Dr Michael Warner getting rich off locking you down

One of the most vocal shills for repressive medical measures in Canada has been Dr Micheal Warner. He started calling for lockdowns March 2020. Currently he is on Main stream media constantly relaying stories of brutal deaths in Toronto’s supposedly covid19 overwhelmed ICU’s. Hes also a huge fan of vaccine passports and mandatory vaccinations.

To the extent Ontario ICU’s are over capacity as the data shows most of this has nothing to do with covid and is much more likely the result of delayed surgeries and treatment of chronic conditions brought on by …lockdowns

Covid19 does make it rain though

Thing is with Dr Micheal Warner’s “medical” advice is that the more people follow it the richer the good Doctor becomes. The covid compliant media list him simply as an ICU doctor at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto. In reality Mikey is a businessman getting spectacularly rich off lockdowns.

So as listed on his linked-in account Mikey as well as being a Doctor is founder owner of Advisory MD. I will let his website speak for itself, he directly owns a company that makes money from Covid.

This however isn’t how Dr Mikey is really going to roll in the covid millions that will be through his appointment as “Head of Medicine” for Ask a Doctor . He is now profiting massively of a company that makes Billions from suffering people who’s only access to medical care under totalitarian covid restrictions.


Ask a Doctor was opened in Canada in 2016 with a round of unknown “Angel” funding

Prakash Chand, who is the Founder of Ask The Doctor, a Bitcoin investor since 2011, and Managing Partner of billion-dollar global cryptocurrency investment fund FD7 Ventures, believes more people will continue to add cryptocurrency to their portfolio in the next two years, raising the market cap of all cryptocurrencies.FD7 has been a constant in cryptocurrency news headlines in the last few weeks with recent announcements that they were converting $750M of their funds from BTC to ADA and DOT, confirmation that they completed the $380M of funds being converted to ADA, and an announcement that they have invested in the exclusive BitcoinBlack all metal premium credit card, acquiring 33% Class A voting common shares in the company.About FD7 VenturesWith offices in Toronto, Dubai, and Bangalore, FD7’s team leads investments in all stages of blockchain and crypto projects and manages cryptocurrency assets for high-net-worth investors.….The new generation of retail investors who got burned on Robinhood will turn to the cryptocurrency markets. We will see a lot of stimulus checks invested in the crypto market over the stock market.” Said Chand.“..


Ask a Doctor Recently made two huge acquisitions Sehat largest online pharma company in Pakistan and Patients Connected Ltd the UK’s largest telehealth provider. This is a multi billion dollar venture with the potential to make billions more the longer repressive covid measures last and people are forced to utilize his services for even basic medical help.

Mikey has therefore a glaring massive conflict of interest giving out advice on the so called pandemic. Dr Mikey Warner is a criminal and nothing more he needs, like the rest, to be brought in chains before the courts.

William Ray

For some more details on Dr Mikeys finances visit Canuck Law’s piece

Canadian Doctors destroy the Covid narrative, this video was taken off youtube within 10 minutes

22 responses to “Dr Michael Warner getting rich off locking you down”

  1. This is disgusting on all fronts. Medical profession getting away with murder, here in UK also. I avoid them and big Pharma. No jab for me. We are being conned. People need to wake up.


  2. Very nicely done.
    I imagine this is far more common than people think. A lot of money is tied up in keeping the fraud going.


  3. Thank you for sharing how much a doctor grosses in Ontario, just for staying up all night looking after Covid patients in the ICU. We are getting ripped off here in Alberta, making only half that.


  4. Do you have that correct?
    If the lockdowns he’s calling for reduced the number of covid patients in the icu the posted hourly rates disappear. You want to put him out of business? No covid patients in the icu = no income. Take it from a guy that gets paid the same way.

    How about that for a dilemma.


    • ya sweetums not even close. Its the cash from dial a doctor i’m interested in , and his consulting business. There is also the fact that alot of that ICU is caused by untreated conditions caused by the very measures your colleague is calling for ..If you are indeed a medical doctor thats fuckin week bro you better get your A game on because everyone is figuring this out….your own colleagues are starting to speak out on mass….


  5. thank you i really appreciate this do you think we can do something to stop the destruction of canada by the corrupt? j


  6. The media shills say nothing about Private enterprise of medicine, but if a conservative said a word about alternative healthcare the media would crucify them


  7. I knew he was an arrogant complicit media hound this first time he showed up acting in scrubs on the sh!tty Your Morning show.


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