Trudeau off-shoring censorship, Canada’s new Ministry of Truth funded by George Soros and Bill gates

The mirthless minions of our nationally funded propaganda outlet now inform us that we need to be deathly afraid of the “right wing extremists” who will come rushing out of the woodwork as the unconstitutional controla virus restrictions end. This is based on a report by the important sounding Institute of Strategic Dialogue or ISD

This narrative of course dovetails nicely with the Trudeau Junta’s drive toward absolute totalitarian censorship.

Steven Guilbeault testified at the Commons Heritage committee that “a very high proportion of Canadians are asking the government to step in.” Clear majorities in English and French Canada wanted government to step in and prevent harmful speech, he insisted. (Never once did the minister define what kind of speech was harmful.)

A briefing paper prepared by his office in early June got a bit of closure to the answer. Legal but “offensive” social media comments were intimidating “valuable voices” and causing them not to engage in discussions of important issues…The conclusion of Guilbeault’s staffers: Harsh online comments are “preventing a truly democratic debate.” They are undermining Canadian democracy, so even if posts are legal, the government needs the power to remove “offensive” comments from the Internet….unfettered social media content, in addition to having the potential to be hateful, can “undermine Canada’s social cohesion or democracy.””

So lets have a look at the latest globalist charity to insert itself into Canada’s politics. The report cited above was prepared by the the U.K.-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue. They are funded by a truly stunning array of Government and private entities including both the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and George Soros Open Societies Foundation

.They were also helpful enough to provide a detailed history

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue was co-founded in 2006 by the late publisher Lord George Weidenfeld and our CEO Sasha Havlicek, with a mission to forge real-world, evidence-based responses to the challenges of integration, extremism and polarisation.

The Institute grew out of the Club of Three, established by Lord Weidenfeld in 1996 alongside a small group of friends including the German chancellor, Helmut Kohl. Over the last 15 years, the changing global environment has steered the organisation toward a stronger focus on countering the threat of extremism, polarisation and disinformation.

Since its inception, ISD has spearheaded approaches to counter-extremism and disinformation which have since become mainstream practice or shifted the agenda at a sector level. ISD was among the first to recognise the central role that cities and local authorities should play in community resilience, launching the Strong Cities Network at the United Nations in 2015. We led the charge in shining a spotlight on the importance of tech company responses to extremism, developing the first counter-narrative efforts online, and have continually reimagined approaches for civic participation and public outreach.

Key highlights since ISD’s formation include:

2007: The Policy Planners Network (PPN) established, the first intergovernmental network of Western counter extremism policy chiefs

2007: ISD hosts the inaugural m100 Conference in Potsdam, Germany

2008: Inaugural convening of CEDAR, the pan-European network of Muslim professionals

2009: Inaugural European Muslim Women of Influence awards held in Madrid, Spain

2010: ISD launches the Phoenix Initiative, an inter-community initiative for a new centre ground

2011: The Impact of Social Media on Intolerance report is published

2012: The Against Violent Extremism (AVE) network, the world’s first network of former extremists and survivors of extremism, is founded

2013: The FREE Initiative (The Far-Right Extremism in Europe Initiative) is launched

2013: ISD releases Review of Programs to Counter Narratives of Violent Extremism, one of the earliest studies of counter-narrative efficacy

2014: ISD completes its first pilot study on the impact of counter-narratives

2015: ISD launches Extreme Dialogue, the Youth Civil Activism Network (YouthCAN), the Women and Extremism (WaE) initiative, the Strong Cities Network (SCN) at an event held at UNGA

2015: ISD works with the Obama administration to help organise the first Countering Violent Extremism Summit

2016: ISD launches the Online Civil Courage Initiative (OCCI) in partnership with Facebook, in Berlin

2017: ISD launches the digital citizenship initiative Be Internet Citizens with Google in the UK

2017: ISD launches the Innovation Fund, a £1m UK civil society funding partnership with

2018: ISD publishes significant research into malign interference and disinformation campaigns in Swedish, Italian and German elections.

2019: ISD launches the Google Impact Challenge on Safety, a €10m fund for European civil society organisations

2019: ISD establishes its Digital Analysis Unit, with real-time capability to identify and analyse malign online communications.

2020: ISD launches the Digital Policy Lab to convene governments around key regulatory challenges in the digital policy space.

I’ll let you walk your way through that New World Order conference call. This is what they get up to at work

Crucially, we work to empower civil society, fostering networks of community influencers – including the first and largest global network of former extremists – that have the credibility to reach hard-to-reach target audiences. We have trained over 32,000 activists and social influencers around the world, and have pioneered first of their kind intervention models across different online spaces – gaming, social media, alt-tech platforms – reaching over 100 million targeted users online to date. Our policy and community networks make ISD uniquely equipped to scale proven solutions and programmes.
Advisory and policy: We formulate and advocate policy solutions, and provide local authorities, central governments and multilateral institutions with the data, expertise and technical support to deliver evidence-based policy and programming. ISD has provided policy support and training to over 40 governments and 150 cities worldwide. We launched the Strong Cities Network, at the UN General Assembly in 2015 as part of our strategic support to the White House’s countering violent extremism agenda.
Beyond partnerships with institutions like the Global Counter-Terrorism Forum, ISD has spearheaded and led inter-governmental initiatives in the domains of counter-extremism and digital regulation. ISD’s Digital Policy Lab brings 12 governments and regulators together to chart the path forward on platform governance, a vital aspect to our work on safeguarding democracy.

Notice the use of the same “safeguarding democracy” through censorship meme in both the ISD and Liberal talking points. This may not be a coincidence, ISD has already worked with the Trudeau Junta

ISD’s real business goes far beyond monitoring the internet for mean tweets . They are in reality one stop shopping for suppression of anyone who disagrees with the narrative provided by their masters in any way and they offer a full service totalitarian toolbox.

So lets break this down. We will look at what they do on what they term “Climate Disinformation” since this is likely to be the next front in the war on our freeedoms

“For nearly fifteen years, ISD has been at the forefront of analysing and trialling innovative solutions to the rising tide of extremism, hate, populism and polarisation. ISD’s Digital Analysis Unit has developed advanced tools and methodologies to monitor and expose the dark influence operations of a range of state and non-state actors seeking to sow division and undermine democratic processes. 

Our research has shown how the forces of disinformation and division are organising and aligning in an unprecedented manner around the world. We are seeing intensive international coordination in order to mainstream extreme positions and undermine, distort and co-opt public opinion.

Most global efforts to research and tackle disinformation at scale tend to focus on safeguarding elections from foreign state interference. Yet we know that efforts to address some of the most pressing transnational challenges of our time – climate change, migration, human rights, and sexual and reproductive health – have come under consistent attack by bad actors. These threats encompass government-sponsored entities, organised hate and extremist groups and corporate lobbies, in an attempt to influence both public opinion and shape policy agendas at the domestic or multilateral level. If left unchecked, manipulation of the information space poses a systemic threat to democratic dialogue and may well derail the action so urgently needed in these issue areas.

To combat malign influence campaigns, disinformation and broader anti-climate efforts, the sector requires in-depth and ongoing data from the digital space, which to date has been sorely lacking.  In collaboration with our technology partners CASM, LSE Arena, and a range of climate partners including the European Climate Foundation, Greenpeace UnEarthed and DeSmog, ISD is developing cutting-edge tools tailored to audiences across the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, the UK and the United States.

The objective of this work is to:

  • Build a system for data collection and analysis which can support key stakeholders in their advocacy, public education, policymaking and strategic communications around climate
  • Provide live trend analysis on anti-climate narratives and influencer networks, particularly in the run-up to key events (e.g. COP26, national elections)
  • Develop and drive execution of strategies to expose, disrupt and mitigate coordinated influence campaigns around climate.

Well that sounds fun. Maybe we should have a look at some of their partner agencies to get a better feel for exactly what they mean by targeting. Lets try CASM, that sounds exciting


Demos’ dedicated digital research hub has unique insights and expertise across tech policy and its impact on our society, economy and democracy. CASM, in a joint venture with the University of Sussex, has pioneered the use of machine learning to interpret ‘natural language’ big data. This enables Demos to understand people, and conduct social research, at an unparalleled scale.

Well that is exciting, they’re using Hal 900 to make sure we aren’t thinking bad thoughts. What could go wrong. In plain English ISD is able to identify you and everyone you know, where you work or go to school and who you interact with online. Remembering that if you have a twitter account that’s connected to your cell then this could translate with the help of their government partners to tracking you in real time and mapping your real world networks. Fun eh.

ISD also operates in Canada through its Strong Cities Network active in Calgary and Edmonton. The goal is to enforce globalist policies like Harm Reduction, Sanctuary Cities ect, at the civic level

Launch of the Strong Cities Network at the United Nations, 2015

“We also provide a range of in-depth models for capacity-building, interventions and youth engagement. Tailoring our existing approaches for multi-agency partnerships to new geographies, we work in close partnership with national and local governments and the communities they represent. SCN tools and policy models are used across the world, in cities from Australia to North Macedonia, from Lebanon to the United States, and from Kenya to the United Kingdom.”

There are close ties between ISD and the US Democratic Party

ISD CEO Sasha Havlicek, Meeting with Barrack Obama 2015

This is yet another cog in the fascist machine attacking Canada abetted by the slithering worms in our main stream media. Be aware that this tech is probably already focused on any of us who dare to question our Liberal masters and their boy king. If you want to beat men from the future act like its the past. Regard your online communications as monitored and your smartphone as a tracking device. Start using traditional communication methods like printed flyers and journals, use deceptive online identities and VPN shields. Meet in person. We are war it is time we act like it.

William Ray

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  1. Unsure if anyone else is encountering a 404 error page not found when linking to the article? Looking forward to reading it, hope it hasn’t been taken down!


  2. hi do you want a letter from the scientist who was working on the first tests on vaccines with Astra zeneca? he was much to say about the reality of citizen lab rats.

    let me know i need to save a few lives from death camps

    thank you but you don’t seem to ever read email?



  3. Well, that is a nice defence of the rights of neo-Nazis and other white supremacists (including Accelerationists) to have their say online to spread their philosophy and do their recruiting.

    That is sort of a strange position given some of your earlier work, but I suppose it is not so surprising considering how at some point you focused on the fight at the expense of the goal.

    Since then you’ve pretty well painted yourself into a corner, that is the sad part about adopting black or white thinking and making it into the criteria for a war: You don’t leave space for yourself to soften or reconsider anything, because once you do THAT you risk setting foot into the territory of what you have defined as “the enemy” (and the friendly fire on that one is absolutely brutal).

    The little point that when you strayed away from fighting problems to needing an enemy was the point where you largely became your own enemy is not likely to register with you, it’s unthinkable after all.

    And it would probably be lost on you to point out that if we were in the proto-totalitarian society that you claim we are, that your other article about how to systematically destabilize a nation and it’s government PROBABLY wouldn’t be remaining online the way that it is.

    The irony of that one is brutal, and it has proven to be a key element in the fall of democracies even since before the Greeks came up with the word.




    A question that I bet you cannot/will not answer:

    What (within the limits of the realm of possibilities) would it take for you to reconsider your overall stance and beliefs?


    1. Never ever reconsider ‘treason’. There is no compromise, no inbetween. Those who either turn a blind-eye to treason, or try to package it as something we can compromise about if only we were more flexible and not so black and white, is exactly the thinking that has brought the world to the edge of irreversible depravity and genocide yet again. JustSocietyofCanada is not a project, it is propaganda.


      1. Get f*cked, buddy, it is the word press account that I started when doing research on hard ctimes and found a correlation between politicians statements and rates if incidence ( and the connection with P.E. Trudeau’s use of the phrase is non-existent, I learned about that after the fact)

        Here is a FACT for you buddy: ‘treason’ is one of the dlipperiest words in English, overused and misused, and in context of Canada and the government it is f*cking ridiculous.
        Or are you going to try to maintain that the current government is acting against the Monarchy of bleedin’ England/ the UK?

        Because THAT is the literal definition of treason in Canada, which is exactly what is being discussed on this blog:

        “Treason, the crime of betraying a nation or a sovereign by acts considered dangerous to security. In English law, treason includes the levying of war against the government and the giving of aid and comfort to the monarch’s enemies ”

        You know who encourages the disruption of a nation’s government?

        Hostile nations.

        I don’t like the present order in Canada personally, either.

        But I also worked out for myself by the age of 13 that the human race has harvested most of the “low hanging fruit” resources, and that if we don’t get successfully off this planet on this go-round, we won’t; also that a bad enough disruption to push us back more than a few decades means a long slow decline as we fight over dwinfli g resources with a tech level too low to have a hope of restoring what has been destroyed by greed and adherence to the most primitive elements of human nature.

        This means that overthrowing governments for spurious reasons is a bad f*cking idea, and in the case if Canada it would mean reverting to survival oriented existence that does not allow for the niceties of civilized ethics, because “playing nice” can get someone killed if you have something that they need to feed themselves and it is in short supply.

        And the holes in logic and the leaps over them on this blog are horrifying in that context, because they claim to be in service of the citizens of this nation, when they are closest in purpose to groups like the AtomWaffen Division with their dreams of a white ethno state comprised of the Pacific Northwest and southern Cascadia.

        They just need the current governments to crumble, in order to capitalize on the resultant chaos.

        Canada is supposed to be the peacemaker, the diplomat, and most of all the courteous; and assuming guilt for deeds without damn good LOGICAL proof is the greatest discourteousy of all:

        “It is a bad sign when the people of a country stop identifying themselves with the country and start identifying with a group. A racial group. Or a religion. Or a language. Anything, as long as it isn’t the whole population.
        A very bad sign. Particularism. It was once considered a Spanish vice but any country can fall sick with it. Dominance of males over females seems to be one of the symptoms.

        Before a revolution can take place, the population must loose faith in both the police and the courts.
        High taxation is important and so is inflation of the currency and the ratio of the productive to those on the public payroll. But that’s old hat; everybody knows that a country is on the skids when its income and outgo get out of balance and stay that way – even though there are always endless attempts to wish it way by legislation. But I started looking for little signs and what some call silly-season symptoms.

        I want to mention one of the obvious symptoms: Violence. Muggings. Sniping. Arson. Bombing. Terrorism of any sort. Riots of course – but I suspect that little incidents of violence, pecking way at people day after day, damage a culture even more than riots that flare up and then die down. Oh, conscription and slavery and arbitrary compulsion of all sorts and imprisonment without bail and without speedy trial – but those things are obvious; all the histories list them.

        I think you have missed the most alarming symptom of all. This one I shall tell you. But go back and search for it. Examine it. Sick cultures show a complex of symptoms as you have named… But a dying culture invariably exhibits personal rudeness. Bad manners. Lack of consideration for others in minor matters. A loss of politeness, of gentle manners, is more significant than a riot.

        This symptom is especially serious in that an individual displaying it never thinks of it as a sign of ill health but as proof of his/her strength. Look for it. Study it. It is too late to save this culture – this worldwide culture, not just the freak show here in California. Therefore we must now prepare the monasteries for the coming Dark Age. Electronic records are too fragile; we must again have books, of stable inks and resistant paper.
        — Friday and Dr. Baldwin in Friday
        (Friday is a 1982 science fiction novel by Robert A. Heinlein. )


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