2K Pages of Nova Scotia Health FOI’s. They have been lying the whole time.


  1. William, there are no hyperlinks to the disclosure. I’d like to look at the response from NS Health Authority. Thanks!


    1. For me, when I clicked on it, it downloaded automatically.

      Interesting information. The data for 2021 should be even more interesting.

      All that trash!


      1. Got it this time…the download buttons showed up and were live.
        It is amazing how many ‘health professionals’ are eating from the public trough and how totally incompetent they appear. They were making things up as they went. Eg. ‘minor consent’ issue. Scary.

        Thank you William for all the hard work. At least NS is more co-operative. In Ontario, the outside lawyers of some municipalities deny almost all records about everything and the Privacy Officers handling the FOIs have no teeth whatever.


  2. In 2021, there’s a great deal of chit-chat and folder-shuffling. The legal opinions regarding informed juvenile consent, or consent in any form, are redacted. I’m suggesting they pulled it out of their respective asses. They use terms like “drafting language”. Finally, a “mature minor consent document” (page 42). Page 43 is a list of other organizations and departments they referenced in the document. I’m about halfway through. More chit chat. They speak to each other very casually and don’t provide their title next to their name. Aye, they’re not all bastards because they provided their sire names. Also, their preferred gender pronouns, just in case their gear develops into a crucial element of the conversation. Ugh! That’s all I can stand.


  3. Re your FOI request to Nova Scotia health board: I would love to know the wording of your FOI request as I would like to do the same in BC.


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