The Foul Lie and Draconian Purpose of “Privilege” Theory

Right : A just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral which is due to anyone by just claim, legal guarantees, moral principles

Privilege : a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor : prerogative


The concept of “Privilege” was forcibly impressed across western societies by the Elite. it started in their Ivy league schools. Then it was downloaded through the rest of the university system and now reaches into our primary schools.

Privilege can been framed in terms of your race, your physical ability and appearance, the language you speak or any other characteristic those wielding it wish to apply. The Ideology is designed expressly for balkanizing society into ever smaller designated groups , each pitted against each other to earn or remove the “Privilege” of exercising rights that are actually theirs inherently.

It is enforced daily though main stream media and entertainment. It is enforced in every businesses and bureaucratic office in the land by the humorless enforcers of “diversity” units now mandatory in all organized societal activity.  Any who dare to question its precepts are labelled “racist” “right wing” or the now meaningless epithet “Nazi”.

Privilege Ideology purports to be about righting historical injustice and creating a “More Just and Equitable world”. Its real purpose is the polar opposite.

By framing the full enjoyment of basic rights as “Privilege” this dark ideology’s sole aim is to normalize the idea that the Rights we enjoy are held from someone and can then be naturally removed at will.

Human progress toward tolerant pluralistic societies was made possible by the acceptance of the idea that no one should be judged for any inherent trait. Privilege turns this on its head insisting vehemently that your Race, Sexuality, level of physical ability, are no longer immutable and inherent traits of an individual that should not be used to judge their character, or likely behavior.  Instead they are all signs of Privilege.

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 6.52.06 PM

If you possess traits that the new modern Machiavellian Caste system deems unworthy then those of the approved Caste may destroy your livelihood, your children’s sense of self worth destroy your possessions and even take your life and be utterly correct under the new morality imparted by Privilege theory.

Instead of casting the full enjoyment of full democratic , social and economic rights as the norm and ensuring every member of society experiences this norm everything becomes a race to the bottom. Those that enjoy the “privilege” of their full rights must divest them. Your right to speech, employment, education and belief are subsumed to the ideology. Any deviation is brutally enforced by the Intersectional Inquisition, as Wendy Mesley recently learned.

Thought itself is the next step.

As I write this only those who comply to the Ideologies of privilege and victim hood are allowed to gather in their thousands without being legally sanctioned.  No one who is not part of the selected ideological caste may visit their elderly, celebrate any life events with friends and family or gather for any event of our actual culture or societal heritage. In Nova Scotia the families of those gunned down in a horrible massacre recently were not allowed to bury their dead. This was always the goal.


Privilege ideology has created a generation that truly believes they somehow are undeserving of their own basic rights. Centuries of struggle and progress toward our relatively short experiment in human freedom and full franchise democracy are under threat.

   This very deliberate conditioning has been drilled into the children of the West for a decade in Universities and schools. Any faculty or administrators that question are purged.

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 6.07.39 PMLowrey boils her views on feminism down to a few key ideas: men cannot get pregnant, lesbians don’t have penises and that biological sex is real. She has in the past written for Feminist Current, a feminist blog headed by Meghan Murphy and had a sign on her office door explaining her views.”

Read more…


The message has been repeated ad nauseam by the media. Constant repetition of a theme is key to ideological conditioning

This was not a matter these ideas welling up organically from the society they were inserted by the same corporate and oligarchical actors that inserted it into the education system. The steep rise you see here is manufactured

Instead of appreciating the hard earned democratic and social rights of the most pluralistic democracy the world has ever known Canada’s youth have been conditioned to believe these Rights are “Privileges” granted by their technocratic betters.


Think of what perfect preparation for the “covid lockdown” Privilege has been. The idea that the exercise of your rights is inherently evil because it may “harm” a “marginalized ” group has been used to lockdown half the population of the earth. Whether by chance or design “Privilege ” helped create an intellectual frame where these draconian measures was even remotely possible.

This racist concept is genocidal in its scope with calls to end “whiteness” . Make no mistake this is a call to genocide, and the brainwashed youth are heeding it as we can see in our streets.

The ideology viciously creates a hierarchy of the “other”. Your place in the hierarchy is determined by the edict of academic institutions funded by the Oligarchs and their corporate henchmen. The legacy Private Foundations of the Oligarchs who funded Eugenics and the Nazi Party now fund Social Justice. They will assign you your place.

We must destroy this dark ideology and cast its proselytizers onto the ash-heap of history.

So how do i help fight this you may ask, well good reader:

In Canada the curriculum being taught in K-12 can easily be taken in front of your provincial human rights board. This ideology requires the acceptance of collective guilt and punishment and is almost wholly predicated on advocating hatred toward an identifiable group and culture. Most Human Rights boards in Canada must pro forma accept complaints. File often.

The Ideology is also in contravention of the Genocide Convention, which is also Canadian criminal Law


File a notice of criminal complaint with your local crown prosecutor against your provincial ministry and minister of education for incitement to genocide.

Occupy our schools and Universities. Attend your children’s classes, if they resist legally force them to allow you.

Begin class action Law suits against Teachers professional Organizations and Unions. They ceaselessly talk about redistributing wealth , lets redistribute their billion dollar pension funds.

Use the Freedom of speech your ancestors died for, speak out , hold public meetings. Confront the “activists” who enforce this discipline in their communities and workplaces.

Demand that Local police and Courts stop enforcing Ideology in place of the Law.


William Ray




Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 7.04.34 PMIn other words, Peggy McIntosh was born into the very cream of America’s aristocratic elite, and has remained ensconced there ever since. Her ‘experiential’ list enumerating the ways in which she benefits from being born with white skin simply confuses racial privilege with the financial advantages she has always been fortunate enough to enjoy. Many of her points are demonstrably economic. One is left to wonder why, given her stated conviction that she has unfairly benefited from her skin color, there seems to be no record of her involvement in any charity or civil rights work. If she did take to the streets in support of some cause or other, she left no trace that I can see. Nor, as far as I can tell, has she spent any time teaching the underprivileged or working directly to better anyone’s condition but her own. Instead, she has contented herself with a generous six figure salary, and has not shown any particular eagerness to hand her position over to a more deserving person of color.” Read More..

5 thoughts on “The Foul Lie and Draconian Purpose of “Privilege” Theory

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  1. There are good points here, but this also seems to be a tad reactive.

    Are things really such a mess-up, then?


  2. Richard Adasoy – I like William’s “pull no punches” writing style. Everyone else I read tends to start with a smarmy-smooth-empathetic “I understand why people of colour are angry” starting point. William just jumps right in.
    Are things that bad? I certainly think so.
    My nieces and nephews have to learn about their “white privilege” in school.
    NS now has children’s books aimed at the 4-7 age range talking about “colonialization” and how white people are bad to natives. (I always thought it was a good age for kids – of all races – to play together and learn to read and write and do ‘rithmetic and all that crazy stuff)
    One of our local elementary schools has banned the use of “gendered pronouns” – kids are taught not to use “he” and “she” but instead “they” or “zher” or whatever.
    Schools are the front line of the “culture war” if you want to call it that. I would call it “indoctrination” as opposed to “education”. Education is teaching facts and how to think. Indoctrination is enforcing a single viewpoint and way of understanding. That’s what our school system now does.
    There is a full-on purge in institutions, getting rid of anyone with views that don’t toe the line (ask Rick Mehta, or many many others who went away more quietly) or more insidiously not hiring them in the first place. At least when they are fired it can make some news. When they don’t get hired, that is below everyone’s radar.


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