Dr. Sarah Beaulieu and the “Mass Grave” that Never Was

Dr. Sarah Beaulieu is the Anthropological Archeologist behind the ground penetrating radar surveys that discovered the “mass graves” at the Kamloops Residential School. The narrative spun from this “finding” unleashed mass civil unrest and a brutal, sustained and international attack on Canada and its citizens. The problem is that Dr. Sarah Beaulieu has no detectable training in the use or interpretation of Ground Penetrating Radar.

She and the University of the Fraser Valley, where she is employed, had asserted until a few days ago on her University bio that she was trained and certified in 2016 at Canadian Forces Base Borden in the use of Ground Penetrating Radar. In response to my freedom of information request to DND, they responded that they have absolutely no record of this training.

After they were asked to comment on the matter, The University of the Fraser Valley pulled down her Bio. This was the only document in the public purview that asserted that this woman has any qualification in Ground Penetrating Radar. Not even her LinkedIn lists this training. Below is an image of how the bio appeared before it was pulled. And indeed this is how it would have appeared to any of the hundreds of international journalists running down the facts on the “mass grave” story.


At time of publication it looks like this


Update, Since publication of the article the university has once more updated its website. It now appears thus

Dr. Sarah Beaulieu did not receive any training or certification at CFB Borden according to DND. In reality Dr. Sarah rents her equipment from a private multi national company called Sensors and Software with Canadian Offices in Ontario. This information is contained in her own videos. I also spoke to a technician at the company who corresponded regularly with Dr Sarah to answer questions of hers concerning the equipment. I make note that this company offers online courses. Perhaps YouTube is the actual basis for Dr Sarah’s training and “certification”?

Still from “The Camps season 1 episode 1” showing Sarah Beaulieu’s rented GPR in 2016

Dr. Sarah Beaulieu is a Doctor in Philosophy. Specifically her degree is in Anthropological Archeology granted in 2019. This may be deceptive to some, as she has no actual training in what the lay person would think of as archeology. Anthropological Archeology is the study of artifacts already retrieved, in many cases the study of artifact records not necessarily the physical objects. They then form thesis on what these physical objects mean in terms of the societal traits, economic and social systems. There is no requirement for any actual physical archeology or training in its actual methodology. The curriculum is highly theoretical and apparently you don’t even get a grade for most of it.

Before even finishing her phD the not yet-Dr Sarah was honing her disinformation skills and aiming them at Canada and its people. She was busy providing her expertise to a documentary entitled “That Never Happened” asserting that Canada ran a network of Auschwitz-like concentration Camps during WW1. Like her later creation of “mass graves,” Dr Sarah cleverly weaves a tiny bit of actual history into a tapestry of directed misinformation. Her common theme is the maligning of Canada and its people for a globalist audience. Canada like all other combatants in WW1 “interned” “enemy aliens”. I will not defend the practice but as I will outline in a future article this fact was used by Dr Sarah to tell a very dark fairy tale.

The documentary was funded through a NGO front called,”Canada’s First World War Internment Recognition Fund” This fund was started by 10 million of our tax dollars, because of course. The fund is managed by the Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko (UCFTS) with the heavy participation of the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association (UCCLA), , and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC). All of these organizations are now heavily involved in pushing Canada to support the openly Fascist regime in Ukraine. The documentary was released in 2017 but it started receiving funding to the tune of 65 000 dollars in 2015 with a further 115 000 in 2016.

Paul Grod head of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress with some familiar figures
The UCC seems fun

“It was hell on earth” – PhD candidate, historian reveal conditions inside camp on 100th anniversary”..


The University of the Fraser Valley has not responded to demands to explain why they would do no due diligence on the qualifications of their instructor. In fact she was rewarded for her propaganda efforts by the University through her promotion from “sessional instructor” to “Assistant Professor” in August. The internet tells me the average salary is north of $100 000 per year. Nice work if you can get it.


Instead of responding to any of the questions I have put to them the University of the Fraser has behaved in a truly bizarre manner. My LinkedIn has been stalked by their “head of campus security”, because journalists are scary. I even had a call from one of their IT people. They did not respond when I answered though the call showed active, left no message and when I returned the call asserted that they had simply dialed a wrong number.

Pro tip for ya Justin and Ravinder. Call display has been a thing for awhile and Linkedin has a private search mode. Be better guys.

Here is my only response from the University to date aside from this hilarity.

Dr Sarah Beaulieu needs to be held to account for this rancid hoax. Her funding and connections need a thorough investigation. Since our police in Canada are a wholly corrupt herd of swine who’s only purpose is to enforce “Woke” doctrines on the population I won’t hold my breath.

The University of the Fraser Valley needs to answer for their part in helping legitimize her fraud. Probably the only solution here is its complete de funding.

This is also a fact currently Dr Sarah Beaulieu has her propaganda displayed in the museum your tax dollars fund to commemorate the thousands of young Canadians who died horribly making the world a better place.

William Ray

“The #blockades were organized by #rockefeller funded 350org and major Canadian Unions #UNIFOR and #CUPW and abeted by the #Trudeau government …

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  1. As long as there is no meaningful consequence to fraud and lies that are designed to mislead the public on behalf of the globalists, we will see endless lies in academia. Universities are not supposed to be promoting chaos, civil unrest and racism. They are supposed to be teaching life-long skills in what society generally regards as a moral and ethical life.

    For the most part, it seems that Universities are the lynch pin in many of the problems Canadians are experiencing today.


  2. wow, she needs to be investigated and if these allegations are true, exposed to the public and prosecuted…lets us readers know how we can help


    1. They do but the Person I sPoke to at the comany said they did not train her. Her university has not asserted this either ..so I stand with what Ive said there is no roof of any training


  3. I did some digging of my own and it turns out Sensors and Software has offered training/ certification courses with the field school held at the Canadian Forces Base Borden. They’ve said it is “renown as a GPR research site”. Have you asked them about this? Strange that you didn’t get the same answer that I received when I phoned. Also strange that she rents equipment if she’s been doing this for a decade? Is this fact or are you just making an assumption? The company sells equipment and does not currently rent (I also asked about this). You also mention that she has no archaeological training but when you click on your link from the Canadian Museum of History there is a pic of her in an excavation pit. I’m just trying to weed through all of the media information and misinformation and am frustrated to find – after reading your blog – that yours is not necessarily any more accurate. Time to do more research buddy!


    1. Hello great Job. Yes I am aware of the training offered by Sensors soft. The erson I soke to at the comany told me that while she does use the kit and communicates with him regularly he asserted they did not trian her So as indicated i have contacted the university and Dr Sarah, if this is the case why do they not state so? I have a pic of myself behind the wheel of a large boat…doesn’t make me a sea captain. So my assertion stands as of right now there is no proof she has any training at all. Neither she nor the university has offered her actual certificate, why? So again I very much encourage you to do exactly what you have done here and check everything you see. I am however not your buddy. Cheers Anthony good job


    2. If I were a betting man, I’d say it’s probable that she received training from Sensors and Software, which included some field work CFB Borden. Borden has been known in the GPR world since the 1990s as a test site for detecting the seepage/flow of underground chemicals (google search for details). Sarah’s bio is misleading in its brevity, giving the impression that she was trained by the military. Instead, it was an equipment sales company. It’s also noteworthy that her training may not have involved graves…. unless the S&S set up a variety of fake situations? Would be good to know.


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