Banned Video. Canadian Doctors Destroy the Covid Narrative If you want to have a look at the "science" behind the draconian Public Health orders read below Epidemiology is, and has always been, about social control with pseudo science and statistical monsters under the bed, the actual scientific literature bears this out.

Liberal Gender Ideology means Canadian Forces will not remember these heroes as Women

“Based on a recent CAF cultural and normative shift to promote gender diversity and associated inclusiveness, CFPAS [Canadian Forces Personnel Appraisal System] writing policy and guide will also reflect this new reality where sex, gender identity, and gender expression are prohibited grounds of discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act. Forthwith the use of gender... Continue Reading →

Fascism is a Creation of the Left

I was taught, like everyone else reading this, that the political spectrum looks essentially like this Two things always puzzled me. Why did the reality of Fascism and Communism look so incredibly similar in every detail. And how was it that Conservatives who we are told authoritatively believe in, smaller government, less regulation, most services... Continue Reading →

Lies Damn Lies and Epidemiology, Social control with a thin mask of pseudo-science . So the fate of Canada's most vulnerable, its children can be decided by a Tweet from a prominent Epidemiologist. Even though masking is of very questionable utility and may cause harm. Even though Canada Public Health the CDC and every scientist agree children are at almost zero risk from Sars-Cov2 and are not... Continue Reading →

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