Jody Thomas and Canada’s “Public Service”, the Banality of Evil

We have now learned through the Emergencies Act inquiry that the sole official voice labeling the brave Canadians camped out in their capital city a National Security threat was Justin Trudeau’s hand picked National Security advisor Jody Thomas. So who is Jody Thomas, this operator that has the acumen to discern fundamental threats to our National Security that our heavily funded security agencies completely missed.

Primarily as you will see dear reader Jody Thomas is a charter member of the pack of rancid vermin we jokingly refer to as Canada’s “Public Service”. These haughty mandarins are neither very Public or transparent nor do they actually provide much service to Canadians. The average starting wage is 60k a year plus massive perks and union benefits. This is 5 times the Canadian average. Most of them do much less actual work per day as a Walmart cashier. They are mostly still working from home. Because …Covid.

Despite this their soulless ranks are growing so rapidly they provided Stats Canada with a falsely rosy picture of Canada’s economic state. These belligerent bureaucrats didn’t miss one of their huge paychecks in the three years of brutal restrictions that they themselves ruthlessly levied against Canada’s citizens. In fact they have been the beneficiary’s of a torrential downpour of bonuses rained down upon them. This on top of millions in special payments for home renovations.

The cretinous thugs of CUPE has been a longtime ally of the Liberal Party and its membership is thoroughly Woke. They all have pronouns and land acknowledgments. they bow to climte change and BLM. In fact if your not Woke you cant work there.

Our perfidious pack of pencil pushers were also the ones throwing eggs at and counter protesting the Truckers quest for basic human rights. A member of this fetid fraternity Zexi Li, on paid leave for most of the previous year, is the face of the ridiculous multi million dollar lawsuit that was designed to prevent the money donated donated from desperate Canadians from reaching its intended recipients and making the movement to return the rule of Law to Canada even more powerful.

Jody Thomas herself is a perfect study in the nepotism, incompetence and rank corruption that are the hallmark of this incestuous pack of mutts. Thing is Jody’s daddy Vice Admiral Charles Morris Winton (‘Chuck’) Thomas was an associate minister of defense. Her Husband was a Naval Commander and her brother in law a disgraced former Lt General who commanded part of NORAD. He was forced to resign after getting caught with his zipper down.

Jody has a Bachelor of Commerce, University of Calgary,Bachelor of Arts, Carleton University. The only Jobs listed on her LinkedIn are all federal government.

We will meet her Son as well, but later.

Jody’s government bio tells us she began her humble toil behalf of all Canadians in 1988 with what is listed as “Various positions, Public Works and Government Services Canada”. From 1995 we have “Manager, Security Operations, and various other positions, Passport Canada”. Jody then climbs the ladder briskly.

In 2014 Jody hits the big time as Special Advisor to the Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (Operations), Privy Council Office.

Then in 2015, our heroine is appointed Commissioner of the Canadian Coast Guard. it is here where the first detectable traces of her rank incompetence surface.

The Canadian Coast Guard is continuing to defend its response to the oil spill in Vancouver’s English Bay last Wednesday, despite criticism from city and provincial officials. Commissioner Jody Thomas said she was “enormously pleased” with the progress of the cleanup, and called the co-ordinated effort “unprecedented” while giving an update on the situation Monday morning. The coast guard has been criticized for what was perceived as a slow response to the bunker fuel spill discovered last Wednesday around 5:10 p.m. PT. Many are also questioning why it took roughly 12 hours for the City of Vancouver to be notified.“…

Jody is rewarded for this meritorious service by being appointed associate Deputy Minister of Defense. Daddy would be so proud. Remember when I said we would meet Jody’s kid. Let me introduce Andrew Coates

Andrew Coates, the son of Jody Thomas, deputy minister at national defence, has been working since March 2019 in industrial development for Lockheed Martin, the company that was selected on Feb. 8, 2019, for its proposal for the Canadian Surface Combatant fleet. The Kanata-based firm also has a significant role on the Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship project being handled by the defence department.“..

Isn’t family fun. Especially if your family makes its living draining this country like leeches and getting rich off it. Not so much if you can’t visit your dying mother. But hey fuck you peasant.

Believe me Jody isn’t the only little piggy at the trough. Almost the only way into the gilded life of Canada’s boated bureaucracy is connections. For the average citizen you have a better chance of winning the lottery.

The Bureaucrats have been the water carriers of the COVID narrative and every other part of the Great reset agenda from identity Politics to the mutilation of children for Gender Ideology. In fact they formed the network that unleashed this upon the entire western world in such a coordinated fashion. They are blooming like a dark rose at midnight under COVID authoritarianism

These fascist functionaries regularly jet off on our dime to various “Civil Service Symposiums” around the world. Many of them funded and organized by the likes of the Gates Foundation, Open Societies, and the ubiquitous UN sub organizations. These gala functions go by names like the Halifax Defense Forum, the aptly named Global Government Forum and many others. In general they are told that it is only they who will lead the mindless masses, you and me, to salvation from our own wrtchedness. These evangelists for technocracy are told that they must look beyond their own nations and by extensions the wishes and best interests of us the wretches who pay their salaries. They have a greater good to serve.

Lets look a policy statement by The Atlantic Council to see how openly this is stated

Canadians need to realize that the path to freedom and a future for this amazing country lies in the complete dismantling of the civil service. They represent the Permanent or Deep State. Anyone who doesn’t understand this concept can catch up with an old BBC sitcom that has been quoted by academics

Thorough investigations of senior managers and the harshest penalties available to mankind delivered on the most corrupt. Their Unions need to be decertified and stripped of assets and those Billions in pension funds returned to Canadians to begin to repair the damage these vermin have wrought. Canada’s Civil Service and its filthy minions like Jody Thomas are the real and pressing threat to Canada’s national security and democracy.

William Ray

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  1. Let’s clean house Canada. Time for the greedy corrupted elites to be exposed & our nation to rise again as a lighthouse to the world. Thanks for this article & every trucker & freedom convoy participant who stands up demanding change.


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