Christine Anderson Doesn’t Support Fascism, Pierre Poilievre demonstratively Does.

As always do your own research, believing random folks on the internet has the bombers warming up.

So lets run this down shall we

So the vile views atributed to Christine Anderson by Mr Poilievre is that she is racist and hateful and her views are not welcome in Canada. This has since been amplified by the CBC on his behalf

University of Victoria professor Oliver Schmidtke — who studies far-right populist parties, including the AfD — said the party started off as a more moderate conservative party. But it later “morphed into a more anti-immigrant, homophobic and — at times — openly racist political party.” Schmidtke said Anderson herself is in “the more extreme right-wing camp” of the AfD.

And from ex Jean Chretian chief of staff Warren Kinsella. Kinsella nd his Diasy consulting firm were paid north of six figures by the Conservative Party of Canada in 2019 run a massive disinformation campiagn with their friends in the MSM to paint the Peoples Party of Canada as “Nazi’s”. On the subject of Ms Anderson we have this,

Evidence of the AfD’s extremism isn’t difficult to locate. The Anti-Defamation League has described it as “proudly extremist, anti-immigrant, and anti-minority [and] its leaders have made anti-Semitic statements and played down the evil of the Nazi regime. Its party leaders have called Holocaust memorials “shameful.” They have dismissed the horrors perpetrated by the Nazi regime as “bird shit.”

Warren Kinsella Toronto Sun

Thing is none of this is true. Literally none of it.

So lets hit the big one . Holocaust deniel and glorifying Nazism. So most of this assertion centers around Ms Andersons Party the AfD opposing a very specific sort of Holocaust Memorial called Stolpersteine (stumbliong stones) . A Feb 2019 piece in that paragon of wokeness the Guardian explians thus, “Known as “Stolpersteine”, or “stumbling stones”, there are now more than 70,000 such memorial blocks laid in more than 1,200 cities and towns across Europe and Russia. Each commemorates a victim outside their last-known freely chosen residence.

Gaurdian Photo

The story here is that one 70 year old man hand stamps these in his garage with his own money. I will leave you to judge the varacity of that suspicous little narrative. But this is what the AfD called Birdshit.

Here though is the part that the CBC and Mr Kinsella missed. Christine Anderson and the AfD are not the only folks who have that opinion as the Guardian goes on to point out

Not everyone is convinced by the Stolpersteine. Charlotte Knobloch, head of the Jewish community in Munich and Bavaria, has strongly opposed the project. Knobloch, who survived the Holocaust in hiding with a Christian family, finds the placement of Stolpersteine underfoot to be unacceptable.

“It is my firm belief that we need to do everything we can in order to make sure that remembrance preserves the dignity of the victims,” she has said.

“For me, stumbling over a piece of metal in the ground is anything but dignified.”

In a controversial move, Stolpersteine were banned by Munich city council in 2004.

So would the implication be that Charlotte Knobloch, Holocaust survivour and leader of Munichs Jewish community, is a closet Nazi?

The other thing I could find is the fact that some AfD members have advocated to have the German Army rembered seperately from the SS. So this is technically true as someone who’s Father fought World War 2 for Canada not something I find particularily legitimate but niether to I think I have a place in that debate any more than I should tell Japan how to remeber their past. I have worked in Germany and with modern German soldiers I have never found them lacking in remorse for their history. I would note that the SS’s origin as the miltary arm of a political group and its subsequent melding to the conventional German Army in World War Two very closely matches the history of the AZOV battalion in Ukraine. Handy since they use the same symbols. this video was taken from the AZOV official Youtube channel

Some AfD members have also called for a more fullsome version of German history to be taught in their schools paying more attention to the thousand or so years of German history that didnt involve Nazism. I haven’t found German or English sources that indicated that they want it ignored, just not the entire center of the curriculum. None of that in my view plays down Nazism. The AfD’s main compliant with the German Education system seems to be caused by it attacking their party in a very undemocratic way.

The AfD, which often complains that Germany’s political, media and educational elite has a bias against it, has operated such a platform in Hamburg since last year and has now expanded it to the big southern state of Baden-Württemberg. There are plans to roll it out across eight more states. Götz Frömming, the AfD’s spokesman on education, said the idea arose after pupils and their parents sent the party teaching materials “in which the AfD was presented in a one-sided and negative way”. Schools should be “a neutral place where pupils can freely form their own opinion”, he said.

This should be very familiar to Canadian Conservatives with Woke Teachers Unions supporting all manner of deprivation and maligning anyone who doesn’t agree.

In Kamloops BC the following was presented to grade 10 children as a social studies quiz. This was only discovered after a student sent a picture to his father on social media. There is a belief across Canada by “educators” that parents should have no right to interfere with, or even be aware, of what dogma they are leveling at our minor children. They have fought in court to protect these “rights.”

So Next Racism. This is based as usaul on the fact that Ms Anderson feels that part of her duty to the people who elected her is to make sure they are not swamped by people from somewhere else. This is not a bold proposition.

Islamophobia, As a rational person I share her concerns with radical political Islam. Conspiracy theory except for this inconvenient fact

Sharia law in Canada? Yes. The province of Ontario has authorized the use of sharia law in civil arbitrations, if both parties consent. The arbitrations will deal with such matters as property, marriage, divorce, custody and inheritance. The arbitrators can be imams, Muslim elders or lawyers. In theory, their decisions aren’t supposed to conflict with Canadian civil law. But because there is no third-party oversight, and no duty to report decisions, no outsider will ever know if they do. These decisions can be appealed to the regular courts. But for Muslim women, the pressures to abide by the precepts of sharia are overwhelming. To reject sharia is, quite simply, to be a bad Muslim.

Cristine Anderson also has the ubiquitous accusation of Transphobia for objecting to the mutilation of Children and the complete loss of Women’s spaces and the right even to name themselves. I wont dignify that except to note that interestingly some “Gender scholars” have recommended the use of Nazi philosophy to sell their dark public myth. Goerges Sorel is acknowledged as one of the main philosophical fathers of fascism

“This paper explores the potential of Georges Sorel’s concept of social myth for contemporary feminist theory that focuses on performativity. It therefore represents not a historical analysis of Sorel’s concept, but an attempt to adapt it to contemporary contexts.”

Gender Theory and Georges Sorel’s Concept of Social Myth

Tudor Balinisteanu Pages 107-126 | Published online: 29 May 2014

The Canadian Conservative Party has enthusiastically voted to mutilate Canada’s children and vaporize Women’s right to single sex spaces. Multiple times. Bill C-16, Bill C-4.

So now to my assertion that Pierre Poilievre demonstratively supports fascism. This one is pretty easy

So here is Pierre speaking in absolute support of Ukraine right after the man he identifies as his arch rival. This was the same day he issued a missive condeming Christine Anderson.

Poilievre has been unstinting in his support for Billions of Canadian dollars and weapons flowing to Ukraine. Modern Ukraine is an openly fascist state. This video is again from the Azov Battalions Youtube

Not much doubt there. The current regime was put in power by a false flag driven coup d état

I will note a couple of things here about the very selective view western elites seem to have of “glorifying” or “played down the evil of the Nazi regime.“. I will leave you to Google Operation Paperclip but on the subject of NATO the military industrial complex seemed a little less picky about being “anti-fascist” . Meet

Hans Speidel

NAZI; Erwin Rommel’s chief of staff

NATO; Supreme Commander Allied Ground Forces 1957-1963

That is just the tip of that Teutonic iceberg for more;

I will end by noting the following as facts. The Conservative Party Voted for virtually all covid measures. They have never questioned the damage obviously being caused by the vaccines. The Conservative Party of Canada signed the “Migrant Compact”. So perhaps this is a matter of perspective. From the perspective of a man who leads a party backing every globalist narrative going a politician like Christine Anderson who actually defends her peoples rights in a fearless manner might indeed appear far right.

I will leave you with Christine Andersons excellent take down of PJT

William Ray

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