How the Charity/NGO Globalist Machine took over Canada’s Cities

Very few Canadian’s pay any attention to civic politics. The people that run our towns and cities are elected by less than 35% of eligible voters. This is a strange democratic deficit given that we are most directly effected by services delivered by our local governments. This needs to change drastically because in the last several decades massively funded Charities and NGO’s have been advancing a totalitarian agenda almost unnoticed.  Every Canadian should be sending Access to info requests for the funding records of their local politicians with a close eye on Charities and NGO’s. This is your information demand it

We will have a look at the massive influence these foundations have over our civic governments and bureaucracies quite openly. With the help of  brave whistle-blower Barret Blackwood we will see how they bend charity laws to finance the election of their puppets . Barret has been trying to get his story to the Canadian MSM unfortunately this information is still exclusive to Stormhaven Media

For any of you not convinced of the power of local politicians and bureaucrats the Ideologically selective lockdowns, mask laws and the immediate capitulation to the demands of foriegn funded Terrorist groups like BLM and Antifa should be enough of a wake up.

The Ideological zombies of the Globalist elites  inhabit every level of our Bureaucracy  Judiciary, and Academia, and have specifically targeted cities political and bureaucratic structures to enforce compliance with an agenda few in Canada’s urban areas even know they are a part of.

They have been busy for well over a decade infiltrating and subsuming city politics across Canada. No longer do your city council worry about pedestrian matters like ..well pedestrians. Or sewage or economic development or any other mundane city service or indeed the safety and well being of their citizens.

Screen Shot 2020-02-15 at 1.24.14 PM In 1996 Yankee shopping mall Billionaire Joel Solomon used Tides Canada to place Gregor Robertson and his Vision Vancouver puppet in power with disastrous results.

“The Tides Foundation has some very long, strong tentacles into all sorts of businesses that all support Vision Vancouver, not as a political party, but as a movement, and this is extremely troubling,” says Alex Tsakumis, a former political analyst for the newspaper 24 Hours and former director of Vancouver’s municipal Non-Partisan Association opposition party, who blogs on political affairs. “And [Joel] Solomon is the green father, if you will, behind this social engineering movement.”

Kevin Liban, National Post, 2010

for more see Vivian Krauses excellent work

Another Tides puppet LeadNow has also been very active in distorting Vancouver city politics

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 12.54.51 PM


Massively funded and politically connected NGO’s and Charities have been working for years to fund compliant candidates in every city and town in Canada. Many of these programs are quite open.

The Rockefeller Foundation funded 100 Resilient cities is one example. With amazing prescience the Rockefeller Foundation put in lace one of its operatives in each city to Manage Crisis. Thankfully it was all in place just in time for SARS-Cov2 what an incredible coincidence that in 2010 the Rockefeller Foundation modeled for the Sars-Cov2

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 7.31.51 PM  Rockefeller Foundation plan

But back to the exiting Rockefeller Foundation Resilient Cities initiative.



Toronto is just one of the Canadian Members of this group and went right out and hired that resilience officer who will shape city policy fundamentally impacting the lives and rights of millions. This will be done without any form of democratic consent of the population. It will be done by an individual who is answers directly to the Rockefeller Foundation. Not very subtle. These Resilience Officers have powers equivalent to Public Health officers as they are part of Emergency preparedness.  We are all getting a taste of what unfettered “Emergency Powers” look like in the hands of Canada’s Mandarin Elites ironically referred to as the Civil Service 

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 1.28.35 PMThe two-year position will be fully funded by the 100 Resilient Cities project, which was founded in 2013 by the Rockefeller Foundation and aims to help cities across the globe become more resilient in the face of modern social and economic challenges. The Foundation will allow cities access to almost $200 million in funding for research and consultations, as well as a network of CROs for building relationships and sharing advice.


Elliot even has a propaganda department


Calgary is also part of this little Cabal with its disastrous Mayor Naheed Nenshi

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 1.36.18 PM

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 1.39.28 PM

As well as Vancouver

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 3.59.26 PM


The appointment of a chief resilience officer (CRO) is part of the 100RC program, and is funded by the organization through a grant to the city. As CRO,McPherson will leverage resources and knowledge from 100RC, its partners, and other member cities to drive action to address the city’s most pressing resilience challenges.

McPherson will lead the development of the citywide Resilience Strategy to ensure Vancouver’s residents, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems can persist, adapt, and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks Vancouver may experience.

and Montreal

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 4.03.12 PM


Louise Bradette Resilience Officer

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 4.18.04 PM









Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 2.19.50 PM.png


These Bureaucrats controlled by the Rockefeller Foundation have been given the power to reshape civic government to prepare for the tyrannical New World Order delineated in the UN 2030 plan. By way of context the Rockefeller’s funded Eugenics and the Nazi party.


Sometimes the routes of infiltration and control are for more circumspect. Lets examine the case of Victoria BC with the help of whistleblower Barrett Blackwood in his own words. But first lets have a look at what the city council of Victoria has been up to


So here’s how George Soros put them in power

Background info … In 2012 to 2015 I was heavily embroiled in several (5) legal cases that I bought forth against a former employer and (at that time) my current landlord here in Victoria.
 These cases were tenant-landlord actions that were heard by the B.C. Residential Tenancy Branch.
 The Landlord (Robin B. Kimpton) was / is perhaps Victoria’s most notorious and well known slumlord in Victoria with multiple buildings being condemned and shut down by City officials , displacing many families onto the street.
  As a long time tenant and employee of this landlord I was in a unique position (with much documentation) to stand up to this landlord and succeed where so many tenants had failed in the past.
I was able to gain unprecedented decisions against this landlord and I recieved near 100% rent abatements for 1.5 years.
 Due to this success, I was chosen in 2017 by TAPS (Together Against Poverty Society) from among their thousands of files to join a small hand picked group of 10 distraught tenants to form the original VTAG steering committee intended to work with operatives in creating what TAPS called “a tenant peer support group”
This group would later become known as the incorporated non-profit political organization called VTAG (Victoria Tenants Action Group Society)
  As I will later explain, I believe this was the early stages of a complex plan to set up a newly formed non-profit that would enable the infusion of funds into the 2018 civic election and set the stage for further control over the outcomes of elections here and insert BCGEU funds and party politics into city hall, all in the name of helping renters.
 I now believe that distraught tenants were used to legitimize a so called tenant peer support group that would later become a political organization that could be weaponized and used for electioneering purposes.
When the B.C NDP took power in B.C. they brought forth a highly welcomed Campaign Finance Reform that made it illegal for election campaigns and its candidates to receive funds from Unions and Corporations and would limit the amount on individuals contributions to $1200.
 This seemed a brave stance given that the B.C. NDP has traditionally relied on Union money for their activities.
 However It seems now that political forces here in Victoria, that have direct and intricate ties to the NDP / Greens, have been maneuvering and attempting to insert funds through the back door via registered non-profits that can legally register as ‘Third Party’ election participants.
These NON-profit Third parties can legally use mass amounts of funds they possess when having affects on any election.
These registered non-profit ‘third parties’ can operate relatively unchecked as to their activities and go unchecked as to who actually runs and supports them.
These registered non-profits are not limited as to how much money can be donated to them.
 I believe I have unwittingly stumbled across and documented one such example that has come to be known here in Victoria.
Additional credentials relative to this case:
Barrett R. Blackwood
-The Volunteer Sign Coordinator in the Campaign to Re-elect Lisa Helps
-Worked briefly as a volunteer with the now Victoria City Councilor Sarah Potts in the 2015 federal Green Party campaign to elect Joanne Roberts in Victoria.
-Was invited into the home of the now past Victoria City Councillor and now current NDP MP Laurel Collins to help develop the Together Victoria housing platform for the 2018 civic election
-VTAG Steering Committee Member along with now Victoria City Councilor Sharmarke Dubow
-One of three Founding Directors of The Victoria Tenant Action Group Society
Here is where things get a bit complicated so I will try to explain a simply as I can.
There is much documentation to corroborate what I will state here so please feel free to request specific Docs. on any specific points I make or claim here.
I will attach here some documents that are by no means the limit of the massive amount of documents that demonstrate this case. A great amount of supporting documents and evidence (including photographic and audio evidence) has been compiled by an independent source other then myself.
As mentioned, I was one of 10 tenants invited by TAPS – Together Against Poverty Society to help form VTAG -Victoria Tenants Group Society.
 (To be clear TAPS has a long history in Victoria for advocating on behalf of tenants and disabled folks here)
TAPS tenant legal advocates Emily Rogers (spouse to incumbent councilor Jeremy Loveday) & TAPS tenant legal advocate Yuka Kurokawa (also an organizer with the ‘Together Victoria’ political party)  applied for and received $40,000 grant money from The Victoria Foundation to assist in the creation of VTAG in 2016.
This money was received by TAPS (a registered Charity) along with two other later grants amounting to  $20,000 from The Catherine Donnelly Foundation totalling $60,000
The Victoria Foundation expressly forbids grant money be used for political purposes, as stated in their rules.
  This requirement that funds from the Victoria Foundation NOT be used for political purposes likely explains why TAPS failed to report their political activities in their 2017- 2018 annual reports as required by the Canada Revenue Agency.
Two official complaints have now been filed with the CRA for this failure of TAPS to disclose political activity, those written complaints were sent along with copious amounts of evidentiary documentation.
Of note at this point is the fact that a new Grants manager at The Victoria Foundation who approved the funds was hired near the same time in 2016 with the personal recommendation of Mayor Lisa Helps (Victoria Foundation Grants Manager Rudy Wallace)
 Victoria Foundation Grants Manager Mr. Wallace it turns out was also one of the initial organizers in the creation of a political party in Victoria called “Together Victoria”
 My understanding is that Rudy Wallace is a political science grad from University of Victoria along with many of these players , including City councilor Ben Isitt.
Besides the obvious similarity in the actual names of these groups, Together Victoria (the political party) endorsed 3 candidates (Sharmarke Dubow , Sarah Potts , and Laurel Collins) all of whom have direct connection to B.C. NDP / Greens in the 2018 civic election here.
With the assistance of TAPS political wing VTAG (Victoria Tenant Action Group Society) all 3 members of this slate + two incumbent city councilors (Jeremy Loveday and Ben Isitt) were elected to Victoria City council in the 2018 election.
Lead up to the 2018 civic election:
During 2016-2017- and most of 2018 TAPS fails to actually create a separate ‘stand alone’ organization called VTAG (as they stated and claimed) TAPS and Together Victoria maintained control of VTAG despite claims to the contrary and then after years of delay switches into high gear just before the 2018 civic election, and registers VTAG – Victoria Tenant Action Group Society both as a society and as a third party election participant with elections B.C.
 By this time (late 2018) I (Barrett R Blackwood) was the only one remaining VTAG steering committee member of the original 10 distraught tenants invited by TAPS that was still present and willing to sign up as an actual Director of VTAG. ( I became VTAGs Chair of Membership )
Given that a minimum of 3 Directors is required to form a Board,  and given that TAPS had yet to fulfill its 2+year old mandate to its funders , and given that the 2018 civic election was a few months away , TAPS was forced to provide the other two Board members from its own ranks.
Two members of the newly formed political party ‘Together Victoria’ (TAPS advocate Yuka Kurokawa, and former NDP organizer Leslie Robinson) signed as Directors of VTAG
   Leslie Robinson would later be identified as a founding member of a local housing co-op ‘Roots and Roofs’ that provided additional $15,000 of funding for specifically directed election activity by VTAG that assisted in the election of the politicians mentioned above. (the MERM campaign – Municipal Election Renters Mobilization campaign was conducted by VTAG during the 2018 election)
* of note is the now defunct Roots and Roofs housing coop was the only housing coop to ever receive funds directly from the city of Victoria.
* also of note the Roots and Roofs Director Nicole Chaland who approved and directed the use of the money given to VTAG for election activity is also a major organizer and contributor to the Together Victoria political party.
 As the 2018 civic election drew closer, it became obvious to me as a VTAG Director that VTAG was in fact violating its pledge of neutral election activities on behalf of renters and was in fact promoting specific candidates endorsed by the Together Victoria political party in Victoria, and was actually promoting specific candidates. Namely the 5 candidates mentioned above.
-SEE combined election TV+2 flyer
-SEE Leslie Robinson email inviting VTAG volunteers to cooperate when accessing apartment buildings
        for canvassing.
-SEE VTAG cavassing instructions sheet that contains the Together Victoria logo
As I began to make internal written objections to VTAG for these activities I was met with outright bullying and angry reprisals.
My personal character was immediately attacked by the group.
As one of three VTAG Directors and VTAGs Chair of Membership I was NEVER during VTAGs entire existence granted the authority or ability to communicate with VTAGs membership.
TAPS and Together Victoria operatives continually maintained control of the ability to communicate with lists of names and VTAG contacts.
The official address of VTAG operations continued to be that of TAPS offices well beyond the 2018 election.
Given my limited 7th Grade education and my complete lack of experience in forming a non-profit society I was an easy target for this group.
I was never given access to VTAGs Email accounts, Facebook account, Twitter,account or instagram account.
I continually requested and was denied access to lists of names and contact information that VTAG and other cooperating groups were accumulating and amassing in the name of VTAG leading up to the 2018 civic election.
I was denied meeting minutes of crucial VTAG steering committee meetings ( all of which is well documented )
 My continued call for Membership meetings went unanswered and after the stark outcome of the 2018 civic election I was seriously attacked by the VTAG Board and was ironically and with malus removed as Chair of Membership due to what was termed my “lack of communicating with VTAG Members.” despite my being denied the access mentioned above.
In November of 2018 (after the 2018 election) VTAG is forced by me to address these concerns, given that I publicly went before Mayor and Council to begin inquiries and I began to talk with local media about this story.
 The VTAG committee that was now made up of Together Victoria and associated operatives agreed to investigate my concerns.
 The fake investigation that was conducted only amounted to a 47 page report that had the obvious purposes of discrediting me personally. However the VTAG report contains stark admissions and evidence that I believe the reports authors mistakenly felt I already had possession of. The Report actually provided me with the few missing pieces that of the puzzle that I needed to demonstrate my claims.
 I submit to you this report as a beginning of many documents that I hope you will consider as you look deeper into this scandal and how our electoral process in Victoria has been hijacked by so called progressive forces, namely Together Victoria and its allies.
After the 2018 civic election VTAG goes mostly inactive and fails to carry out its first Annual General Meeting as required by the B.C. Societies act.
VTAG now (just as before the 2018 election) shifts into high gear just before the upcoming Victoria Bi-election.
After an 18 month delay VTAG holds an AGM where the group forms an agenda in my absence within hour of the meeting and refuses my participation as one of three Directors.
In that meeting, when I insisted on speaking at the so called AGM (that was attended and organized and chaired by Together Victoria operatives) I was removed by security and not allowed to present a well researched report.
Together Victoria official Breanna Merrigan attended the VTAG AGM and was given opportunity to speak and defend Together Victoria while I was denied a chance to speak and present my reports.
Attached is a conversation thread from a Facebook group of local independant tenant activists ( Victoria Precarious Tenants Association ) who attended and witnessed the VTAG AGM on Nov. 30th 2019.
Attached is the VTAG internal report mentioned above.
I am willing to detail page by page the significance of this lengthy report as it contains several relevant pieces of information that may be overlooked if not put into context
Attached is the press release sent out by an uninvolved and independent researcher who was previously unknown to me, and who has no prior involvement with any of the individuals or groups involved in this election scandal.
It should be noted that this independent researcher was also the person responsible for the only successful 2018 complaints to elections B.C. regarding the illegal activities of Together Victoria’s  opposing slate of candidates (New
If you continue to be interested in investigating this further please know that the documentation attached to this email is only a tiny part of the evidence linking,
VTAG – Together Victoria Political Party – The Victoria Foundation – 5 Victoria City Council Members – several local operatives such as Nicole Chaland ,  and the several sources of funding used.
As the whistle blower in this case I feel that I, and my family are under serious threat to our reputations and our livelihood hear in Victoria.
We are in desperate need of legal assistance to help navigate this process.
Several links between local media persons here in Victoria and those who have perpetrated this scheme have been uncovered and several attempts to bring this story to local media has been met with outright effort to bury this story.
   The telling of this story comes at a great risk to us and your involvement and assistance is highly appreciated.
Barrett R Blackwood


Copy of Copy of Copy of VTAG _ TV Media Introduction

We all need to have a close look at our civic governments and local bureaucracy and rip these traitors from having any further influence in our societies.

Here’s your target list

Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 11.44.42 AM


William Ray


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