Heavily funded antifa groups with dangerous foreign connections are toppling Canada’s statues and burning its churches, not Indigenous people.

Authors Note; as always do your own research and follow the links provided, believing random dudes on the internet got us here, and here sucks

What Indigenous People say;

“Burning down churches is not in solidarity with us indigenous people. As I said we do not destroy people’s places of worship,….She and Allan-Riley do not believe the fires were set by Indigenous people,”

Jenn Allan-Riley, ‘60s Scoop survivor and the daughter of a residential school survivor, Cheryle O’Sullivan, residential school survivor


Sophie Pierre, former chief of the St Mary’s Indian Band and a survivor of the school itself, told Global News that while the news of the unmarked graves had a painful impact on her and surrounding communities, they had always known the graves were there

“There’s no discovery, we knew it was there, it’s a graveyard,” Pierre said. “The fact there are graves inside a graveyard shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone.”


Stressing that what has been found is not a mass grave site but unmarked graves, Cowessess First Nation Chief Cadmus Delorme explained what led to the discovery of 751 unmarked graves at the site of the former Marieval Indian Residential School located about 140 kilometres east of Regina, which operated from 1899 to 1997.

Delorme said there may have at one point been markers for the graves. He said the Roman Catholic church, which oversaw the cemetery, may have removed markers at some point in the 1960s.

He said it was not immediately clear if all of the unmarked graves belonged to children, but that there were oral stories within Cowessess First Nation about both children and adults being there. 

He said some of the remains discovered may be people who attended the church or were from nearby towns.  He said the penetrating radar work has a 10 to 15 per cent error rate. “


Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc Chief and Council would like to acknowledge the preliminary work that was carried out in the early 2000’s


So that’s what Indigenous People in Canada said. It is worth noting that NO HUMAN REMAINS have been recovered at any of these sites, none , zero zip. Here’s what the Media and activists have said

If you are angry at Canada’s Indigenous Peoples for the recent attacks on Canada, stop. This is one of the intended effects of these highly manufactured events, to foster anger and promote backlash against indigenous people that can then be used to further the agenda. The way to win is to play our game not theirs.

Canada’s totalitarian Covid19 lock-downs have been neatly book ended between two manufactured “Indigenous Crisis.” This is part of the ongoing use of “Color Revolution” strategy to destroy Canada as a democratic country.

Both last years rail blockades and the latest Indigenous crisis are productions of a highly connected and foreign financed web of non profits and foundations with strong links to the Trudeau dictatorship. These groups have increasing and incredibly dangerous connections to highly militant Islamic groups including some that started the Syrian conflict and would eventually become known as ISIS.

They have utilized radicalized migrants and indoctrinated Canadian college kids hiding behind “Indigenous Issues” as their soldiers. These soldiers are mobilized and organized largely through the web of Public Interest Research Groups that are embedded in some version on University campuses across Canada and funded to the tune of a quarter million dollars a year each by student fee’s.

The goal is nothing less than the de-legitimization of the Canadian nation and its eventual destruction. They will continue to economically cripple the country and advance their real agenda. This supposedly people driven agenda falls square in line with the China backed Trudeau Junta’s plans for authoritarian one party rule, the World Economic Forum and its Great Reset and the UN’s overarching Agenda 2030.

So lets run this down starting with the “Wet’suwet’en” Blockades

Just before our Public Health overlords took total control of every aspect of our lives Canada’s economy and social cohesion were under attack from “Indigenous” led Rail Blockades Canada wide. These blockades having being called for by the Hereditary Chiefs of the Wet’suwet’en to block an LNG pipeline crossing their lands and opposed by their people.

In reality there is nothing very Hereditary about these chiefs, most having been recently elected after deposing female leaders. The majority of the Wet’suwet’en actually favored the project. The so called office of the Hereditary Chief’s is a subsidiary of the Soro’s directed Tides Canada. The Blockades themselves were planned and directed by a synthesis of radical student funded University groups called Public Interest Research Groups and oligarchical private foundations. Highly polished media campaigns are used to deceive the public and drive the agenda.

The story of the Wet’suwet’en activists begins in 2014 under the name of a sub clan of the Wet’suwet’en named the Unist’ot’en. This was portrayed as an indigenous band who lands were being encroached on by resource companies without consent trampling Indigenous rights. They were popularized through repeated video pieces on Al Jazeera all made by a man named Franklin Lopez. CBC and the rest of Canada’s controlled media amplified this fiction

The reality in Wet’suwet’en and among its people was very different than that presented.

My husband is the late Larry Tiljoe, a member of the Witset Band, Gilseyhu Clan and Unistoten “family” line. The Tiljoe family have lived and worked, off reserve, in the Houston area their entire lives. Larry’s father is Russell Tiljoe, Russell’s father was Alex Tiljoe, the late Chief Namox. Larry’s mother Elsie, is the granddaughter of Christine Holland, the late Chief Knedebeas. Elsie and Larry both hold trapline rights along the pipeline within Knedebeas territory and the family has a long standing and significant connection to the land in and around Houston and the Knedebeas territories. In 1993, we started a silviculture business, Nadina Mountain Contracting, located within the Morice Forest District. Our goal was to become a sustainable First Nation contractor who harvested, replanted and rejuvenated the areas we harvested. We managed our contracts and ensured their successful completion and established solid working relationships with local forestry industry key players. We were employing people from Moricetown to Burns Lake, both Native and non-Native. We were employed full time managing the land in forest health, building our business. Then the Office of the Wetsuweten of the Hereditary Chiefs came along.
The OW, situated an hour east of Houston, took over ALL the forest related activities earmarked as First Nations. We were forced us to work under the OW for contracts within our own forests; the OW took a portion of the contract value for the “service”. The OW’s lack of knowledge in forest health and neglect in their financial responsibilities continually caused our business to suffer hardship which rippled to our banker, our employees, and our suppliers. Logging has been acceptable to the OW within their territory and during our time under the OW we noticed the work was cornered by individual OW hereditary chiefs like Chief Kloun Khun – Alphose Gagnon, Chief Knedebeas – Warner William, and Chief ? Adam Gagnon.  They established their own companies and or employed down their own family lines. The OW chiefs negotiated contracts including the values and awarded contracts to themselves. The OW wanted ALL the work for the OW. We were forced out of our own forest district to the forest district an hour east of Houston”


Franklin Lopez is a very dangerous foreign Antifa operative who helped found and train the Montréal antifa, and openly advocates for extreme violenceYou will notice in the Al Jazeera credit a citation to both Lopez and “Sub Media” this is Lopez’s media company. Lopez also is deeply involved in the creation and running of several so called Antifa websites including Montreal Counter info, and Its Going Down. These websites include instructions on how to make Molotov cocktails. Montreal counter info also contains many articles linking Indigenous causes in Canada to the Syrian Revolution and Palestinian militancy.

Lopez was deeply involved in the creation and training of the Montréal antifa, under the cover of “Resist Trump” training session put on by QPIRG Concordia using student funds, notice the heavy inclusion of indigenous issues.

This is the same group that started regularly defacing and eventually pulling down the statue of John A MacDonald in Montreal, initiating this BLM type tactic in Canada.

During the Rail Blockades “Its Going Down” and “Montreal Counter Info” spawned several satellite sites that sprang up for the event served as an information exchange tactical and technical resource for the often violent Blockade actions.

Lopez and QPIRG are directly involved in insinuating very dangerous Syrian “rebels” into the mix.

One year before the blockades there was an “anarchist uprising” in Hamilton. Ontario police linked it directly to the Anarchist Book Fare held in the days before. This book fair was organized partly by PIRGs from Ontario and Quebec and Franklin Lopez

From an advert for the event run on the Its Going Down website,

On Sunday, we’ll be running three simultaneous streams, starting with a look at organizing in small, rural towns, anti-capitalist Mapuche struggle in so-called Chile, and a conversation with IWW Montreal about revolution and anti-fascism. Afterwards, “Fight or Flight: Anarchist [Dis]Engagement with the Left” puts forward another possible path of abandoning the trappings of the left – one that leads towards more deeply involving ourselves in the daily lives of members of the working class as they struggle to survive under an increasingly aggressive white supremacist, hetero-patriarchal capitalist regime.
Finally, we’re excited to host “Stories from the Syrian Revolution,” where a comrade from Damascus will describe various liberatory practices from the first years of the Syrian uprising.

So the Syrian speaker is named Ali Soufi. Ali Soufi was involved in the early stages of the Syrian conflict on the side that spawned ISIS. The” liberatory” practices he speaks of in the early stages of the Syrian apocalypse involved the widespread desecration and burning of Christian churches.

This Syrian, Ali Sufi, was training this Antifa group in the tactics that turned Syria into a graveyard, we are seeing these tactics being used now in Canada. Many of you already know Ali Soufi, he is pictured here wearing one of the familiar Orange shirts we saw all over this years “Cancel Canada Day”. At the time the picture was taken before the election in 2019 he was blocking a political rally by the Peoples Party of Canada and screaming “Nazi” at an elderly Canadian Woman in a video that went viral.

Ali is not the only one of our new Syrian guests taking a deep abiding interest in Indigenous issues on July 1st 2021 this event was held

Now this is especially dangerous given the “Syrian” refugees Canada took in are the remnants of the so called “Syrian Opposition” that gave rise to ISIS. There was never a moderate Syrian opposition, many of these people had little or no security screening .

Militant Palestinian and other Islamic Groups are also getting in on the act

This is from Toronto Al Quds day a couple of years ago. The girl in the clip outlines the Basic rhetorical connection made by Islamist groups to Indigenous issues

On Friday, Anwer was one of 75 Imams across Canada who offered condolences and expressed solidarity with Indigenous people following the discoveries of unmarked graves, now totalling more than 1,000, at forced-assimilation institutions known as residential schools

The Canadian Council of Imams and Justice For All Canada led the coordinated effort to raise awareness. In a statement, the Imams wrote, “The discovery of hundreds-upon-hundreds of graves of innocent children — stolen from their families, abused, tortured and starved in the name of European imperialism — has left us numb with pain and shame.”


Pretty rich coming from a representatives of Islam which has presided over some of the most brutal colonization in human history and literally started the African slave trade in the 7th Century.

It is worth noting here that many of these groups have received untold amounts under Trudeau’s Liberal Junta’s unaccountable Pandemic spending that was more than Canada spent on Two World Wars. Have no doubt Billions of that will now be used against Canadians . As noted by “Social Justice ” NGO Imagine Canada

“Fortunately, the Government of Canada recently announced updates on a series of federal supports available to charities and nonprofits affected by the pandemic. These supports will help organizations retain staff, pay rent, and maintain positive cash flow, and collectively they represent a significant introduction of money into the charitable and nonprofit sector”…..


The groundwork for this bizarre connection between Open Borders, Militant Islam and Canadian Indigenous issues has been laid for years. Enter Harsha Walia, current Director of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association.

This is not an idle comment, its instructions to her minions

Harsha Walia is the proud author of a tsunami of woke word salad in book form that actually purports to answer the very obvious and fatal contradictions in melding rampant immigration in the millions onto what they in the next breath claim is unceded, stolen territory. If everyone has the fundamental right to move across borders and live where they choose why are Canadians “settlers”? How does it benefit Indigenous People to have millions of migrants flowing into their lands? As prurient as this work is it is being used on university campuses across Canada as the “scholarly work” to provide the doctrinal underpinnings of this dangerous marriage of radical Islamist culture and tactics and Indigenous issues.

In 2001 Walia founded No One Is Illegal (NOII). This was billed as an “Immigrant rights” network manned by volunteers. In truth it was part of a network being set up across the western Democracies to prepare for the Migrant Invasion we are now experiencing. The group was not actually so much about protecting immigrant rights as it was destroying national sovereignty and pushing Neo Marxist ideology.

NOII is part of a world wide network of NGO’s, religious, and student groups that make up “Open Borders Inc” a network designed to destroy the democratic nation states in favor of Oligarchical corporate control exercised through unaccountable extra national organizations Like the E.U. and U.N. This web is exposed brilliantly by Michelle Malkin in her book Open Borders Inc.

NOII connects directly to the PIRG network as demonstrated by Greg Renouf

” I made my one penny donation to NoII Toronto yesterday as my way of protesting their recognizable pattern of promoting racism and violence. When I finished the Paypal transaction I got a very enlightening receipt in my inbox:

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 11.02.44 AM

Harsha Walia was one of the main instructors at a color revolution training event in Ottawa’s Carleton University February 18th and 19th 2018. The University facility use and billeting was done by OPIRG Carleton .

The 2018 training called “Power Shift, Young and rising” involved flying in hundreds of so called activists and billeted them for an intense high end training session in how to conduct a color revolution.

Power Shift was funded funded into the millions by this bunch.

These workshops provided the conceptualization, intense high end training and literally created the networks that lead directly to an areal “blockade” of the port of Vancouver that summer

and the Rail Blockades that winter , this is their syllabus

One of the most important workshops involved Harsha Walia this was a session of media/propaganda training.

Pictured above Harsha Walia, in red ,delivering a lecture on “Moving The Overton window“. This describes the technique for creating a “narrative” to warp the public dialogue. The concept of “moving the window” involves on one level deliberately promoting ideas more radical and even less acceptable than previous “outer fringe” ideas, with the intention of making the current fringe ideas acceptable by comparison. This tactic has been internalized by the “climate crisis” groupings for decades The window was moved in the last decade to mainstream the demonisation o f a particular racial group, it was also used to mainstream the idea that children can consent to life changing hormone and surgery treatments because they were born the wrong “Gender”. Both these concepts until quite recently unthinkable are now not only mainstream, but unquestionable ,that is how incredibly powerful this tactic is.

This propaganda technique is now being used to turn the “discovery” of old registered graveyards with missing markers into “mass graves” and advance the “narrative” that Canada committed physical genocide against Indigenous people. Neat trick eh.

In both instances these scripted events have been exploited by the Ideological allied Trudeau Junta. In fact the Trudeau regime was created and is supported by the same massive oligarchical interests that are fueling the “protests” as their Hegelian counter point. In the case of the blockades he signed an agreement with the so called Hereditary Chiefs who’s details are secret from the Wet’suwet’en people and their elected representatives.

We will now see the narrative swung into a pre-scripted round of indigenous climate action fronted by highly funded Astro-Sage Indigenous groups .

The Individuals and groups outlined here are only a small fraction of the massive and growing web of interlocking groups that are the mindless zombie warriors of the attempt at a corporate fascist world order that is launching attacks on the democracies of the west. These groups do not care about the Issues facing Indigenous people at all, they are merely tools for their ideological agenda. They are causing pain to both Canadians and Indigenous people and threatening decades of hard work on building a better relationship of which both sides should be proud. This is designed as a distraction for both Canadians and Indigenous people as Trudeau rams through his UNDRIP and Rights and Reconciliation agenda that in the opinion of Indigenous policy experts like Russ Diabo will completely disenfranchise Indigenous peoples

There is good reason for the government’s haste. They do not want to give Indigenous people—apart from the small crew of federally funded Indigenous leaders—time to look at this profoundly flawed Bill in detail.

Because once you look past the flowery words of the preamble, Bill C-15 is not only full of empty promises, it actually delivers the opposite of what the government and its team of Indigenous salespersons are promising. In fact, the federal ‘Inherent Right’ Policy states “The inherent right of self-government does not include a right of sovereignty in the international law sense…implementation of self-government should enhance the participation of Aboriginal peoples in the Canadian federation [as fourth level “Indigenous governments”]


We can and must confront these groups, both Canadians and Indigenous peoples. The BCCLA that employees Walia and the PIRGS organizing this and even the Syrian Canadian Federation are publicly funded entities. Demand that funding end, make it an election issue for local politicians. Monitor their social media and websites and report any incitement of violence to police. File reports on the organizations as a whole and work to force investigations under the Anti Terrorism act or Criminal Code. Confront the Administrations of the Universities that fund and support PIRG’s , demand that all student funding be cut off immediately. Monitor and uncover your local Antifa chapter. Occupy the offices of these organizations and demand accountability. Both Canadians and Indigenous people will end up in the same chains if these Ideological thugs are successful in their goals and one of the most pluralistic democracies human history has ever known will disappear forever along with the last vestiges of Indigenous sovereignty.

William Ray

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