A Phd Crunches Covid-19 Numbers, The Lockdown was Never Necessary




Joseph Fournier, PhD (Physical Chemist)



As it is rather difficult to find effective journalistic reporting, here are some important facts based on empirical data current to April 5th that may help in assessing for yourself where your respective country ranks when it comes to relative impact of this outbreak. Likewise, this will shed light on the topic of which management technique is most effective (total shutdown vs allowing immunity to develop without damaging people’s livelihoods).

1st San Marion – 943 fatalities per 1M people.
6th France – 123 fatalities per 1M people.
19th United States – 29 fatalities per 1M people.
42nd Canada – 7 fatalities per 1M people.
81st Australia – 1 fatality per 1M people.

To date, there is no statistical evidence that suggests that a total lock down is more effective than alternative / less restrictive approaches.

Likewise, there is no evidence that a trend exists between total fatalities per 1M versus total tests per 1M.

Examples of current results from countries such as Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden and South Korea who are not implementing a total shut down are as follows:

Case Fatality Ratio (CFR %) / Fatalities per 1M
Netherlands – 9.9 % / 103
Iceland – 0.3 % / 12
Sweden – 6.2 %/ 43
South Korea – 1.8 % / 4

The global mean CFR is 3.6 %, but the relative standard deviation (RSD %) is 137 %.

A RSD % greater than 100 % suggests the data is random and not following a “normal distribution.”

The fact that Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden and South Korea are found to be range bound within the stats of countries that have implemented total shutdown of their economies is definitely worth mentioning at this stage of the game.

These results may suggest that Mother Nature is going to simply have her way as she usually does when it comes to viral outbreaks, the development of immunity and the elimination of weaker organisms.

Anyone with Microsoft EXCEL and time on their hands, could have easily sorted through this publicly available data to arrive at the same ranking.

Here is the link to the data set from which I drew these comparisons.

Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine at Oxford University

The total number of cases and the total number of deaths from COVID-19 outbreak data was drawn  from Worldometers.
Joseph Fournier, PhD (Physical Chemist)
Stay Safe Stay Free

Don’t buy the Hype from Ecuador

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 3.53.21 PMSo lets unpack this tale of disaster.
The outbreak is confined almost exclusively to the port city of Pacific port city of Guayaquil. This is important because the 3.2 billion  in Chinese imports that Ecuador receives yearly would arrive at this port.
In the NPR article actually admits to yet another reason tha this is not actually a result of the continent hoping virulence of Covid-19 but due to the fact thousands of people travel between Ecuador and Spain and Italy and that one of these “seasonal migrations” was underway,
“In addition, the city sends thousands of migrant workers and exchange students to Italy and Spain, two of the countries hardest hit by the new corona virus.
“A lot of people were returning to Ecuador to stay on vacation with their families. So there were a lot of people coming from Italy and Spain,” Roldós said.” READ MORE….


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  1. This Coronavirus ‘pandemic’ is just a front for a worldwide economic collapse. They need an economic collapse that can be blamed on anything other than the real cause so that they can rebuild the same system again afterwards with no-one being the wiser. The truth is that the whole economic / monetary system was doomed to ultimately collapse right from it’s inception; that always the ultimate fate of a debt-based currency and they knew it. The people, of course, are to be led to believe that the virus was the sole cause of the economic collapse, thereby allowing the bankers to rebuild the same system of usury and start the whole sham over again, likely as a cash-less society because cash handling between people is too dangerous in terms of illness transmission. There is NO virus or pandemic, it’s all a fraud, a sideshow to hide the real reason for the economic collapse we’re seeing. They’re collapsing the whole world’s economy on purpose at this time so that they can manage the outcome. That’s the reason for this plague. The plague will be used as the excuse as to why the economy imploded worldwide so that people don’t get wise to the fact that the whole debt-based system is fraudulent and had to implode eventually. They want to re-impose an identical debt-based system under a new name with a few modifications (such as it being cashless) and start the whole fraud over again. It’s their control over the money supply that gives them power over the people.


  2. Yea, those trenches they are starting to dig up in NYC parks to bury the overwhelming number of people who have succumbed to covid19 is completely normal, right? Do you take pleasure in convincing people to be stupid and not take proper precautions to protect themselves? Take off the tin foil hat and stop pretending the problem right now isnt covid19.


    1. ” There were 656 new hospitalizations Monday, down significantly from a high of The Trench thing is a joke. We have refrigerated truks no one would do that. So good news for you….”1,427 on April 2. Daily intubations, or placing people on ventilators, is also down as well, from a high of 351 new patients last Thursday to 69 on Monday.”…..https://www.wshu.org/post/new-yorks-covid-death-toll-reaches-new-high-new-hospitalizations-trending-down#stream/0


    2. Did you even read those articles? Or just the headline.

      Been digging graves On Hart island for homeless deaths for 40 years. This continues and is what your seeing on the news. Numbers remain the same.

      They did dig two mass graves for the “onslaught” of covid deaths. They remain empty.

      Bit of research would show and confirm that


  3. Pete is 100% correct while Lauren is a shill

    Here’s a thought the $2 Trillion, yes Trillion given to ((( Centralized Bankers ))) could have been enough to get the entire human global population out from poverty

    Usury is debt slavery

    And we’re in it for a fraudulent virus…..btw Lauren have you seen the mannequins being used by NYC camera crew ? A school called “RUSH” in NY does Medical Emergency Simulation at their campus, as does FEMA using “crisis actors” …..this article, I’d presume is by a paid opposition opponent….read between the lines, the devil’s in the de’tails


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