“I urge all Indigenous people to demand the Chief and Councils of their First Nation reject Trudeau’s “Reconciliation and Implementation of Indigenous Rights” process.” Ozaway Pinesse, Ojibway Nation

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Ozaway Pinesse. Ojibway Nation


At around 6:02 of the video, (bottom of article) Trudeau speaks of the power structure in Canada and calls indigenous people the fourth order of government….I sent this out June 10, 2016 but nobody listened to me. I cannot understand how the Chiefs are being led by the nose into a sub-municipal level of governance.

This sub-municipal status is exactly where Trudeau is forcing us into…a sub-municipal level of governance is not nation to nation or reconciliation, this is imposing the 69 white paper and fully assimilating us where we will truly be “Canadian Indians” as defined under the Canadian legal framework. We will be entities governed under the Municipal authorities Acts as in force in the provinces and territories.

Trudeau clearly stated that:

A) the federal government was the first order of government,
B) Provincial/Territorial governments are the second order of government,

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Russell Diabo and the The First Nations Strategic Policy Counsel sound a dire warning on the current Liberal strategy toward Indigenous rights:”National Top-Down Secret Liberal Process”

A must read for all Canadians

“The Prime Minister and the AFN National Chief signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) on Shared Priorities in June 2017, following the December 2016 creation of an AFN Canada Cabinet Committee(Permanent Bilateral Mechanism). A Bilateral Mechanism– this is an AFN-Federal Cabinet Committee where the AFN National Chief & Prime Minister meet annually and AFN delegations meet federal Ministers semi-annually on shared priorities as set out in the AFN-Canada MOU.In this joint committee, AFN is basically a rubber stamp because it does not control the funding, pen or process. Canada is using and funding the AFN tomanufacture the consent of Indigenous peoples to forge ahead with top down processes giving the illusion that we want what they are developing for us. “….. Click on Image for full report.Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 8.56.32 PM

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Truth and Capitulation; A Canadian Colonizer’s prayer for the next 150 years

"We can, if we have the wisdom, light a fire in this place and time, so bright and clear that it will be seen by all the children of man. Many of whom still huddle in darkness and misery in every corner of the earth. Let our actions be a blazing beacon of hope in a world of Donald Trump and YouTube beheading videos. Let us be the example to our children of what is possible for humanity when people of reason and good will work together in good faith."

La liberté de la presse serait-elle menacée au Canada? une interview avec Michelle Moore

L’une des porte-parole des CJFE, Michelle Moore, a confié à Alice Chantal Tchandem qu’en mettant sur pied des organismes indépendants ayant un pouvoir de surveillance au même titre que les structures de renseignement et de sécurité nationale qui existent déjà dans le pays, le gouvernement Trudeau crée un grave problème : http://www.rcinet.ca/console.php?id=7684938&image=&locale=fr&appCode=medianet   http://www.rcinet.ca/fr/2017/02/28/la-liberte-de-la-presse-serait-elle-menacee-au-canada%e2%80%89/#comment-9893    ... Continue Reading →

Press freedom going extinct in Canada

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBoootMu1is We call on the Government of Canada to: 1) End mass surveillance and protect the private data of people and groups in Canada, including Indigenous communities, Muslims, journalists, environmentalists, labour organizers and academics while creating independent watchdog agencies for privacy and national security. 2) Support the Private Member’s Bill C-303 which would implement a... Continue Reading →

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