Gender Theory was always about social control through the manufacture of reality

As the slide into dictatorial Covid police states intensifies throughout the west the newly unelected Joe Biden sighs a dictatorial Executive Order virtually erasing women in the United States. This has already been a fact in Canada for some time with the governments Orwellian C-16 right speak mandate. There is a direct connection. Gender Ideology demands that we completely ignore the basic reality in front of our eyes, the most basic of human reality in favor of an approved government ideology vetted by experts. Any dissent or even gentle questioning based on simple logic is treated as a form of violence threatening a “vulnerable” population. Any of that sounding familiar. It should. This really is then the base concept of the Great Reset. From Covid lockdowns to carbon taxes, all of it is based on controlling acceptable reality.

In 1989 Judith Butler wrote a paper for UCLA Berkley about “Gender”. This paper would in 1991 be published as a commercially available book called Gender Trouble. In this and a number of subsequent books she makes arguments that, in brief, advocate for an active revolutionary theory that would use the multiplication of gender and other covert means to destabilize the capitalist patriarchy. She is regarded as the founder of “Queer Theory”. Almost all Women’s Studies programs are now referred to as Gender Studies and apply Queer Theory. Pretty much every other work on the subject is directly derivative of Butler.

Gender Theory’s incredibly co-ordinated promotion through main stream media and rapid introduction into legislation across multiple jurisdictions is almost without almost precedent in human history, with the exception of Eugenics

It is now socially and professionally impossible not to adhere absolutely and without question to the musings of Judith Butler. I would reference the Salem Witch trial level hate thrown at children’s book author J.K. Rowling this year for holding the heretical opinion that biological sex exists.

Lets begin with first principles Miss Butler and her work

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It is noteworthy that in Butlers call to “subverting and displacing the …notions of Gender that support..masculine hegemony and hetrosexist power,” while ignoring ” strategies that figure a utopian beyond”, She echoes one of the fathers of Fascism Georges Sorel. Practical anti-rationalism, a foundation of Butlers theory, entered pre-Fascism through Georges Sorel and his theory of the “Social Myth.”

In Reflections on Violence (1908), Sorel describes social myths as ideas or clusters of ideas that function as calls for action. They are “anticipations of the future” which contain “all the strongest inclinations of a people, of a party or of a class, inclinations which recur to the mind with the insistence of instincts in all the circumstances of life; and which give an aspect of complete reality to the hopes of immediate action.So called “Gender theorists” have identified this link as well with absolutely no sense of irony.

“This paper explores the potential of Georges Sorel’s concept of social myth for contemporary feminist theory that focuses on performativity. It therefore represents not a historical analysis of Sorel’s concept, but an attempt to adapt it to contemporary contexts.”

Gender Theory and Georges Sorel’s Concept of Social Myth

Tudor Balinisteanu Pages 107-126 | Published online: 29 May 2014

Through a co-ordinated effort by dozens of highly funded interconnected “civil society” Canada, New York and many other jurisdictions recognize up to 30 Genders. It is important to remember Butler is a philosopher with absolutely no real education in science or medicine. This was always about control not human health.

Screen Shot 2019-01-30 at 5.28.31 PM.png

Judith Butler was educated at the elite schools of the American aristocracy: Though her degree says Yale University she only did the last year of her studies there as is common in Elite Universities to get the right name on your diploma. Most of her Education was at Bennigton College

Bennington college has a very interesting history

In 1951, the U.S. State Department issued a documentary on Bennington, highlighting its unique educational approach as a model for the Allied rebuilding and fundementally reshaping of German society after the war. This is the Film made by the US State Department.

Pay very close attention to the language and terms in this propaganda film, they may sound familiar. The idea of Bennigton college’s work was to develope ways to fundementally change a society through coercive means.

The President of Bennington College Frederick H. Burkhardt, was deputy director of public affairs under the high commissioner in Germany. He attained this position to reform German society because in World War II, he served in the Navy and with the Office of Strategic Services which would become the CIA by the time he was in Germany. He specialized in the covert disruption and shaping of societies.

One of the trustees of Bennington College was a man named Arthur W. Page. He specialized in the covert disruption and shaping of societies.

Screen Shot 2019-01-06 at 10.51.54 PM.png.png
screen shot 2019-01-30 at 10.35.25 am

A letter from Arthur W. Page to Allen Dulles in 1956 inviting him to Dinner with a few friends.

screen shot 2019-01-30 at 10.55.36 am

Excerpt from the Arthur Page Foundation for corporate public relations website.

“Arthur W. Page was born September 10, 1883, in Aberdeen, North Carolina. That was only seven years after United States occupation forces withdrew from the South after the Civil War. He was one of four offspring of Alou Wilson Page and Walter Hines Page. His father, Walter Hines Page, was a journalist of exceptional distinction. He was editor of the New York World and, later, the Atlantic Monthly, which he is credited with saving. Still later in his career, he was a founder of Doubleday Page, the publishing company. He was an advisor to Woodrow Wilson. He was the U.S. Ambassador to Great Britain from 1913 to 1918, the period of World War I. Arthur Page attended The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey and was graduated from Harvard College in 1905. Throughout his life, he remained an unpaid consultant to U.S. presidents from Theodore Roosevelt to Dwight Eisenhower, as well as to countless cabinet secretaries and to the State Department and the War Department. When his father was Ambassador to Great Britain, he began the custom of writing periodic letters describing the mood, as well as the implications, of trends in public opinion in the U.S. These prescient observations were quickly recognized for their clarity and value and he continued the practice throughout his lifetime, at the invitation of many U.S. ambassadors posted throughout the world. He was summoned to Washington in 1945 by his friend, Henry Stimson, the Secretary of War. His task, as it turned out, was to prepare President Truman’s announcement of the atomic bomb.”

Interestingly Madison avenue and the CIA have been huge supporters of the Transgender movement

On May 17 2018 the Transgender Equity awards were held in Washington D.C.

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 11.44.58 am

The website lists the sponsors

screen shot 2019-01-11 at 11.44.30 am

Anybody ever recall the CIA actually publicly sponsoring anything? I don’t. Although they have made forays into the sphere of public perception in a more covert way

Excerpt from New York Times

“Many people remember reading George Orwell’s ”Animal Farm” in high school or college, with its chilling finale in which the farm animals looked back and forth at the tyrannical pigs and the exploitative human farmers but found it ”impossible to say which was which.”

That ending was altered in the 1955 animated version, which removed the humans, leaving only the nasty pigs. Another example of Hollywood butchering great literature? Yes, but in this case the film’s secret producer was the Central Intelligence Agency.

The C.I.A., it seems, was worried that the public might be too influenced by Orwell’s pox-on-both-their-houses critique of the capitalist humans and Communist pigs. So after his death in 1950, agents were dispatched (by none other than E. Howard Hunt, later of Watergate fame) to buy the film rights to ”Animal Farm” from his widow to make its message more overtly anti-Communist.

Rewriting the end of ”Animal Farm” is just one example of the often absurd lengths to which the C.I.A. went, as recounted in a new book, ”The Cultural Cold War: The C.I.A. and the World of Arts and Letters” (The New Press) by Frances Stonor Saunders, a British journalist.”

How the C.I.A. Played Dirty Tricks With Culture


Butlers work in her own words is about bringing about the conditions for absolute control of every human being on the planet.

William Ray


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