The Subtle Lie of Africville and other stories from the Grift in Canada

The narratives about the experience of Viola Desmond, black Canadians in WW1 and the evictions at Africville have been used as the basis to falsely ascribe generalized racial segregation and deep seeded anti black racism to the wider Canadian society. These are indeed dangerous fairy tales for everyone involved because they can bend the very perception of reality. This false narrative is being taught in schools to indoctrinate the young in the Neo Fascist race based Equity policies now in force in Canada. The only purpose to breed division, to mount a baseless and viscous attack on Canadians sense of identity. At base, the point of the narrative is to strip all involved of every right they have.

I will begin with some relevant and related facts

The very first recorded anti slavery bill in human history was passed in the Legislature of Ontario in 1793

In a time long before the idea of refugees was codified in any way we accepted some forty thousand human beings fleeing slavery. Even though it brought threats of sanction from our powerful neighbor to the south. What follows is the recording of a CBC children’s Television Host in 2018.

No Slave has ever legally been brought into the Nation State of Canada, not one.

The Commission quickly introduced wide-ranging legislative amendments to the Human Rights Act, “making the Nova Scotia legislation the strongest and most comprehensive of its kind in Canada.” The Commission provided funds for Dr. Oliver’s newest organization, the Black United Front and sponsored a two-day workshop with activist Saul Alinsky. (in 1967)

Saul Alinsky advocated the use of deception and propaganda techniques to disrupt society and reshape it in his preferred collectivist mold. In this Alinsky is very close in thought with the philosophical father of fascism George Sorel’s concept of the public Myth. The George Floyd narrative is the perfect exemplar of these tactical theories in action. A career criminal dies of a drug overdose while interacting with police. A martyr is created and cities burn. Keep these rules in mind as you read the specific cases

Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

Some Saul Alinsky quotes

The organizers first job is to create the issues or problems, and organizations must be based on many issues. The organizer must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression. He must search out controversy and issues, rather than avoid them, for unless there is controversy people are not concerned enough to act. . . . An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent.

They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and for reformation through the ballot. When we have the guns then it will be through the bullet.
Saul Alinsky

The Scar Experiment
A group of scientific researchers conducted an interesting psychological experiment called “The Scar Experiment.” They announced to participating volunteers that the purpose of the study was to observe how people responded to a stranger with a marred physical appearance, particularly a facial scar.

Using Hollywood makeup techniques, the scientists drew bloody and gruesome scars on each volunteer’s left cheek, and displayed the new “scar” to each participant using a small handheld mirror. After glancing at their marred image, the mirror was taken away. The researchers’ final step was to inform each volunteer that some finishing powder needed to be placed on his/her scar to prevent it from smearing. In reality, the researchers used a tissue to wipe off the scar.

But the volunteers still believed they had the awful scars on their faces. Each individual was sent out into the waiting rooms of different medical offices with instructions to notice how strangers responded to their appearance. At the appointed time, the ten volunteers returned to the scientific researchers and all shared the same report.

In their encounters, they noticed that strangers were ruder to them, less kind and stared at their scars. In reality, their faces were no different compared to usual. They came to such a conclusion because their wrong self-conception influenced their judgement.

downloadable version in annex

“Newly published research indicates that people who more frequently signal their victimhood (whether real, exaggerated, or false) are more likely to lie and cheat for material gain and denigrate others as a means to get ahead. Victimhood signaling is associated with numerous morally undesirable personality traits, such as narcissism, Machiavellianism (willingness to manipulate and exploit others for self-benefit), a sense of entitlement, and lower honesty and humility.”…

Canadians have been force fed narratives about their past. These narratives in some cases have tangential connections to reality like Viola Desmond, in others cases like Africville or the so called mass graves in Kamloops are completely fictional.

Since the story of Canada’s deep hatred of its black citizens usually starts with school segregation then so will I. I will use the Canadian Encyclopedia as my example of the approved narrative

In the early 19th century, the provincial governments of Ontario and Nova Scotia created legally segregated common schools. These were also known as public schools. In the early 1840s, the public school structure was formalized in Canada. (See History of Education in Canada; Separate School.) Ontario school trustees (who were all white) created separate schools for Black children in certain parts of southwestern Ontario. This was particularly the case in areas where there were many recently arrived freedom seekers. (See Fugitive Slave Act of 1850.) Some trustees tampered with electoral boundaries to prevent Black children from attending certain schools. This forced them to attend the all-Black separate school in the district.

So it is true that separate schools were set up in some areas of Ontario and Nova Scotia for black students in the mid 19th century. The slight of hand becomes apparent when we consider this sentence, This was particularly the case in areas where there were many recently arrived freedom seekers. In the parts of the United States that these freedom seekers were escaping from it was absolutely illegal to educate slaves in any way. So most of the people we were welcoming, at the risk of war with the belligerent US, were in no way at the same education level as the general existing school population. In fact part of the reason for the segregated setup in the first place was a petition from Black community members to make it so. Nova Scotia and Ontario were the only provinces in Canada to segregate schools. It is noted that the last segregated school closed in Halifax in 1983 in Nova Scotia. Again slight of hand is used the school was not officially segregated, by that point the community it served was exclusively black.

An example of the same slight of hand used is found in this TVO article. The article is titled The Story of Ontario’s Last Segregated School. But in the text they actually admit that there was no official segregation but it was, like the school in Halifax, a matter of district demographics. We are informed without a shred of proof offered that the reason student continued to attend the school was the aggressive racism of local towns. Absolutely no proof or record is offered. We are then treated to an assertion that in a local town there were Laws forbidding blacks to walk the streets after dark, while assuring us that there is no proof of this because it was unwritten. This is the Grift in full force.

Most segregated schools had faded away by the First World War. While white students occasionally went to S.S. # 11, none attended after the 1930s. Instead, they were sent to other schools in what had become Colchester South Township. S.S. #11’s continued existence reflected the racist attitudes in nearby towns. Harrow was home to segregated restaurants, and the movie theatre was for white people only. “Kingsville and Leamington had sundown laws,” historian Elise Harding-Davis recalls, “which meant black people had to be off the streets of the city by sundown. You would not find the laws in the books; they were not written. They were simply public knowledge.”

Universities have a mixed history in Canada. The record shows that they were completely open to all until the early 2oth Century McGill University, Queen’s University and the University of Toronto, admitted Black male students prior to the American Civil War. Various Universities did institute various racist restrictions in the early 2th century. I make no excuse for this other than to note that these are privately owned and run institutions, even though they hoover your tax dollars at an impressive rate and return nothing in taxes. They set their own rules on everything from admission to handling sexual assault. One certainly would not say that the prevailing beliefs in Universities today reflects that of the larger society ..

I make the observation that this may indeed be a moot point as segregation is now a completely acceptable social reality

The story of Viola Desmond has been popularized through massive public awareness campaigns as presented by the Canadian Encyclopedia Heritage Minute as an example of legally allowed segregation and anti black prejudice in Canada.

The Roseland Theater first makes an appearance in Nova Scotia and Canadian history in the case of Ms Carrie May Best in 1941. According to her account a group of teenage black girls were kicked out of the theater main floor because of their skin colour. This by her own account was a new development since the Roseland theater had in her words, “ For years the Roseland Theatre had accommodated members of New Glasgow’s racially-mixed community without discrimination in terms of price or seating. However, in the early 1940s, some of the white patrons began to complain that they felt African-Canadian movie-goers should be asked to sit separately in the balcony area.“2

The Roseland Theater had been in existence since 1913. Ms Best then in her words took a survey of the local citizenry. The same townfolk that had apparently forced the segregation policy upon the Roseland Theater management. Strangely it seems they were unaware of their desire for segregation.

I have spent the entire afternoon conducting a personal Gallup poll to see if this rule is the carry over from the far- away days of slavery or if this is the rule of the Board of Directors and shareholders of the Roseland Theatre Company. […] Scores of respected citizens were amazed to believe that such Jim-crow tactics are practiced on decent law-abiding citizens and when the time comes have said they will not hesitate to speak against it.

Mrs Best further asserts that this practice was not at all normal in 1941 Nova Scotia

The statement of your employee to me that no colored person can sit downstairs in the Capitol Theater in Halifax is a lie of the first order as I have and always do sit there and I am sure the public will be interested to hear all this.

Mrs Best and her son then attempted to attend a movie on the ground floor of the theater and were removed by the management and police. Mrs Best then sued the Manager and Company in Best v. Mason and Roseland Theatre, 1942. She lost the case as under the Law in Nova Scotia of the times a business could exclude any person for any reason.

Five years later Mrs Viola Desmond would famously attend. I will not rehash the details of the event here but I do offer several notes on the extant versions of the three Judicial3 proceedings that the event gave rise to. At no time in any of her submissions does Mrs Desmond or her attorneys assert that she has been discriminated against on the basis of Race. So the decision that the court took was simply on the matter of “did she or not pay the tax” and in the last case, a move to have the matter heard in a higher court because a lower one lacks Jurisdiction, was dismissed in that as a point of Law the original Judge had the Jurisdiction to hear the case. The only mention of Race in the entire matter comes to us as a form of the written decision of Justice Hall one of four sitting on the appeal on the writ of certiorari . The fact that even though Mrs Desmond had at no time in her pleadings brought up the matter of Race yet one of the Judges deciding matter wanted to get this assertion in the public record seems to indicate that the Judiciary was sensitive to the matter of race rather than dismissive of it.

I concur with my brother Carroll.
Had the matter reached the Court by some method other than certiorari, there might have been opportunity to right the wrong done this unfortunate woman.
One wonders if the manager of the theatre who laid the complaint was so zealous because of a bona fide belief there had been an attempt to defraud the Province of Nova Scotia of the sum of one cent, or was it a surreptitious endeavour to enforce a Jim Crow rule by misuse of a public statute.

So the Record in this case would definitely show that the owners and management of the tiny Roseland theater in small town Nova Scotia were enforcing Racist seating policies. The Record very much contradicts the idea that segregation was widespread or had broad social acceptance.

We now move on to Africville. Once again we will defer to that paragon of truthiness The Canadian Encyclopedia.

Africville was an African-Canadian village located just north of Halifax and founded around the mid-19th century. The City of Halifax demolished the once-prosperous seaside community in the 1960s in what many said was an act of racism. The mayor of the Halifax Regional Municipality apologized for the action in 2010. For many people, Africville represents the oppression faced by Black Canadians, and the efforts to right historic wrongs.

This is diametrically opposed to the actual truth as reflected in the Record. Africville was indeed a black township the first existent record of which is in 1761. By 1848 they were recorded to have black owned fishing and farm businesses. The town had problems getting services from the larger civic government for services. This was not, and is not, something unique to any particular racial group in Canada. Over a century later the small township had fallen into disrepair. Again not something uncommon in Nova Scotia or Canada.

What finally destroyed this lovely township wasn’t overt anti black racism it was in fact the predecessor of the the progressive Woke mind virus running rampant in the West today. The idea that exerts know more than you about how and where you should live

In 1962 a committee was formed by the residents of Africville and their supporters called the The Halifax Advisory Committee on Human Rights. This committee met often and had the ear of the progressive Mayor of the Time who had just finished a stint with the United Nations . In 1963 this Committee submitted the following

And indeed the city dutifully provided one Dr Albert Rose professor of social work at the University of Toronto. He submitted his report on December 6th 1963. The report in full is at the bottom but there are many illuminating excerpts that exterminate the Canadian Encyclopedias attempt at revisionist history.

So the story of Africville being ignored because of the color of its residents is ridiculous fiction. From the Rose Report

Full Report downloadable in annex

One wonders if any of the hundreds of other communities struggling with poverty and isolation in a time when small villages were being cleared to make way for the growing cities across Canada were given such careful study. At any rate the idea that there was this poor ignored little black village set upon by the uncaring white devils of Halifax is a defamatory lie. It is indeed the antecedents of the Woke who descended upon this village and decimated it. To be clear it is not my assertion that this was done well or that it was right to do it. My assertion is that it was not motivated by racism and it was carried out in respectful consultation with the population. I will certainly not argue that the Woke of the day were successful in their foray into social engineering but they did exhibit long term determination to fail. Six years later they were still trying to get finance and housing and speaking of their responsibility to do so.

Let us address the narrative around black Canadians service in World War 1. Here is the version being taught to Canadian school children.

On 5 July 1916, the Department of Defence and Militia authorized the formation of No. 2 Construction Battalion. It was the largest Black unit in Canadian history. Its members continued the proud tradition of service to king and country that went back to the American Revolution and continued through the War of 1812 and the Rebellions of 1837–38 to the start of the First World War. But there were many obstacles: Black soldiers and communities faced racism both at home and overseas, despite their commitment to the war effort.In August 1914, tens of thousands of men across Canada rushed to their local recruiting centre to enlist for service in the First World War. Many Black men tried to enlist as well but were rejected; some were told that this was a white man’s war, while others were told that their services were not required. By the end of 1915, at least 200 Black volunteers had been rejected. This reflected the racism in Canada at the time. Many white men told recruiting officers and battalion commanding officers that they refused to serve with Black men.

So the first problem with this story is that the very same bastion of truthiness in a separate article readily admits that this is actually is not accurate and in fact could not have been established as such.

During the First World War, up to 1,300 Black men volunteered for service in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF). While the men of No. 2 Construction Battalion are the best-known example of Black participation in the war, another 300 to 500 enlisted in other units of the CEF. Of these, about 100 served on the front lines. Black soldiers participated in all major battles of the CEF, from its arrival in France until the Armistice. (See also Black Canadians and Conscription in the First World War.) During the First World War, the Canadian Militia didn’t note the ethnicity of servicemen. It is therefore difficult to identify Black servicemen from military records. The author has identified Black soldiers by comparing documents from the 1901 and 1911 censuses and military service records of the First World War. The numbers provided in this article are therefore conservative; it is likely that more Black Canadians volunteered in the CEF.

One finds it passing strange that an Army so articular as to Race would fail to record it. Again this means any other assertion is at best an educated guess.

Another small issue with the narrative is the fact that the first recorded black Canadian casualty was Private Charles Green who joined the Great Fallen on April 26thth 1915 at the second Battle of Ypres.

Here is another issue with the narrative, the incredible badassery of Jeremiah Jones Canadian Infantryman. This Canadian hardass enlisted at 58 years old, I am bowing repeatedly as I type that, and fought with distinction on Vimy Ridge with the 1O6th Battalion. A unit which like the rest of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces was in no way racially segregated.

The narrative doesn’t let up though. In the Canadian Encyclopedia entry for Jeremiah Jones great pain is taken to point out that he received a Medal for an action he was involved in posthumously. This again is not uncommon. I was resent with the 2nd Battalion PPCLI in 1993 for the fight at Medak Croatia. I and the rest of the unit were not awarded decorations for the action until ten years later. I received mine in the mail with the mountings bent. Me and my fire team partner pictured during the fighting. I am the tall one. My fire team partner went on to become a decorated Sergent Major in the Royal Canadian Regiment.

So the narrative of the 2nd Construction Battalion is mostly built upon a letter written by one George Morton a Letter carrier and Union head in Ontario

George Morton To Sir Sam Hughes

52 Augusta St.,
Hamilton, Ont.
Sept. 7, 1915

A Matter of vital importance to my People (the colored), in reference to their enlistment as soldiers, provokes this correspondence with you.

In behalf of my people I respectively desire to be informed as to whether your Department has any absolute rule, regulations or restrictions which prohibits, disallows or discriminates against the enlistment and enrolment of colored men of good character and physical fitness as soldiers?

And whether you as the well-qualified, popular and Honorable Head of said Department, have issued instructions to this effect, to your subordinates.

The reason for drawing your attention to this matter, and directly leading to the request of this information, is the fact that a number of coloured men in this city [Hamilton], who have offered for enlistment and service, have been turned down and refused, solely on the ground of color or complexioned distinction; this being the reason given on the rejection or refusal card issued by the recruiting officer.

Now among the recruiting officers here, in respect to this matter, there seems to be a difference and conflict of opinion. Some officers aver that there are no regulation orders or rules making such invidious discrimination and distinction.

A number of leading white citizens here, whose attention I have drawn to this matter, most emphatically repudiate the idea as being beneath the dignity of the Government to make racial or color distinction in an issue of this kind. They are firm in their opinion that no such prohibitive restrictions exist and have assured me they would very deeply deplore and depreciate the fact if it should turn out that such was in force and they have urged me to communicate with you as to the real existing facts.

Notwithstanding this kindly expressed opinion, there still remains this cold and unexplained fact that the proffered service of our people have been refused. Now our people feel most keenly this unenviable position in which they seem placed and they are very much perturbed and exercised over the matter as it now stands. The feeling prevails that in this so-called Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave that there should be no color lines drawn or discrimination made. As humble, but as loyal subjects of the King, trying to work out their own destiny, they think they should be permitted in common with other people to perform their part and do their share in this great conflict. Especially so when gratitude leads them to remember that this country was their only asylum and place of refuge in the dark days of American slavery and that here, on this consecrated soil, dedicated to equality, justice and freedom, that none dared to molest or to make them afraid.

So Our people, gratefully remembering their obligations in this respect, and for other potential reasons, are most anxious to serve their King and Country in this critical crisis in its history and they do not think they should be prevented from so doing on the ground of the hue of their skin.

If there are restrictive regulations as regards our peoples’ enlistment (which I trust there are not), a knowledge of this fact, unpleasant as it may be, will prevent them from further offering their services in the hour of their county’s need, only to suffer the humiliation of being refused solely on color lines.

It as your earliest opportunity you will honor me with a reply to the information herein asked for, I will deeply appreciate it.

In closing, permit me, Hon. Sir, in behalf of our people, to offer our humble congratulations to you on the recent signal honor so worthily conferred upon you by His Most Royal Majesty The King, for your distinguished services to the country.

So while I ascribe no misfeasance to Mr Morton and accept he believed this idea about black service to be true, it was demonstrably not the case.

The various defamation’s launched at Canadians made in the present day seem to center around vague assertions that white soldiers refused to serve beside non white Canadians. This is demonstrably false. Below are two members Canadian members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force of Japanese ancestry

This image shows Masumi Mitsui standing in Canadian Expeditionary Force full uniform holding a rifle, while his comrade Masajiro Shishido

Canadian Sikh soldiers ww1

The other assertion made is that many blacks were turned away from recruiting centers. Strangely though they offer no supporting evidence of any kind the Canadian Encyclopedia even offers the number of at least 2OO being rejected. This is at the very least a post hoc Ergo prompter hoc fallacy, a fancy way to say they are falsely equating them being rejected with their skin colour and not one of the other myriad of unrelated factors that could exclude them from service in ww1. Once again if you go through the entries pay very close attention to how many completely unsubstantiated assertions are made per paragraph. The truth of the matter is that in response to George Mortons letter the Minister of Militia Hughes replied that there was “No Bar to them enlisting in any unit they wished.“. No one can produce a single document outlining any official policy at any level that contradicts this. Not one.

At the end what we can say with certainty is that the only segregated Unit in Canadian History was created because black Canadians wanted a black only Battalion

I will not go through the entire list of racist wrongs annotated the Canadian Encyclopedia and every other source you are likely to find on Big Techs Palantir. You will if you you go through them note that they are exclusively the actions of individuals no matter how distasteful they are not the actions of the society or state. These actions are used to make broad completely unsubstantiated assertions about the wider society without any support of extant fact. In many instances the facts themselves put lie to the narrative almost immediately. This is part of a color revolution strategy to destroy the most pluralistic Democracy the world has ever known.

William Ray

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  1. It takes awesome truthers like you, William, to finally let the truth rise to the top for all to see. It seems to me that the Canadian Encyclopedia company needs to be sued into oblivion, made an example of and dismantled completely. School children need to know that this and other such glorified professional leftist liars were at the root of almost all suffering in Canada and even world-wide.


  2. Would be great to see this reproduced across the various indie media outlets… will share at my bloggers.. thanks… too bad you wouldn’t see this re-shared at “The Coast – Halifax/Kjipuktuk” <<<— I can't imagine how bad its going to get as whites slip into the minority … can't pronounce the Kjipuktuk it will always be "Hali" to me.. my first home downeast in 2007-2010… sad to watch the 'radicals' destroying it… too many universities.


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