Ontario Teachers getting rich off lockdowns, China’s genocidal slave state, and the Great Reset.


The Ontario Teachers Pension Fund (OTPF) is one of the largest investment funds in the world with 221.2 Billion in assets, all of originating from the Ontario taxpayer paying their 60-100k a year salaries for teaching your kids how 2+2=4 is racist. This is up from the 191.1 Billion Dollars reported in 2018. The financial success isn’t surprising given the focus of investment for Ontario’s self appointed Social Justice Warriors. Covid19, The Chinese Slave State, and the Great Reset are awesome for their bottom line. Ontario’s teachers may be telling you to stay home but they maintain offices worldwide.

All this while fighting tooth and nail to stay out of the classroom with your diseased kids and extend draconian lock-downs indefinitely with highly paid experts Like David Fisman.

Yes folks the same ideological zombies droning endlessly about Canada’s racism and lack of equity, are big financial backers of the Chinese slave state. Now condemned worldwide for actual and ongoing Genocide, except by the Trudeau Liberal Government who officially abstained.

The “Woke” wardens of our children’s education are also charter members of the Great Reset club led by Klaus Schwab and his fascist playmates at the World economic forum. Remember You will own nothing and you WILL be happy. This dictum does not appear to apply to Ontario Teachers though

In a Jan 23, 2019 piece in the Financial Post the Ontario teachers Pension CEO Ron Mock Made this incredibly prescient, if not downright clairvoyant statement while attending one of Klaus’s World Economic Forum pillow parties in Davos. Ron also provides us with a look at what Harry Potter breaking bad in later life would look like.

“China’s a long game from our perspective and while there’s always skirmishes of one kind or another, in the short term, we believe that it’s absolutely necessary to be there,” Ron Mock said in a Bloomberg Television interview Wednesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The fund invests a lot in technology in China” Ron Mock

Technology is not the only sector Ontario’s Teachers are spending their Billions in China on. The zero net emissions, no pipelines, climate doom preaching educators who are hammering the Green New Deal into children are raking in cash from Chinese Oil and Gas. They acquired a huge stake in huge Chinese conglomerate BoaSteel Industrial Gasses division.

Industrial gases are the gaseous materials that are manufactured for use in industry. The principal gases provided are nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, hydrogen, helium and acetylene,

Now this is a little rich given that Ron Mock’s successor as CEO of the Ontario teachers Pension Plan Jo Taylor wrote the following op ed for the Word Economic Forum just this year

At Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, we look after the retirement security of 329,000 teachers and this investing philosophy guides our thinking every day. We are one of the world’s largest pension plans and this scale means we can influence and effect real change in the world….That is why we recently set a target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. As an allocator of capital, a builder of businesses and an active, engaged owner, we have a responsibility to maximize the impact of our net-zero journey.“..

It is worthwhile to note that the Ontario Teachers unions mobilized thousands of their indoctrinated students for Earth Day climate events while their Pension is busy buying Industrial gasworks and facilitating China’s global trading system . I’m guessing their website doesn’t mention that.

Apparently like most of the Great Reset these rules are for you and I not for our new ruling class. Speaking of which.

Brazilian president Bolsonaro’s move to privatize Billions in publicly owned Brazilians taxpayer built assets has also attracted the attention of Ontario’s most fervent Social Justice Warriors. Because nothing says Equity and Inclusion like buying up the property of poor Latin Americans at bargain basement prices.

OTPP is also ready to invest billions of dollars in Brazil now that the worst seems to be behind for the Latin American country, Mock said. Brazil plans to sell a large number of state-owned companies are nearly ready, President Jair Bolsonaro said in an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday in Davos. Sales will include airports and ports, he said…….Those kinds of things don’t come on the market very often. And if it’s the right asset with the right partners, we’re not shy about moving into it,” Mock said. “It could be billions or tens of billions in some cases, let’s just say it could be billions.”

Ontario’s Teachers pension fund is so massive it has its own spin off real estate company. Cadillac Fairview which operates most of the malls in Canada, the ones containing the big box stores that have magically remained open while kids parks are shut down. That’s lucky.

Cadillac Fairview is always looking to enlarge its already substantial commercial real estate properties in downtown Toronto, Vancouver and Montréal and almost every other city in Canada, and I hear real estate is about to become real cheap as small businesses collapses from the lockdowns their unions are pushing. As small businesses collapse CF can expand exponentially. The malls they manage will become even busier as every mom and pop retailer in Ontario is forced into bankruptcy. And forcing everyone to shop at outlets they control may even have spin off benefits for their Great Reset club.

Cadillac Fairview was cited on October 20th 2020 by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada who’s press release read in Part;

Cadillac Fairview – one of North America’s largest commercial real estate companies – embedded cameras inside their digital information kiosks at 12 shopping malls across Canada and used facial recognition technology without their customers’ knowledge or consent, an investigation by the federal, Alberta and BC Privacy Commissioners has found.

The investigation also found that:

  • Facial recognition software was used to generate additional personal information about individual shoppers, including estimated age and gender.
  • While the images were deleted, investigators found that the sensitive biometric information generated from the images was being stored in a centralized database by a third party.
  • Cadillac Fairview stated that it was unaware that the database of biometric information existed, which compounded the risk of potential use by unauthorized parties or, in the case of a data breach, by malicious actors.

Now that’s corporate efficiency.

But don’t worry Ontario teachers believe in Intersectional thought, most especially their intersection of Chinese goods and Latin American Markets, so Cadillac Fairview have recently included companies in their portfolio across Latin America that are helping to set up logistical trains for China’s world spanning Belt and Road initiative. Which will also help the OTTP investments back in China.

They are also partnered in building luxury Hotels in Kuala Lampur , hopefully Ontario’s beleaguered taxpayers can visit one day with their vaccine passports…paying the requisite carbon taxes of course.

At all times you should keep in mind that all of this wealth derives from the pockets of Ontario taxpayers, the ones these very same people are struggling to deprive of every basic right. The thousands of childhoods they have destroyed through their politicized dogma disguised as education and their self serving covid hysteria are literally beyond measure.

Citizens need to launch class action suits against this rancid band of sycophants. Their unions should be dissolved and their pension funds stripped by elected governments to build a real education system for our children and consign the fetid creatures that have corrupted it to the sewer of history devoid of their ill gotten riches and any power to influence our societies.

William Ray

12 thoughts on “Ontario Teachers getting rich off lockdowns, China’s genocidal slave state, and the Great Reset.

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  1. Cute.
    10 minutes of research indicates that the increase in value of the OTPP fund between 2018 and today is about par for the 9.7%/year return on basic assets that the fund averages per year.

    It also shows that the pensions for Ontario teachers before the plan was originated was paid for with government bonds that would initially have been paid for with taxpayer funds, but that the fund is now maintained by contributions of up to 11 % of any teacher’s salaries combined with investment revenue.

    It is a managed pension fund, operating exactly as those are supposed to: growing rather than shrinking.

    The WAY it does so is par for the course for the world of finance: reptilian, blind hunger without scruple.

    That is the nature of the commodifier culture, a psychopath’s game where keeping clean means falling behind inflation, which in turn is the product of an insane cultish devotion to an accounting system grown fat and semi-sentient.

    That system and by extent every part of it is like the plant in Little Shop of Horrors “Feed me, Seymour!”: the more it is fed the larger and hungrier it gets, but if you stop feeding it it will still feed and you have no value to it but as food one way or another…

    Criticizing the system itself, or criticizing the fund management’s decisions and Investments, that is one thing. They are gross, andphave the way to a shitty future without much wiggle room and nothing approaching informed consent on the part of those who will suffer it.

    Completing that with the will and intent of the educators who mandatorily must pay me into this fund and have no executive control over investment decisions, that is something else altogether.

    You are painting a picture of a world where every undergraduate student who makes the decision to go into education in Ontario is some kind of evil, diabolical psychopathic despoiler of Youth.

    You give no credit too frustrated t-shirts who fight tooth and nail for smaller class sizes, not because they are lazy but kind of smaller classes give better time for personal education and attention to students individual requirements.

    You give no credit two teachers do whatever they can to still deliver a decent education to children despite kinds of the dictated curriculum that they must operate within.

    You ignore the inconvenient fact that as of 2019 rather than the increase in number of teacher positions that would be expected for a rising population, the teachers were looking at a reduction of 10,000 positions underneath the Ford government.

    You paint the teachers with the same broad brush as the government bierocracy the thing labour under regardless of their ideals or original intention in joining that particular profession.

    And if that is not enough, you denigrate the teachers justifiable concerns concerning their own health and that the students in their charge in the face of all information that they have been offered regarding the covid-19 pandemic.

    (Regardless of how it started, the mutated variants are very, very real)

    What’s next? Nurses unions? Ambulance workers? Fire services?

    There is plenty enough to be angry about in this world, you can afford to use a little bit of selection in your choice of targets.

    Choosing not to do so just makes you a ball of indiscriminate anger, hatred, and rage; and renders you not a bit better than the forces and agencies that you rage against professionally.

    Remember: every time you pass or receive a dollar, you are being fully participant in the worst of all that lies behind the system.

    If you really cared so much, you would be ensuring that teachers were made fully aware of the investments bring made with their pension plan contributions, and advocating that some of the funds held as a surplus against market fluctuations in the fund were used in improving the ventilation systems of public schools, and reducing class sizes.

    You know? Things that would actually benefit the kids?


  2. As a teacher I get so excited when I see how jealous the norms are about our gold plated pension. I retire next year at 54. I will get about $60,000 annually until the day I die. And it is indexed to inflation, which means I likely get a small raise every year. By my estimate I will earn more in retirement than when I worked if I live to 86. I love seeing how well the OTPP performs. They are one of the envies of the pension fund WORLD. Thanks for highlighting many of the reason I love my pension fund managers.

    None of this has anything to do with my effectiveness as a teacher. I sent the progressives when they promote their über leftist shit and I work hard for my students. I volunteer outside of class time and I ha e won awards from my Board for my commitment to student learning.

    My teaching ability and my retirement plan are independent of each other. You should know better – but as a child you don’t yet have the wisdom to see that differentiation.

    All wealthy entities make money when it is sunny. And when it rains.

    That’s why they are wealthy you jealous petulant child.


  3. Well that was quite horrifying. (I came here via Canuck Law, incidentally.) ‘Diseased kids’ in classrooms? I hope that was a statement reflecting the viewpoint of the hoaxsters.

    There’s no Sars CoV 2. There’s no covid 19. Additionally, It’s Rockefeller health care science/ideology that says pathogens and diseases come in pairs. Covid 19 is the disease said to be caused by Sars CoV 2. As Ontario activist Christine Massey has shown, no one anywhere has ever has isolated – proven to exist – the Sars CoV 2 virus. Of course, the hoaxsters (and gangster tv reporters, gangster politicians and corrupt doctors) lie about that. Are we surprised? Rockefeller health care began as a fraud and it is still fraudulent, and virology is, from what I see, the biggest part of that fraud. A virologist’s concept of ‘isolate’, for example, is downright bizarro. Jon Rappoport talks about it often and, I believe, he believes viruses exist. (I don’t believe that viruses exist.) But he has principles. Andrew Kaufman, Stefan Lanka (who won a court case that affirmed that there is no measles virus) and others explain in detail how there’s no Sars CoV 2 virus.

    Diseased kids? No. For sure they are being poisoned. They are poisoned physically by too free and uncaring capitalists. As Jon Rappoport notes, pandemics and viruses are the cover for the negative effects of environmental degradation. I now firmly believe that climate crisis is meant to divert our attention from environmental crisis (not to mention enable the financialization nature), killing, from the hoaxsters’ standpoint, two birds with one stone. Destructive capitalists are off the hook and other destructive capitalists, namely those pushing impact investing (which I’m not an expert in) as well as within the Nazi, for-profit medical establishment, can cash in. Then the kids are mentally poisoned by the insanity that the police State measures unleash. Those measures include forcing them and their parents to wear masks and inundate themselves with chemicals. If they didn’t luck out and get sane, caring parents, kids are screwed. They are being taught that nature is evil and is attacking them and that their salvation lies in manmade chemicals and the loss of freedom. They are now learning that obedience means learning and questions are a sign of sickness and criminality. They are now learning that the crowd is automatically right and violence is justified when the victims are unmasked and express doubts about what the (fascist) authorities are saying.


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