The predictable die off of the Baby Boomers is providing “covid death” Numbers

Through the 1990’s the financial and social elites were apoplectic, worried about the impending financial health care landslide when the massive Baby Boomer demographic peak started to retire. In Canada we were inundated with dire predictions about the Boomer tidal wave inundating our sacred public health care system.

The first of the boomers will be 65 in 2011, often cited as the year when the age wave will arrive. Yet for over a decade, more than half of the new recipients of Social Security benefits have opted to collect them at age 62, and close to 70 percent have done so before age 65. Consequently, it is more realistic to anticipate the leading edge of the boomer wave hitting in 2008 — only six years from now.

April 2002,

The number of Canadians aged 65 or older grew by 14.1 per cent between 2006 and 2011, the latest census numbers released Tuesday show — a reflection of the fact the leading edge of the baby boom began turning 65 last year. Seniors accounted for 14.8 per cent of the country’s population in 2011, up from 13.7 per cent five years earlier.

This was a completely predictable phenomenon to any one who was interested. The Baby Boom was a massive worldwide demographic phenomenon of birth so at the other end will be a seeming increase in deaths. We are reaching that other end exactly now, and again it was entirely predictable

here are the figures for Covid Death in the U.S.

And Canada

“The Public Health Agency of Canada’s latest data on fatalities showed that seniors still retained the highest proportion of coronavirus deaths in Canada, with those aged 70 and above accounting for 89 per cent of all deaths.”

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William Ray


  1. Numbers? Numbers that become “official” numbers that make decisions for the USA. Such as- Biden getting MORE votes than Trump in what many experts say are IMPOSSIBLE trends on election night. Numbers that are fudged to steal the vote. Numbers that are used to subvert the USA Constitution and hand the Presidency to basically a corrupted foreign puppet! With the virus problem, numbers once again come into play as far as decisions are made- do we wear masks or not? Are we locked down weeks at a time? Even THESE numbers can be fudged to suit a hidden agenda! No one allowed in the hospitals to witness just what these people are actually dying from MASINLY, and not just WITH Covid! Just like the Viet Nam War, where “body counts” became an indicator of “progress” by the USA, later shown to be inflated with civilian deaths or just FUDGED to keep the slaughter going. I didn’t use full sentences because these two current “numbers games” just might be held accountable if this nation wants to remain free!


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