The Canadian Forces have been preparing to battle Pipeline protesters.

This fictional battle against environmentalists was not just fought by the Canadian Forces. This was a “whole of government” response exercise involving the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service(CSIS), Communication Security Establishment Canada(CSEC, the NSA north), Royal Canadian Mounted Police,(RCMP), The Sûreté du Quebec(Québec provincial police) and the Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal(SPVM).

Québec’s not so Quiet Revolution, and why we all need to join it.

“It is becoming increasingly self-evident that if we as Canadians want to take control of our country, our communities and our lives we must strongly support our Québécois brothers and sisters in their courageous struggle for social justice by calling on the Québec Government to immediately end the brutal and illegal violence against their own people, our fellow citizens. Then we must join them, all of us, in the streets of our cities and towns from Victoria to Halifax”.

Activists vs. Resource companies as threats to “National Security”

So if the RCMP are looking diligently for threats to national security them they should be looking in foreign boardrooms not Canadian coffee houses. Because even surface analysis by any reasonable professional shows that the real threat to our Sovereignty, our Defense and most importantly our people emanate from the boardrooms of the multinational resource companies that do business here. Lets do the comparative threat assessment point by point.

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