Dalhousie’s rancid Technocrats want more money for the Draconian Covid policies they created and backed.

During the entirety of the pandemic we heard from a continuous lineup of exerts. Many if not most boasted association with the organized criminal enterprise that calls itself Dalhousie University. Dalhousie Total revenue from all funds for 2020‐21 is $762.4
million. It is a registered charty and ays no tax.
The provincial operating grants are the largest source of revenue for the University (40.1%) and increased by $13.1
million in 2020‐21 including a 1% increase in the provincial operating grant, a one‐time grant of $9.5 million to assist
the University with financial pressures related to the Covid‐19 pandemic.

Dalhousie and its proselytes filled its days pedaling Neo fascist Equity ideology and cheering on the mutilation of children and denigration of Canada. Then Covid hove into view and they saw green.

Dalhousie got a huge chunk of the four hundred million Canadian Tax dollars that disappeared in the CanSino vaccine deal with the commissars in Beijing who created the virus in the first place.

Dalhousie got millions more in Covid money, alot of it for creating and promoting public health messaging and helping to develop propaganda to keep the population afraid and compliant. Great work if you can get it. But the appetites of our Academic leeches know no bounds. They are now suing us tax payers to cover the cost of the restrictions they helped create and enforce. these haughty technocrats think of us as useless eaters. After the Legal pleadings by these vermin for more of your tax dollars I will include new evidence of just how deadly Dalhousies expert advice has been.

Repeated immunization of naïve individuals with mRNA vaccines increased the proportion of IgG4 which might influence the long-term Ab effector functions. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fimmu.2022.1020844/full

We are continuing with building the knowledge background behind the mysterious observation of increasing levels of atypical IgG4 antibodies in some of the COVID-19-vaccinated individuals. In this video we get more background on why the appearance of IgG4 antibodies might not be a welcome development, and that it appears likely to only be linked to mRNA-based injections. However, the natural infection can either be protective or stimulatory for the production of IgG4 antibodies, depending on when the natural infection takes place

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