Sweden IS NOT Failing against Covid-19, its LOCKDOWN Nordic neighbors are

Authors note; as always follow the links and do your own research, listening to random dudes on the internet has you locked in your house. If anyone has any ability with Excel or similar programs and could turn the Data on Date of first confirmed case vs Infection numbers to show Sweden is actually way ahead I, and alot of other folks, would appreciate it Cheers Will.
Herd Immunity Works, at least the CDC thought so after the H1N1 pandemic
The results of our study suggest that the spread of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 in the population is broadening the serologic cross-reactivity and immunity in humans to other influenza viruses.


The Narrative is being put out that Sweden’s Failure to completely abrogate its citizens rights is causing a corona catastrophe. This is like most things about this Virus a lie. yesterday and today Articles are being pumped out by the main stream media portraying an impending disaster in Sweden because they have refused to abrogate the rights of their citizens.

So lets have a look at the actual situation

On April 10th the National Government in Sweden gave a Press Conference Corona Update., The Translated version

It was during yesterday’s press conference when state epidemiologist Anders Tegnell presented the figures on the proportion of 773 Stockholmers who tested positive for corona, which he mentioned carrying the virus for about five days.

Karin Tegmark Wisell, Head of the Public Health Authority, clarified during today’s press conference that there are people with mild symptoms.

– There are studies that show that during the first five days there are high levels of viruses that can be passed on to new people. After five days, these levels drop, she says.
“Can be grown in the laboratory”

Researchers have been able to see this by studying the virus in laboratories.

– When a virus can spread to new cells and cause more infection in a person, you have seen that it can also be grown in the laboratory, says Tegmark-Wisell.
The Public Health Authority also presented the latest figures showing that the number of reported cases of coronary infection in Sweden is up to almost 10,000. A total of 870 people have been reported dead in the infection, which is 77 new cases compared to yesterday.

Sweden’s hardest hit region, Stockholm, still accounts for a large proportion of cases, but there is no increase in recent days, but the number of reported cases is stable.“…


So the recent blaring headlines about Sweden facing a catastrophe because of their decision not to completely deprive their citizens of rights is yet more carefully crafted mis-information.

So lets look at how Sweden has done compared to its neighboring Nordic countries, spoiler very good and this trend is actually continuing.

So Some lets compare Sweden to Norway and Holland both of which have imposed strict lock-down measures.

First some basic facts to put the numbers in context. The lack of context is how the mainstream media gets away with much of its deception.

Sweden Pop. 10,099,265

First recorded Case 31 January 2020

9 685 Confirmed SARS-Cov2+ (Covid19’s real name)

870 Dead

205 Recovered

Norway Pop. 5,421,241

First Recorded Case February 26th 2020

6 244 Confirmed SARS-Cov2+ (Covid19’s real name)

108 Dead

32 Recovered

Holland Pop. 17,126,051

February 27 2020

23 245 Confirmed SARS-Cov2+ (Covid19’s real name)

2520 Dead

280 Recovered


So when corrected for population the outcomes from Sweden and its fully lockedown Nordic cousins look very similar for rates of infection.

But when you then look at the date of the first confirmed case in each country it becomes clear the infection rates are much WORSE in the countries with undemocratic LOCKDOWNs . Sweden recorded its first case on January 31st a full month BEFORE the first cases were recorded in Norway or Holland yet theybhave per capita higher rates of infection that happened much faster.

Some dishonest hacks are even trying to point to the high mortality rate in Sweden. Problem is unless the hospital system is “overwhelmed” ,which they have not been in any jurisdiction, your medical outcome once hospitalized is in NO WAY connected to Lockdowns. Literally no relation.

What this indicates very clearly is that is that lockdown has nothing to do with infection rates.

It clearly shows, if more proof were needed after the missing infection numbers in the US by a factor of  some 90%, that the WHO models are fictional line drawings and NOTHING more. According to the WHO initial predictions Sweden should be damn near depopulated.

Here are links to the Swedish Press run them through Google Translate and stop listening to Canadian MSM they are lying.



Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 10.49.16 AM“To date, there is no statistical evidence that suggests that a total lock down is more effective than alternative / less restrictive approaches.
Likewise, there is no evidence that a trend exists between total fatalities per 1M versus total tests per 1M.
Examples of current results from countries such as Netherlands, Iceland, Sweden and South Korea who are not implementing a total shut down are as follows:
Case Fatality Ratio (CFR %) / Fatalities per 1M
Netherlands – 9.9 % / 103
Iceland – 0.3 % / 12
Sweden – 6.2 %/ 43
South Korea – 1.8 % / 4”..Read More.



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