Canada’s Public Health Officers Are Trying To Destroy “Capitalism”, Not Corona


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So there are a couple of very important facts that Tokyo Rose Barton and the CBC haven’t covered. These are details that most busy citizens don’t bother themselves with but right now they could be a huge factor in robbing you of every right you have.

Firstly the degrees and training that the Public Health Officers now using the power of the state to lock you in your homes is only very partly based in “raw science”. Most of the rest is Ideologically based social justice studies. And what they regard as being within their power to direct will shock you.

Many of you may already be aware of the degree to which the rancid ideologies of Identity politics collectively labelled “Social Justice” have been brutally inserted into every Academic discipline. This has reached the level where Physicists are supposed to take the blatantly racist “white privilege” trope into account when measuring the radiation output of stars. Math is now racist because it only allows one right answer.

In fact as of this year all three of the agencies that grant our money for research in Canada will now doll out our millions on the basis of Social Justice and accounting for the massively debunked concept of Implicit Bias. The actual advancement of science or return for our millions will be secondary. One imagines we will be treated to thousands of detailed studies on Gendered geology perhaps, Planetary Privilege, the possibilities are exciting to say the least.

Oh and of course;

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What that means for Public Health is evident in the papers that dominate their professional literature and the “Social Justice” ideology that forms their internally created “best practices” and ensures that only the ideologically compliant rise professionally.

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All of this pre amble to say that the inexplicable desire of public health officers across Canada to continue and even double down on their unlawful and Orwellian Police State may have more to do with their desire, in the name of Public Health of course, to change your form of government and economic system by force.

Here is an example of education in public health at University Of British Columbia, notice the stunning lack of any emphasis on medicine or science but rather social policy.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 9.55.59 PM

And over at University of Toronto they are teaching them to control the narrative, apparently by cross training them as “Journalists”


they are paying attention as the stupidity around you can attest

Everything you are about to read are professional papers found in the trade publications of Public Health Professionals. It is from these papers that policy and best practices come as well as giving a clear indication of their political bias and their dark ambitions.

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In their own words;

“Social Justice is a core value of public health. However, the public health core competencies for Canada document (release 1.0) does not contain any explicit reference to the essential attributes of social justice within the competencies themselves. We argue that social justice attributes should be integrated into the core competencies and propose examples for consideration”…..
Acknowledgements:  Dr. Davison is a post-doctoral fellow funded by the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Global Health Research Initiative.

‘Social justice’ and ‘health equity’ are core values in public health. Yet, despite their normative character, the numerous normative accounts of social justice and equity are rarely acknowledged, meaning that these values are often unaccompanied by an explanation of what they require in practice. The objective of this study was to bridge this normative scholarship with information about how these ‘core values’ are integrated and interpreted by Canadian public health policy-makers.
Twenty qualitative interviews with public health policy-makers recruited from public health organizations in Canada, analyzed using an ‘empirical ethics’ methodology that combined empirical data with normative ethical analysis involving theories of justice.
Participants viewed health equity and social justice as distinct, where the former was perceived as ‘clearer’. Health equity was conceptualized as focusing attention to ‘proximal’ disparities in access to services and ‘materialistic’ determinants of health, whereas social justice was conceptualized as focusing on structural issues that lead to disadvantage. Health equity was characterized as ‘neutral’ and ‘comfortable’, whereas social justice was characterized as ‘political’ and ‘uncomfortable’.

“There has been much reflection on the need for a new understanding of global health and the urgency of a paradigm shift to address global health issues. A crucial question is whether this is still possible in current modes of global governance based on capitalist values. Four reflections are provided. (1) Ecological –centered values must become central in any future global health framework. (2) The objectives of ‘sustainability’ and ‘economic growth’ present a profound contradiction. (3) The resilience discourse maintains a gridlock in the functioning of the global health system. (4) The legitimacy of multi-stakeholder governance arrangements in global health requires urgent attention. A dual track approach is suggested. It must be aimed to transform capitalism into something better for global health while in parallel there is an urgent need to imagine a future and pathways to a different world order rooted in the principles of social justice, protecting the commons and a central role for the preservation of ecology.”..


Health Promotion in an Age of Normative Equity and Rampant Inequality
Ronald Labonté*
“The world was different when the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion was released 30 years ago. Concerns over the environment and what we now call the ‘social determinants of health’ were prominent in 1986. But the acceleration of ecological crises and economic inequalities since then, in a more complex and multi-polar world, pose dramatically new challenges for those committed to the original vision of the Charter… form a basic blueprint for a system of national and global regulation of capitalism (or even its transformation) that is desperately needed for social and ecological survival into the 22nd century. Whether or not these efforts succeed is a future unknown; but that the efforts are made is a present urgency.”…

Other engaging works by Mr Labonté who works closely with Theresa Tam include

Labonté Identifies Key Issues for Health Promoters in the New World Order”…

Ronny Labonté is PhD, FCAHS, HonFFPH, is Distinguished and former Canada Research Chair in Globalization and Health Equity and Professor in the School of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Ottawa. How fun. Lets check some more Public Health Topics that might surprise you.

“The presumed global consensus on achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) masks crucial issues regarding the principles and politics of what constitutes “universality” and what matters, past and present, in the struggle for health (care) justice. This article focuses on three dimensions of the problematic: 1) we unpack the rhetoric of UHC in terms of each of its three components: universal, health, and coverage; 2) paying special attention to Latin America, we revisit the neoliberal coup d’état against past and contemporary struggles for health justice, and we consider how the current neoliberal phase of capitalism has sought to arrest these struggles, co-opt their language, and narrow their vision; and 3) we re-imagine the contemporary challenges/dilemmas concerning health justice, transcending the false technocratic consensus around UHC and re-infusing the profoundly political nature of this struggle. In sum, as with the universe writ large, a range of matters matter: socio-political contexts at national and international levels, agenda-setting power, the battle over language, real policy effects, conceptual narratives, and people’s struggles for justice.”…….

Anxious? Depressed? You might be suffering from capitalism
“Despite a well-established social gradient for many mental disorders, evidence suggests that individuals near the middle of the social hierarchy suffer higher rates of depression and anxiety than those at the top or bottom. Although prevailing indicators of socioeconomic stratification (e.g., SES) cannot detect or easily explain such patterns, relational theories of social class, which emphasise political-economic processes and dimensions of power, might. We test whether the relational construct of contradictory class location, which embodies aspects of both ownership and labour, can explain this nonlinear pattern. Data on full-time workers from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions (N=21,859) show that occupants of contradictory class locations have higher prevalence and odds of depression and anxiety than occupants of non-contradictory class locations. These findings suggest that the effects of class relations on depression and anxiety extend beyond those of SES, pointing to under-studied mechanisms in social epidemiology, e.g., domination and exploitation.”

“International research on the social determinants of health and health inequalities has increasingly begun to draw upon the comparative social policy literature. Specifically, research has concentrated on examining, and to some extent explaining, differences in health outcomes between and within developed countries by comparing different types of welfare state regimes and their respective politics and policies.”..

So the reasons for this lock-down may well be the ideological compliance to the idea that the only way for us to live is under the control of our technocratic betters. I suppose on the upside we wont suffer from the stress of deciding what to wear, where to shop, or certainly where to go.

Or we could rise up and end this.

Its up to us.

Canadian MD’s call out the Corona Hoax

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  1. Amazing article. Confirms much of what I have noticed about how Canadians have been “psy-oped” through a ridiculous level of dependency on the medical-industrial complex. It’s perfectly logical to realize that I have more control over my own health than anyone else (because of how I choose to live, think, breathe, eat, sleep, etc.) and yet Canadians by and large seem to think “health care” is something that comes from Big Daddy Government. Thanks for putting all the information in this article together. “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”


  2. Tam born a man.
    read New Zealand A Blackmailer’s Guide by Greg Hallett? [NZ is the blueprint for the rest of us]


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