Historic Save the Northumberland Strait #NoPipeRally

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Article; Michelle Moore
Sustainable Deception

In a historic inter-provincial demonstration on both land and sea, hundreds of people gathered in Pictou Nova Scotia to voice their opposition to Northern Pulp’s plan to build a new effluent pipeline in Northumberland Strait.

For over fifty years Northern Pulp has been pumping treated effluent from the pulp and paper mill into Boat Harbour Lagoon, but the province has ordered that the facility be shut by the end of January 2020.

A clean up operation of what is currently the largest contamination site in the province will begin after it is shutdown. The 140 hectare lagoon is said to contain zinc, cadmium, mercury and organic toxins.

The estimated 133 million dollar clean up will involve draining the coves and basins, dredging the sediment and removing the contaminated soil.

Once complete, the dam that separated it from the Strait would be removed allowing it…

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