Updated 2K Pages of Nova Scotia Health FOI’s. with additional info and a link to Shelly Hipson

Hello everyone. This FOI is one of mine. The NS Department of Health and Wellness has to publish FOI online but Nova Scotia Health does not. So I did a FOI to Nova Scotia Health asking for all previous FOIs that were done on COVID-19 and received this 2000 pages. It includes the number of cancelled hospital services which included 32,540 diagnostic imaging, 3,263 MRIs, 4,998 CT scans, 6,512 ultrasounds, 3,097 x-rays, 1,141 EKGs, 449 Eccho, 2,776 Mammo, 8,210 breast screening, 3,213 surgical cancellations in 2020); a result of this 33 people died because they needed life saving surgeries in a timely manner and the hospitals were closed down; the inserts to the rapid tests which indicate to me that a positive result means that it could be a co-infection, a bacterial infection or COVID-19 – the way it is written, it can’t tell the difference between the three; Dr. Lisa Barrett advocating and doing presentations to NOT allow the use of Ivermectin; minutes on other treatments that they blocked from use and “kept” for a research study instead of using it to save lives; the Nova Scotia Health Authority pamphlet on COVID-19 states that it is pneumonia.(Did you ever hear Strang say that it was pneumonia?) It also shows an e-mail back and forth that shows that even though people at Northwood (a long term care facility in Halifax that had 53 of the 65 deaths in 2020)… were at the end of life they were instructed to mark them down as COVID-19 deaths. Why would they do this? To create fake numbers and drive up the fear?

Here is my website where I have posted over 60+ FOI to our Health Department, the Premier’s Office, Education etc. Some of what these FOIs tell me is that:
The population of Nova Scotia is 1,007,049. There were 238,474 PCR tests done in 2020 and 1,347,912 PCR tests done in 2021 totaling 1,586,386 tests in two years and 1,564,643 or 98.7% of the test results were NEGATIVE.

In 2020, there were 1,493 positives and in 2021 there were 18,953 positives totalling 20,446 positives in two years and 65 people died in 2020 and 49 died in 2021 which is 114 people. Basic math tells us that 0.55% of the positive cases died in two years or 20,332 or 99.5% lived.

So we might want to know a few details about the people who died.

The average age of death in Nova Scotia is 80 and those that are dying of COVID? The average age is 83 years old. Yes, those dying of COVID are living longer than the average age of Nova Scotians. Freedom of Information request 2021-01142-HEA tells us that the top three comorbidities (other illnesses or conditions that people had when they supposedly died of COVID) were cardiac disorders (60%), neurological conditions (54%) and diabetes (21%). Eighty-seven percent of deaths were 65 years of age or older.

To help put this into perspective, in 2020, a total of 9,964 died from all causes and 65 were COVID or 0.65%. In 2021, a total of 10,072 died from all causes and 49 were COVID or 0.48%. In two years, 20,036 people died in Nova Scotia from all causes and 114 were COVID or 0.56% – less than 1%.

That means that 19,922 people who died in Nova Scotia in 2020 and 2021 or 99.44% died from
other causes. Not COVID.

Finally, what is a ‘COVID-19 deceased case’ as defined by the province of Nova Scotia? — “A
probable or confirmed COVID-19 case whose death resulted from a clinically compatible illness,
unless there is a clear alternative cause of death identified, for example trauma, poisoning or
drug overdose.”

Wait a minute…what exactly is a clinically compatible illness to COVID?

And let’s look at the Nova Scotia COVID-19 dashboard (government website) as of September 6,
2022. Hospitalizations by vaccine status: 24% have had zero doses, 18% have had two doses,
39% have had three doses, and 20% have had four doses. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of those
in hospital are fully vaccinated. Vaccination status of deaths since December 8, 2021: 19% have
0-1 dose, 30% have had 2 doses, and 51% have had 3 doses. Eighty-one percent (81%) of the
deaths are fully vaccinated. Isn’t it time to pause and ask ourselves what’s going on? And to
rolled them out for children as young as five years old? Yikes.

Now, one would think that the media, the medical community or those responsible for our
higher education would look at this data and a light bulb would go off – but a government
COVID deal paid out an extra $65 million to Nova Scotia doctors and $24,612,000 was given to
NS school boards in the form of grants for COVID with no requirement for receipts.

No one wants to talk about the elephant in the room. Meantime, the data is starting to speak
for itself. Are ‘they’ listening?

All my FOIPOPs are here:


What Premiers McNeil, Rankin, Houston and Dr. Robert Strang didn’t tell youOn June 3, 2021 I reached a point. I knew they (the premier of the day, media, and Strang) were presenting information to the public without providing context – and they were making claims that could not be supported with evidence.www.shellyhipson.ca

12 thoughts on “Updated 2K Pages of Nova Scotia Health FOI’s. with additional info and a link to Shelly Hipson

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  1. William, there are no hyperlinks to the disclosure. I’d like to look at the response from NS Health Authority. Thanks!


    1. For me, when I clicked on it, it downloaded automatically.

      Interesting information. The data for 2021 should be even more interesting.

      All that trash!


      1. Got it this time…the download buttons showed up and were live.
        It is amazing how many ‘health professionals’ are eating from the public trough and how totally incompetent they appear. They were making things up as they went. Eg. ‘minor consent’ issue. Scary.

        Thank you William for all the hard work. At least NS is more co-operative. In Ontario, the outside lawyers of some municipalities deny almost all records about everything and the Privacy Officers handling the FOIs have no teeth whatever.


  2. In 2021, there’s a great deal of chit-chat and folder-shuffling. The legal opinions regarding informed juvenile consent, or consent in any form, are redacted. I’m suggesting they pulled it out of their respective asses. They use terms like “drafting language”. Finally, a “mature minor consent document” (page 42). Page 43 is a list of other organizations and departments they referenced in the document. I’m about halfway through. More chit chat. They speak to each other very casually and don’t provide their title next to their name. Aye, they’re not all bastards because they provided their sire names. Also, their preferred gender pronouns, just in case their gear develops into a crucial element of the conversation. Ugh! That’s all I can stand.


  3. Re your FOI request to Nova Scotia health board: I would love to know the wording of your FOI request as I would like to do the same in BC.


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