Iain Rankin Nova Scotia’s petulantly corrupt boy king

Iain Rankin is an exemplar of the nepotistic elites that form Canada’s political classes. This mindless man boy has called an election in Nova Scotia just weeks after locking everyone down and having a corrupt liberal judge issue an ex-partie order forbidding anyone to even suggest protesting it to possible jail for contempt.

Rankin is the feckless scion of Nova Scotia’s deeply corrupt political system. and let me be very clear this is a systemic not a party problem in Nova Scotia. The opposition to Rankin inheriting the throne is Tim Huston is a man who lived in the Bahama for most of 2 decades and is mentioned in the actual Panama Papers by name as being the director of several distinctly shell ish corporate entities. The Nova Scotia NDP in the last couple of years put its main efforts in the Health Care field into ensuring that a 50 year old man who now identifies as a woman could get tax payer funded breast implants.

This in a province that has regular ambulance dead zones, you call 911 no one comes. Nova Scotia also features rotating emergency room closures, so if you are lucky enough to get an ambulance you may not have anywhere to go.


Iain comes to sketchy politics honestly through his daddy Reg Rankin a longtime Halifax city councilor with so much juice that when he got drunk and rammed his car into his own house the CBC in its report on this fact went through Cirque du Soleil level contortions to not actually state that fact
“Rankin was arrested for impaired driving after a car struck his house in Timberlea in March 2014. “

It all worked out though as, in what became a Rankin family tradition, charges were dropped with no explanation given.

Young Iain started his climb up mount nepotism with a Masters in Golf course management from Holland college and a Bachelors of Business Administration. He was granted the latter by Mount Saint Vincent University. A cozy 4000 person Liberal Arts University specializing in the preparation of Nova Scotia’s political and bureaucratic elites off-sping for the wider world beyond their very plushy nests. One of these other young Gatsby’s was a man named Sean Glover who attended the in the same years as young Iain, both he and Golf will connect later in Iain’s short happy political career.

Iain, not a man to be satiated with an advanced education in leisure sports went on to earn a certificate from the Centre Européen de Recherches Internationales et Stratégiques (CERIS).. Now this is where little Iain Rankin probably transitioned from being just another mindless frat boy progeny of the elites and became an actual danger to his fellow citizens.
CERIS in its own words

“Our teaching is geared towards globalization……We live in a globalized world where regions and states have grown more and more interdependent. Therefore, for all those whose work takes them beyond the confines of the frontiers of their country, an in-depth study of international relations is becoming essential.”..

This is a finishing school for the children of national elites to become the public face of a new putative global ruling class. It is places like this that the global, interpersonal connections are made that are the base of the coordinated global move for totalitarian power we are witnessing, complete with matching slogans.

This is how the virus of totalitarian global governance has been installed under our noses and was ready to act in a highly coordinated fashion. No memos are sent and no manifestos issued but somewhere between the intimate lectures and tutorials and the cafe’s and clubs of the capital of globalism in Europe these people become the sinews of the New World Order

These institutions themselves make no bones about the mechanics of this process. In the words of the Atlantic Council Education Forum

Good Will and Better World being relative terms in this case.

Lets meet the teachers shall we. Jamie Shea was the public face of NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia and Richard Caplan an apparatchik of the global war machine, they have something else in common., do you see it?

Iain’s absolute adherence to the aspects Klaus and the boys Great Reset should then not be a shock to anyone. You will own nothing and you be be happy about it.

Until his election to the legislature in 2013 at the age of 29 the most notable part of Iain’s resume was his penchant for repeated drunk driving. His shares with his father the strange luck for having criminal charges disappear.

His political career happily ticked along toward its pre planned end, the only notable hiccup being the surprise sale in 2019 of what most people in Nova Scotia believed was the Owlshead Provincial Park to a Golf course developer called Lighthouse Links Development corporation . Told ya that Golf course Management expertise would pop up again. And who else should pop up as lighthouse’s local agent and secretary of the board, none other than Iain’s alum from Saint Vincent , Sean Glover

Sean Glover is a partner in the Huge Corporate Law firm Cox & Palmer. Funny thing Lighthouse Link’s Canadian business address matches Cox &Palmer ‘s offices with a PO box. Almost like one of those companies Tim Houston was director of down south. What fun. Cox & Palmer is a super woke firm, although they seem to be missing a holiday on their calendar.

The registered President/ Director of Lighthouse is G. S. Beckwith Gilbert.

According to his bio
G. S. Beckwith Gilbert holds the position of Non-Executive Chairman at PASSUR Aerospace, Inc. and President & Chief Executive Officer of Field Point Capital Management Co. Mr. Gilbert is also on the board of Cancer Research Institute, The Rockefeller University, Yale Cancer Center and Davidson Hubeny Brands and Member of Council on Foreign Relations, Inc. and Chairman-Emeritus at Harvard Medical School.

The Rockefeller empire and the Council on Foreign Relations were in the Great Great Business long before the WEF existed and to a great extent it is their creature. Both groups were instrumental in the rise of China to a global superpower and its shaping as the model society for their envisioned world order. This relationship with China will pop up again a little later

Passur Aerospace has a very strange Nova Scotia connection.The company has a website proclaiming it has offices in 2894 Old Guysborough Rd, Goffs NS B2T 1B9, Canada

Problem is everything in the drop menu leads you to

Eventually after some searching you can find this

A call to the number listed yielded the following answer about their Nova Scotia offices, staring at 1:01 timestamp

So I cant help but wonder if the elusive Passur benefited from any of the millions poured on aerospace in the last 10 years by the Nova Scotia liberals.

Since being elected leader of the Liberal Party and thus becoming Premier Iain has had the ability to exercise completely unlimited power ruling by decree in a way we have not allowed since the divine right Kings. Weekly he sits, glowering like the entitled petulant frat boy boy he is, beside our Public Health overlord Robert Strang. By missive they control every aspect of life in Nova Scotia. Commercial, religeous, political all of it.

He and Strang obviously intend to keep this level of control as Nova Scotia inexplicably just declared yet another extension to its “State of Emergency ” powers with cases in single digits and high vaccination rates. There is no mention in Nova Scotia’s 5 point “re opening plan of ever lifting them and is keyed to vaccination rates.

Young Iain is quite intolerant to any questioning of his authority . On may 14th, the day before a peaceful constitutionally protected protest against restrictive health measures. That openly declared they would respect the measures they were protesting while protesting them in polite Canadian fashion. Iain proceeded into court and got a sweeping draconian injunction that forbade anyone in the province from ; attending, organizing, advertising or even publicly suggesting that anyone should protest public health missives.

Because this was a Judicial order anyone breaching it could face immediate incarceration for an indeterminate period. The only way to be released would be to agree to certain legally binding undertakings in front of the Judge who issued the order.

The order directly Named Facebook groups as if they were incorporated bodies and specifically named two individual Facebook group moderators from two groups calling for the protest yet they were never even notified of the proceeding as it was “ex partie” only the Government and the Judge attending. this is the same Judicial system that keeps dropping serious criminal proceedings against young Iain. These proceedings are normally used to issue surveillance warrants against targets of serious criminal investigations. The naming of Jane and John DOE allowed it to cover every human in the province

Tommy Everett and his wife Tasha who’s name was used in the injunction had it served on them at home

You can expect more of this draconian behavior from Iain and his playmates in the Nova Scotia Liberal Party, they have very close ties to the Chinese Communist party which they state openly in its Nova Scotia China engagement strategy, Take note in the flag positions in their government produced graphics

The Nova Scotia – China Engagement Strategy outlines how the province will forge a stronger alliance with China by building mutually beneficial trade, investment, business, political, and cultural relationships. To achieve this, Nova Scotia will focus on our competitive strengths; build and strengthen relationships in China; and coordinate our activities at home and in China…China is one of Nova Scotia’s top education partners. There are several Memoranda of Understanding between Chinese and Nova Scotian government departments, universities, and educators.”

This explains the slavish devotion to ne- Marxism of Nova Scotia’s semi segregated education system and the will to absolute power of it huge bureaucratic class.

It might also explain the two pieces of legislation brought forward by the Liberals since their reluctant return to the peoples business. One in a move that would make a Chinese organ harvester weep with joy the Human Organ and Tissue Donation Act means that Nova Scotia becomes one of the only jurisdiction on earth to be able to legally harvest your organs unless you go through a complicated opt out procedure. The other the so called Bio Diversity Act would have allowed government agents on private land at any time, given them the right to decide in detail what the owner can and cant do and issue ridiculous and huge fines In some cases it would allow them to forcibly seize animals, transport them , euthanize them, and then bill the owner for the whole thing. This would reverse hundreds of years of property and fundamental human rights at the whim of yet more government bureaucrats. Thankfully this one was stopped by engaged citizens. Xi must be proud

Nova Scotia is the only province in the country with a legislature did not sit at all during first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.Nova Scotia has not been a democracy for over a year, and have no doubt Iain intends to keep it that way for his foriegn masters.

The penetration of the Chinese communist party into western Universities and research institutes is a topic of increasing alarm throughout the western world. Except it seems in Nova Scotia it would seem

“Australia’s top universities could be aiding the Chinese Communist Party’s mission to develop mass surveillance and military technologies, amid rising concerns from Australian intelligence agencies that they are putting national security at risk.”
Four Corners Australian Broadcasting Corp.

If you have any doubt what continued Liberal power will bring to Nova Scotia look to Newfoundlands recently elected Liberal mafia. Nice slogan but it does sound kinda familiar.

Nova Scotia is lost if its citizens don’t start organizing for fundamental change. The entire political class at every level must be radically rebuilt. The bureaucracy needs to be neutered and massively reduced. Actual political power must be restored to an engaged population, or this will be its last generation that knows the freedom their ancestors fought for.

William Ray

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