The RCMP have quietly formed a homeland security department Without the need for pesky Legislation. That Program. INSET, or National Security Enforcement Team, is Canada wide and is already being used against social movements. The police in Canada have a long history of watching social movements including the PROFUNC program that ran from the 50’s to the 70’s that planned internment camps for thousands of Canadians including Tommy Douglas

An examination of the strategy being used in one of Canada’s major cities to repress political dissent. Brutal police tactics and military weapons being used against senior citizens, young people and the press in an efofrt to criminalize even the most Basic exercise of civic and political rights. This model is ready for export to the rest of Canada for use against anyone trying to peacefully impact government or corporate agendas through the use of violence and economic pressure. This is coming to your town soon

Police illegally force out our very recognized community media’s Livestream crew.

Drone technology being tested by the 5th largest military Contractor  in Israel. Testing technology that they dont have the airspace for .

“We’ve (Canada) become a mercenary adjunct to thier (American) Forces”
Scott Taylor, Esprit de Corps

In the last decade we have seen the massive integration and privatization in the Canadian Armed Forces. This is not in the best interests of Canada and could have grave consequences for our Nation. Includes an original interview with Roméo Dallaire

Dans la dernière décennie, nous avons vu l’intégration massive et la privatisation dans les Forces armées canadiennes. Ce ne sont pas dans le meilleur intérêt du Canada et pourrait avoir des conséquences graves pour notre nation. Comprend une interview originale avec Roméo Dallaire

My name is William Ray I shot this footage in 2012 May, Vctoriaville Québec. A large group of peacefull protesters where confronted by armoured police and threw a few absolutely not threatening things the responsive was massive and unwarented judge for yourself

A great film I acted here as executive producer and took some of the film real work was done By Clifton Nicholas @ Devil Dog Productions. A tale of massive police repression of Indigenous people worried about “Fracking”…

Interview conducted by me 18 December 2014, 12:45 E.S.T. with Regina Fire and Protective Services Chief Ernie Polsom . His total and Enbridge still differ by thousands of liters on a major spill at the Enbridge pumpstation in Regina in the early hours of Thursday December 18th 2014.  You can hear Mr Polsom say clearly tat 1600 barrels have been spilled. Check below for the only response so far from enbridge

Louise Callier of CUTV sat down with filmmakers William Ray and Michèlle Moore to discuss their documentary “Déception Durable” which premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival.

A discussion of the systemic problem of police abuse of power threatening both freedom of expression and of the press based on the events of April 3 2014 in Montreal.
April 3 2014 in Montreal a protest organized by Québec student union group ASSÉ turned ugly after a confrontation between police and protesters. Some were seriously injured including protesters as well as photographers. In the days that followed we tracked down two of those photographers and an expert on police tactics to discuss the events.

In tribute to Mr Robert Fransham, a Gentleman of Conviction and Courage. He died on Jan 1st 2015. His last year was marred by the injuries he recieved at the hands of the Montréal Police

The 1st anniversary of Occupy Montréal

March 22,2103 in Montréal while working as a live Cameraman for a recognised citizen Media outlet .. We where Illegaly Kettled and kept reporting while we got our tickets

I filmed these sequences at the Plan Nord conference at the Palaise Congres Montréal April 2012, A truly crazy day. The Plan Nord is the Governement of Québec Plan to strip the north of its resources.

Coast to Coast The indigenous people want justice now.Featuring interviews with Clifton Nicholas of Kanesatake , and Khelsilem Rivers of the west coast Salish

The Beginning of citizens invading the Salon Plan Nord conference where industry was meeting with government to divide up the north of Québec for uncontroled resource extraction

Native Veterans speak on Parliament Hill June ,4th 2014
Music the O-Town Boyz

Strangely enough the anti police brutality demonstration in Montréal, March 15th 2014. Someone did not get the memo. Any way dodged them and got right above them. The Montréal police where not happy

An amazing 10 km protest through the streets of Montréal. Dodging huge riot squads the whole way. Peaceful night great fun

Our community TV live to web crew is harassed and I am briefly arrested by the SPVM. The demonstration is against Police Brutality.

Me being brought into a kettle just after my arrest March 15th 2013

Idle no more native walkers from New Brunswick arrive in Oka

Montréal Police Brutally repress the “Anti Police brutality “march Montréal 2014 March 15th. My livestream crew from CUTV manages to evade them and report despite threats.

A battle I fought as a young man with the 2nd Battalion PPCLI


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  1. William do you have some more recent events? It appears you have done some great work, most likely completely unappreciated. Maybe you are at retirement now, but if you have some other point where you have recorded some work it would be great to see it.


      1. I also found your write up on the Rail Blockade and the prominent and powerful people that bring this kind of harm deliberately to our own country to be strong on point, you are to be commended.


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