CBC spokesman trained by Soros

Information recently surfaced that CBC had paid out some 30 millions in compensation to its employees during the first 2 years of the Covid event. according to the National Post, “There were 1,033 full-time employees who received bonuses. That’s an average of about $14,800 per employee”. When questioned on these expenditures,”Leon Mar, a spokesperson with CBC, said the bonuses were paid out as part of the corporation’s broader business plan, meant to  “focus collective and individual efforts on achieving the Corporation’s objective.”. Leon Mar fails to mention what exactly the “corporations objectives” are. Canadians have unfortunately come to learn the broad strokes of these objectives after seven solid years of lies and open Liberal Party propaganda.

Lets take a brief look at the messenger CBC choose to communicate this desire to reach their corporate objectives. Leon’s Linkedin lists his position as, “Director, Media Relations and Issues Management & Corporate Spokesperson chez CBC/Radio-Canada”

Leon was educated mostly in Canada in the mid late 90’s but does have a Masters in Arts / communication management from the University of Technology Sydney in 2000.

University of Technology Sydney is involved in a A$10m research partnership with CETC, a Chinese state-owned military technology company that developed an app security forces use to trace and track technologies”..

Australia takes action against Chinese influence on campuses

Strangely nothing else is listed till 2008 when he ran a University comms team for a year and a half. He opens his own shop,he makes out very well almost exclusively off our tax dollars funneled through various non profits and publicly funded institutions. He has made out very well. His job simply put is to generate propaganda for these various groups.

Leon then went to work for George Soros himself at his fascist flagship, Open Societies.

He performed the same functions for the massive web of downstream astro-turf groups that have formed the chorus of Georges laying the groundwork for the “Great Reset” funding such groups as BLM,. Leon self describes his post thusly, “Designed and implemented communications and outreach strategies to raise the visibility of the Open Society Human Rights Initiative’s issues, work, and grantees

  • Provided technical support to human rights grantees in the field
  • Produced communications products, “

So lets unpack Leon’s job for George. Leon was parachuted into “grantee” organizations as a professional propagandist with access to high end equipment and video producers. Leon could be parachuted into small markets to create the perpetual Hagelin cycle these groups use to warp public policy.

Leon moved on to another highly paid dream job this one with a highly aggressive, Liberal Party connected , open borders promoting NGO funded once more by working Canadians without their consent or knowledge. This Non Profit the deceptively named Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) is headed by Liberal appointed ex GG of Canada Adrian Clarkson and her husband, longtime Trudeau family ally who headed Petro Can for Pierre Trudeau, John Ralston Saul. Mr Katz’s bio lists his film background but fails to mention this, “An internet pioneer, Martin Katz was employee number 3 at Microsoft’s MSN Canada”

Among the many interesting board members is Agha Khan minion Khalil Shariff who served as Chief Executive Officer of Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), small world isn’t it.

ICC’s tax return shows that they are funded almost entirely by your tax dollars

Make no mistake Leon Mar is part of an international technocratic class that are getting rich working to destroy your future. This class is the real virus afflicting humanity and it must be eradicated.

Leon’s Linkedin yields us one more connection that bears this out. One of the people who “recommend” Leon’s work is a lady named Gabriella Krohmal, she has the title of “security expert” working on US DoD contracts. Same job description and company Edward Snowden worked for setting up the NSA’s world wide wiretap

Small world isn’t it.

William Ray

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  1. So this man would have no moral problem with stealing our freedom of the press by having CBC activate their commitment with the Trusted News Initiative media mafia, who since 2020 FORBIDS investigative reporting on covid if it goes against the scripted one-way narrative.


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