Twitter Lies

  Apparently that meant promoting Liberal Party content and de-ranking anything else because look what happened. At the End of the Article I will leave the complete Section 325.1(1) The specific violation is clear the Identity that seems to have started and tried to spread the #scheerdesperation hashtag pays for advertising on twitter. The de-ranking... Continue Reading →

Meet Caroline Orr, American Political operative paid to “protect” Canadian elections and #Antifa Go to the profile of William Ray

After the brutal assault on Journalist Andy Ngo in Portland mainstream press has either been silent or apologists for the violence committed on a 5ft gay Vietnamese man. I have spoken to Andy on social media he self identifies as center left even though a Trump supporter. Nevertheless the Canadian “progressive” media has now joined... Continue Reading →

The Liberal Party and its Millennial Minister of Truth Karina Gould have nothing but absolute disdain for Canadian Democracy

The Liberal Party of Canada and its Minister of Democratic Institutions Karina Gould are calling for the ability censor Social Media, modify google algorithms, suppress certain information or sources, and prevent Canadian citizens from seeing foreign press.  Justin Trudeau and by extension the Liberal Party of Canada are seeking the real tools of authoritarianism in... Continue Reading →

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