PM

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 6.44.59 PM Tides Canada is a George Soros funded and directed organization. It is a foreign registered and based Foundation with more funds at its disposal than some Nation States. Yet somehow Ms Inutiq is not registered as a foreign political agent, no one questions her involvement with an organization that is been banned in 6 countries and is currently under investigation by both the US and UK authorities for various sorts of election and political interference.

Ms Sandra Inutiq  was one of the main negotiators between the Inuit and Canadian governments Tallurutiup Imanga National Marine Conservation Area. She got paid an additional consulting fee of course and no mention was made of her lobbying for a powerful foreign interest who’s stated goal is to erode national sovereignty and democratic control worldwide. In Ms Inutiq’s own words:

“It wasn’t until we started a conversation with Minister McKenna that the vision for protecting these waters started to become reality.”…

How convenient since Ms Mckenna’s Junta was put in power through large part by Sandra’s part time employers at Open Societies through another sock puppets called Leadnow and Vote together.

There are questions about this Foreign entities financial contributions and advocacy in Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 9.26.29 AMfavor of the Federal Liberal Party during the last election. there are also some questions about the relationship between Rockefeller connected organization World Wildlife Fund ex president Gerald Butts and these Oligarchs. Butts was given a golden parachute large enough to float an Elephant so he could leave the World Wildlife Fund and help bring Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Junta to power in 2015.

The Tallurutiup Imanga  agreement means a  massive chunk of strategic Canadian waters will be carved off and put under the stewardship of the Nunavut government, fully funded by the Canadian taxpayer of course.  In reality these areas will be subject to regulation under the United Nations “Sustainability 2030”  frameworks that aim to restrict citizens to approved human habitation zones and control and tax the use of all resources.

“At almost 110,000 square kilometres, Tallurutiup Imanga / Lancaster Sound will be the largest protected area ever established in Canada, more than twice the size of Nova Scotia. “..

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 6.19.19 PM

The North isn’t the place where huge areas of Canada are being put under the thin guise of “Indigenous” management. This indigenous management in this case is funded and directed by the PEW Trusts a Privately managed foundation set up by the family owners of Sun Oil and working in lockstep with Open Societies and the Rockefeller and Ford foundations to wipe out sovereignty, control and tax the consumption of every joule of energy by every human being on the planet.

Screen Shot 2020-02-10 at 8.37.27 PM

” The establishment of Thaidene Nene will bring the country closer to its commitment under the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity to protect 17 percent of its lands by 2020… these lands will be at the center of one of the country’s largest protected areas—covering over 2.6 million hectares (10,040 square miles).”…..

So this massive area will be administered by Lutsel K’e Dene First Nation. A spread out community of 3 300 persons. This will all be overseen by the Oligarchical PEW trusts and paid for by the Canadian Taxpayer. It will be subject to the regulation  of unaccountable mandarins of the UN.   Enjoy one of the PEW Trusts highly polished propaganda videos.

I would note that the conservation reserves and green regulation created by the PEW trusts and their partners World Wildlife Fund in Australia and North America contributed considerably to the severity of the wildfires set by environmental activists. Handily advancing that other UN control mechanism, Climate Change.

We need to work with our Indigenous neighbors real leadership to rip these agents of the Oligarchs from both of our societies. This game plan will be used again and again to disposes both Canadians and indigenous peoples in favor of the dark machinations of the Liberals elite masters. Above all remember that this is not a Canadian vs indigenous issue, They want to enslave us all.

The Training for the “Rail Blockades” was done at Carleton U. Feb.14-18 2019, Paid for by Canadians

This event was organized by massively powerful international actors who operate from the shadows of corporate shells. These same actors have now completely decimated Canada’s economy, just as the Yellow vest and United Canada convoy said they would. It was done in collusion with the Canada’s eastern political/cultural elites in response to a group of Canadian citizens gathering in an actual grassroots movement out of desperation over the deterioration of their country and the future of their children. The brave and hardy Canadians of the Yellow vest and the United We Roll for Canada convoy were right again to fear for their very future. The goals of the million dollar workshop put on in response to them, is no less than the complete disintegration of Canada.”…

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  1. Are the indigenous peoples going to take this with their mouth closed? Where is their protest? Most Canadians will only listen to them…not us white folk no matter how concerned we are.


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