A letter to my American cousins

You seem to be afraid that Donald Trump will make America more violent and less tolerant. Yet you presently live in a country where in large parts any basement-dwelling, mad-at -the-world teenager can open-carry a loaded assault rifle into a family restaurant. The only way the management of the restaurant could refuse this individual service is if he were gay and it conflicted with their religious beliefs.

Violent Police Repression of Media in Montréal, business as usual

“The repression of journalists in Montréal and Québec in general, is a symptom of the massive and systematic repression of freedom of expression province-wide by government and police forces. On May 18 2012, Law 78 was passed, which unconstitutionally forbade free assembly. This law was morphed literally over night into municipal bylaw P-6 which has been used to incredible effect to deny the Québec population some of the most fundamental rights guaranteed by the Canadian constitution and Québec’s own Charte des droits et libertés. This has been enforced by massive police violence, political profiling, and a generalized climate of repression.”

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