Trudeau’s latest use of Canadian tax dollars to suppress Canadians freedom

2020 saw some of the most intense and wide ranging campaigns of disinformation ever unleashed. From demonizing hydroxychloroquine, UV therapy and vitamin D, to the “case-ademic” and counting anyone who dies within six months of a positive Covid19 result from a massively faulty PCR test as a covid19 death. Anything no matter how deeply based in science that didn’t fit the fear driven repression narrative has been brutally attacked and suppressed. The is only one acceptable narrative the one pumped out by our Public Health overlords, anything else is punishable heresy. Social media sites heavily censor any covid or vaccination posts, even from mainstream sources and spouting the party line. Canadians however are increasingly unwilling to mindlessly follow the oh so earnest drone of our Public Health elites even if they are backed by the force of the growing police state. Any wrong think must be stamped out and the corrupt Trudeau junta is showering billions of our dollars on a stunning array of Non Profits to accomplish this aim and insure his mail in election.

Have no doubt while our elderly mothers and fathers die alone and afraid in under resourced care homes, forbidden visitors. As an entire generation of children is irreparably damaged these people are getting filthy rich.

A new Covid19 “fact checker” has been unleashed on the people of Canada as the governments covid19 narrative quickly crumbles. This particular group of Great Reset cheerleaders calls itself Science Up First. Their stated purpose,

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic there has been a marked rise in misinformation and conspiracy theories related to Health information and governments’ response to the outbreak. The WHO has classified this as a global infodemic. According to experts conspiracy, misinformation and conspiracy theories are rapidly spreading on social media and represent a threat to the Health and Safety of Canadians. As a result, there is an identified need for national cooperation and mobilization of independent scientists, researchers, information experts, health care providers and science communicators to come together to collaboratively create and disseminate quality health-related information available to the public.

Lets have a look at who is running this Canadian Taxpayer funded Ministry of Truth.

So First up on the Who page of Science Up Firsts high end website is Dr. Carrie Bourassa. Carrie is only a doctor in the Jill Biden sense of the word. She has absolutely no medical training or background in actual science. What she has is a Master of Arts degree in political science and Ph.D. in social studies at the University of Regina. It should come as no surprise at this point that this doesn’t stop a University from making her Professor Community Health & Epidemiology, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan. Her ares of research are listed as,

  • Indigenous community-based research
  • Indigenous research methods / methodologies
  • Cultural safety and anti-racism
  • Water governance and Indigenous law
  • Dementia and aging in Indigenous populations
  • HIV, AIDS and STDs in Indigenous women

Her expertise then seems to be in areas more concerned with identity Politics than infectious disease and how she is qualified to be a member of a medical faculty is a mystery.

Next up Marie-Eve Carignan. Marie started off as a shill for a huge corporate accounting firm Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. Her next position is listed as an associate professor at University of Sherbrooke teaching Communication with a specialty in Journalistic ethics with no background in Journalism. She also enjoyed a year basking in the Mediterranean sun as an visiting professor at the elite Sciences Po Aix university on the Coté Azure in France. More alarmingly for Canadians given the origins of SARS-Cov2 she is also involved with the Collaborating Centre for Oxford University and CUHK for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response (CCOUC). It describes itself as;

joint effort of Oxford University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong as a non-profit research center to carry out research, training and community knowledge transfer in the area of disaster and medical humanitarian response in Greater China.

Greater China indeed. Marie is also a big supporter of the UN and its Agenda 2030, in fact she is Head of Media Division of the UNESCO Chair in Prevention of Radicalization and Violent Extremism. By extremism they mean anyone who doesn’t think that owning nothing and having zero freedoms will make them happy. Here’s some of the fun activities they get up to at our public universities,


Mapping and network analysis of the main conspiracy influencers in Quebec (in progress) and Canada (to come). This analysis is mainly based on the massive data collection made on Twitter and more targeted collection on other platforms such as YouTube, FB, etc. ;

Typology of the different movements and conspiracy theories;

Research on the factors of adherence to conspiracy theories in Quebec, Canada and internationally. We are analyzing data from several surveys we have conducted in Canada and abroad (7 countries, including the United States, France, UK, etc.) ;

Research on the link between adherence to conspiracy theories and sympathy for violence (data collected by Cécile Rousseau’s Social Polarizations team with whom we collaborate for this component) ;

Development of a prevention campaign against adherence to conspiracy theories for 18-35 year olds in Quebec (project conducted as part of the CoVivre project, led by Cécile Rousseau et. al. with the support of a team from the UNESCO-PREV-University of Sherbrooke Chair) ;

Workshops with the ministries involved in Quebec (public security, immigration, education, etc.) ;

Raising awareness in practice settings (diplomacy, unions, communities, etc.) and in the media.

She was also one of the recipients of half a million of our tax dollars to produce the following paper who’s title might be a sort of Freudian slip, Shaping is an interesting word choice.

The role of communication strategies and media discourse in shaping psychological and behavioral response to the COVID-19 outbreak: an international comparative analysis.

Lets move on

For some real science flavor we have Imogen R. Coe who is without doubt a widely recognized expert in Bio science. She specializes in the bio-chemical mechanisms of transport through cell membranes.

But like the rest of the group also has very distinct distinct ideological views. The following is taking from a website for Energy and Mining industry speakers maintained by the Ontario Energy Association. Lets put a pin in that little anomaly for now.

Imogen is well known for her promotion and advocacy on equity, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). ”

Equity, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) for way of reference are the folks pushing the idea that 2+2=5 and that both physics and DNA suffer from to much “whiteness“.

Now lets circle back to the Ontario Energy. Thing is Imogen Coe is on the Canadian Mining Innovation Council. Now this may seem confusing given that absolutely nothing in Ms Coe’s background has anything to do with the mining industry. She has exactly zero expertise in mineral extraction, zip nada. What role she performs , the nature of her expert advice on mining as a member is unclear from any publicly available source.

I would note here some of the largest benefactors, into the Trillions of Dollars, of the Great Reset /Green New Deal initiatives that the Covid19 pandemic is providing the “opportunity” for will be massive mining interests. I’m sure this is unconnected.

Her glowing energy company Bio also mentions Imogen Coe is Affiliate scientist with Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, Keenan Research Centre and St. Michael’s Hospital. So who is this oh so knowledgeable Li Ka Shing.Short version he is a Honk Kong Billionaire who through his facilitation of the Chinese Communist party’s melding of its brutal totalitarian dictatorship with capitalism to form the worlds richest genocidal slave state in just 40 years.

China’s biggest conglomerate has a long and deep relationship with Hong Kong’s richest man. When Citic Ltd was founded in 1979, Li Ka-shing was one of the first directors to be appointed to advise Communist China’s first investment firm And Li was behind a number of Citic’s key moves, especially in Hong Kong. In 1988 Hutchison lined up with Citic and Cable & Wireless in a joint venture to launch China’s first commercial satellite. Li also partnered with Citic Pacific, the company’s Hong Kong unit (which was headed by Larry Yung, son of Citic’s founder Rong Yiren). Li’s influence was felt on a slew of Citic’s deals prior to Hong Kong’s 1997 handover. These included taking large stakes in blue chips like Hongkong Telecom and Cathay Pacific.

Despite his background in High Finance in China Li Ka-shing has hobbies, like pouring billions into Bio medical and Virology research in Canada for over a decade. The Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, Keenan Research Center and St. Michael’s Hospital that Imogen is an associate scientist for was funded by Li in 2005 to the tune of 25 million. It is described by University of Toronto President David Naylor as “A partnership between the university, the hospital and world-class philanthropists joining together in a synergistic union to make an impact on the world.” I suppose working hard to keep Canadians unquestioningly locked in their homes qualifies. In 2007 he funded a Chair on innovative learning at U of Calgary. Li also financed a 28 million dollar Virology Institute at at University Alberta in 2010. Indira Samarasekera, president and vice-chancellor of the university noted,”The Li Ka-shing Institute of Virology will provide a state-of-the-art home to some of the world’s very best researchers in virus-based diseases and will help place the university in its rightful place among top centres of such work.”

That’s handy

Another of our guardians of public perception comes from the world of Big Tec. Amber Mac runs AmberMac Media

“Amber Mac started her career in San Francisco and Boston during the dot-com boom. As a strategist for Razorfish and Director of Marketing for an e-procurement software company, she spent four years in the technology start-up trenches.In 2006, she started her own digital agency. The company’s first client was world-renowned business coach, Tony Robbins, and now includes Microsoft, Google, GE, Paypal, Nintendo, Canada Goose, and Fast Company, and many more leading organizations.With few equals,” writes YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, “MacArthur continues to demonstrate a keen insight towards the continually evolving fabric of the social web.”

Some work examples from her website

To be fair James Comey is a world class expert on creating disinformation

Next up we have Krishana Sankar recent PHD candidate. Ill let her personal website speak for her

For a little comic relief we have Alberta’s wanna be Bill Nye guy

I invite you to peruse the rest of their nasty operative roster yourself.

This is one of the many teams assembled to insure that the majority of the Canadian public hears nothing that isnt officially sanctioned fear. That they have no clue about the non peer reviewed paper that created the PCR tests. they will not hear about one of the largest human studies ever conducted in Wuhan China that found no asymptomatic transmission, the supposed basis for the locked-down and socially distanced police state Canada is fast becoming.

Here’s how you can help disrupt their propaganda. below is a list of scientific studies that debunk their narrative, the real “conspiracy” theory being foisted on Canada’s citizens and threatening to destroy our children’s future. paste these on their social media posts across platforms constantly along with this article if you like. This is an information war, and we desperately need to win. here’s their social media links. Happy Hunting

@ScienceUpFirst Twitter

William Ray

“Our data suggest that the mutations would not result in immune evasion of linear epitopes for a large majority of these COVID patients.”..

“Accounting for individual variation in susceptibility or exposure to the coronavirus yields a maximum of 17% to 20% of the population that needs to be infected to reach herd immunity [11], an estimate that is empirically supported by the cohort of the Diamond Princess cruise ship.”

While small benefits cannot be excluded, we do not find significant benefits on case
growth of more restrictive NPIs. Similar reductions in case growth may be achievable with less
restrictive interventions.

Covid19 screening May 14 and June 1, 2020 in Wuhan. 9,899,828 participated. No new symptomatic cases and 300 asymptomatic cases were identified. There were no positive tests amongst 1,174 close contacts of #asymptomatic cases”….

External peer review of the #PCRTest to detect #Covid19 reveals 10 major scientific flaws at the molecular and methodological level: consequences for #falsepositive results.

 Impairments in #Children caused by wearing the mask were reported by 68% of the parents. These included irritability (60%), headache (53%), difficulty concentrating (50%), less happiness (49%),

Therefore, the probability of airborne transmission due to respiratory aerosol is very low in outdoor conditions

Great Barrington Declaration


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  1. Excellent counter-information on the newest agenda of the government to attack the so-called ‘false information’ on Covid – thanks for the research and continuing to work for Canadians to know the real truth.


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