How The Globalist Propaganda Sausage Gets Made

Canadians , specifically Albertan’s , are being subjected to yet another exercise in defamation from the Toronto Star. This one proclaims boldly, from behind its paywall containing the actual details, that Migrant Agricultural workers had to flee horrible abuse at the hands of evil Alberta Vegetable farmers. Like much of what passes for journalism these days this is sponsored spin designed to push the open borders agenda . Lets dissect this piece of spin and in doing so have a look at the mechanisms that create it. I include the Press Reader version of the article here

Lets start with the Journalist and author of the piece. Firstly the Author Sara Mojtehedzadeh is not actually paid by the Star newspaper chain, good thing as its revenues are crashing. Sarah is paid by a private foundation it turns out

So who are these paragons of Social Justice working diligently to protect the downtrodden.

I had previously been unaware that Alberta contained a San Mateo county. With some diligent research I managed to find that in Fact San Mateo is in California.

As usual we find an onion of foundation within foundation. A quick run through their financial statements leads us to their management company Pacific Foundation services LLC

Pacific Foundation services LLC seems to be a management firm for dozens of American Elite class family Foundations that are the vanguard of the globalist cause

So we have an Elite globalist Foundation paying to influence Canadian public opinion. Many of the narratives recently thrust at Canadians have very similar origins.

Sarah Mojtehedzadeh herself is a globalist cheerleader having been featured in TED talks and other media championing the “open borders” nightmare. She is a graduate of the London School Of Economics founded by the Fabian society. The Fabian Society is a British socialist organization whose purpose is to advance the principles of democratic socialism. So great globalist credentials. In an interview with Flair Magazine she does some name dropping

The biggest turning point for me was receiving the Aga Khan Foundation of Canada’s young professionals in media fellowship”

So her Journalism career was sponsored by Justin Trudeau’s favorite vacation buddy. How fun.

But back to our story. The main protagonist we are given is not in fact the desperate migrant worker who declined to put their name to this defamation. Instead we are presented with Santiago Escobar of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union UFCW. It is Mr escobar who relates how even though this worker returned to work at El Dorado farms for 10 years he was abraded with foul language by the son of the farm owner and has the vague feeling he was economically abused, with no direct This caused him to have to escape to Southern Ontario with the help of a Mennonite farm driver to obtain a completely open work permit under a new Canadian program to encourage migrants to resist being abused by their employer. So lets have a look.

So the program under which our mystery worker obtained this Visa was actually put in place in 2019 by the Trudeau Liberal junta in cooperation with the LFCW. You will never guess who LFCW’s lead representative was, Santiago Escobar. he and the LFCW also lobby hard for giving out permanent residence to any migrant farm worker who apply s , they even object to a requirement to actually speak or understand either official language. More open border shills

It is interesting that our getaway driver is referred to specifically as a Mennonite. This religious group is named specifically in Open Borders inc and other sources and being an integral part of the network that moves and shelters so called migrants.

So what this calculated piece of propaganda’s main aim is most probably a dog-whistle about this new border busting tool to be used to further degrade our democracy and Canadian labour conditions by the usual crowd of globalism promoters. Sarah you owe the folks at El Dorado a huge apology.

William Ray

2 responses to “How The Globalist Propaganda Sausage Gets Made”

  1. How shocking.

    An article about migrant workers being treated like, well, migrant workers (ie a dime a dozen and without the protections afforded Canadian nationals), and the network of interconnections between various interests advocating for them.

    The revelation that a single organization is linked to both the migrant issue in Canada, and directly down the Western Seaboard at the other end of the seasonal migration run is scandalous.

    The connections from there on are mindblowing.

    Seriously, who would EVER have thought that Left Leaning people of means with socialist ideals who broadly are pro-globalism and the easement of the concept of nationalism would have the sheer GALL to actively work together to attempt to influence social policies across border?

    Will the MADNESS never end?!?

    And the trail just leads deeper and deeper, at every stage the same twisted pattern:

    People who are completely open about having liberal socialist viewpoints acting like liberal socialists.

    Putting this together, you may have averted a tragedy but it is yet to be seen if you were successful.

    It would be a horrible thing for Canadian agricultural operations to be able to attract and retain adequate numbers of workers in the altered international theatre; and far worse for them to actually have to treat their workers as though they were almost as human as Canadian citizens.

    There is even the UNTHINKABLE abomination that threatens throughout this labyrinth of migrants and mayhem: some of them might even dare to become Canadian citizens and so fill the gaps in the labour marker that are left as the larger Boomer and Gen X cohorts reach retirement age, and the smaller and more tech oriented post-millennial cohorts do not rush to fill the positions in the manual labour market.

    I must confess to being overawed at your ability to craft such an article using easily available information that is in the public arena, and that many of the principals would likely volunteer without hesitation.

    THAT is REAL investigative journalism,

    I would say “Keep up the good work”; but I have a suspicion that you will be doing so for quite some time, regardless of what anyone might say or not.

    It’s important work, ensuring that efforts towards egalitarianism are hobbled enough that they cannot hope to succeed, thus becoming resource sink holes with minimal return of utility.

    Good thing you’re a pro, eh?


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