PIRG’s coordinating #shutdownCanada and #Antifa Canada wide, funded by our public Universities

The  #CancelCanadaDay hastag and the July 1st march in Ottawa and other Canadian cities was at least partially co-ordinated by Student Groups inbedded in almost every Canadian University known as PIRG's https://mailchi.mp/064f3a4f71b0/weekly-wednesday-june-30-2021   Much of the "Indigenous Blockade" activity you are saw last year was coordinated by a web of "student organizations" embedded in our... Continue Reading →

How a Yankee trust-fund scumbag landlocked Alberta oil, took over Vancouver and BC Politics, and is now going National (Observer)

Authors note please follow the links and do your own research, believing random dudes on the internet is how we got here. William Ray Joel Solomon is a Billionaire class Yankee carpetbagger who has used "philanthropy" to distort politics and economically sabotage Canada. Our intrepid Yankee shopping mall trust fund baby has managed to shut... Continue Reading →

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