Deconstructing a “Mass Grave”

Authors Note; as always follow the links and do your own research, believing random people on the internet has churches burning. I would add a personal note here. As my writing shows I fully support Indigenous rights and the abolition of the odious “Indian Act”. I have a deep understanding of the history of Canada in regards to Indigenous people. But a Lie is a Lie, it is a misrepresentation of the Truth. As A Peacekeeper in Yugoslvia I have direct experience of what actual Mass Graves actually look and smell like and what happens to fill them in a far more detailed way than I would like. I take profound offense at the disgusting Lie being spread by disingenuous implication that my Nation or my people filled mass graves with anyone’s children. Those responsible will be held to account.

Canada was confronted with its latest Indigenous Crisis in the closing days of May. Our latest national “moment of reflection” was kicked off by a press release from Rosanne Casimir Chief of the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation detailing the “preliminary findings came to light –the confirmation of the remains of 215 children who were students of the Kamloops Indian Residential School….Some were as young as three years old..To our knowledge, these missing children are undocumented deaths….Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc is following the necessary steps regarding these preliminary findings. This includes Engaging with the coroner.”

The BC coroner then issued their own press release acknowledging the reporting of these undocumented and unidentified remains

24 hours later news outlets worldwide flashed the headlines “Mass Grave with 215 children”. All of these identical headlines originated with a story written without accreditation and released by the the Canadian Press Wire Service the night of the 27th. No where in the original First Nation press release was the term “Mass Grave” used. By the 28th the #cancellCanadaDay hashtag was laready trending. That is how a narrative is constructed.

The results of this discovery have been a full on assault on the legitimacy of the Canadian state, the destruction of its monuments, demonizing of its people, and the burning of some 50 Christian churches. Most of these acts of arson were likely not carried out by Indigenous people but rather by a network of Antifa groups.

So what do we actually know about what has or has not been found in BC.

The Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc press release notes that the BC coroner has been officially notified as is the legal requirement in BC when unprovidenced human remains are found especially those of children as per the BC Coroners act.. The Chief Corner of BC publicly acknowledges receipt of this report. Under the BC corners act this imparts a legal requirement of the BC Corners office

So of course the Coroner would have routinely assigned a case number as they investigated these completely undocumented human remains who’s “causes (of death) and timings are not known” according to the First Nation

The problem is absolutely none of that has happened according to the BC Coroners Office

What are we to make of this strange information. How the BC Coroner could avoid conducting at least a preliminary examination of at least some of the remains or the assigning of a case number to the report they acknowledged receiving ?

I filed my Access To Information or FOI request June 8th. Today within hours of my receiving the FOI reply from the BC Coroner detailing the lack of any actual recovery or even the assigning of a case number the Canadian Mainstream press proffered this from the Rosanne Casimir Chief of the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation. She has not spoken publicly on the subject since the start of June, and they certainly didn’t offer the information contained in this story before today. They now strangely are somewhat less sure of their numbers

Im not going to positively assert a relationship but the timing is certainly interesting, the walking back of the numbers, as is the added flavor of this little story ,“The apple orchard near the Kamloops Indian Residential School was chosen for a search for unmarked graves because a rib bone and tooth had previously been found in the area, and school survivors recalled digging graves for classmates, the local First Nation revealed at a press conference Thursday.” Bear in mind my FOI asked for any case numbers and any human remains recovered at that site, the BC coroner asserts there are none, so where is this rib and tooth? Why were they not reported as the Law requires?

So lets look in detail what they say on July 15th compared to what they said on may 28th

What they said then

It is with a heavy heart that Tk’emlúps te SecwépemcKukpi7 (Chief) Rosanne Casimir confirms an unthinkable loss that was spoken about but never documented by the Kamloops Indian Residential School. This past weekend, with the help of a ground penetrating radar specialist, the stark truth of the preliminaryfindings came to light –the confirmation of the remains of 215 children who were students of the Kamloops Indian Residential School.

What they say now

Sarah Beaulieu, an anthropologist at B.C.’s  University of the Fraser Valley, who did the research, told reporters that ground-penetrating radar had found 200 anomalous spots in the ground over a two-acre space that were “probable” burial sites, given size and depth and east-west directions of the graves, consistent with Christian burials.

“We can never say definitively that they are human remains until you excavate, which is why we need to pull back a little bit and say that they are probable burials,” Beaulieu said...It is unclear whether or not the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc will proceed with excavation. Evelyn Camille, a survivor of the Kamloops Indian Residential School, said she wants the site to be left undisturbed.

Both statements are based on the same survey done by Dr. Sarah Beaulieu, Sessional Instructor, Social, Cultural, & Media Studies from the University of the Fraser Valley between May 22st and 24th with the analysis being done and the press releases ready to roll by the 27th. Put a pin in Dr Beaulieu we will come back to her later. There is no way to reconcile the two, this is a deliberately created lie. As the good Doctor admits we don’t even know these are human bodies. A Lie is the deliberate misrepresentation of the Truth.

Rosanne Casimir Chief of the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc First Nation Lied on May 27th, knowingly and with malice repeatedly lied about what was in the Apple Orchard. in doing so she unleashed violence across this country that is still continuing. She is still lying as she refers repeatedly to “buried children” as she demands money repeatedly during the part of her press conference I could find online.

We are though warned ominously by Dr Sarah and our disingenuous Indigenous Chief Rosanne that “more will graves likely be found”. By that obviously meaning more unverifiable anomalies that can be passed off as whatever they wish.

So lets circle back to the good Dr Sarah. She was trained in the use of Ground Radar by the Canadian Armed Forces at CFB Borden. I spent 10 years in the CF I have never seen Academics trained on equipment by the CF. From her University Bio

Dr. Beaulieu has been a sessional instructor in Anthropology and Sociology at the University of the Fraser Valley since 2018. She received both her Masters (2015) and PhD (2019) from Simon Fraser University. With a research focus in modern conflict anthropology, Dr. Beaulieu is the first to excavate WWI internment sites in Canada. Her research contributes new information toward the PoW lived experience within these Canadian camps. Artefacts from her research, a barbed wire cross and a handmade shovel used by PoWs to dig an escape tunnel, are on exhibit in the Canadian History Hall at the Canadian Museum of History (CMH) while additional artefacts from her research will be part of an upcoming exhibit titled Civil Liberties to be unveiled 2021, also at CMH.

Her research has been highlighted in the documentary That Never Happened which has received numerous international awards and was the Official Selection of the Permanent Mission of Canada to The United Nations, screening in Geneva, Switzerland on September 20th, 2018. Dr. Beaulieu also uses Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) as a remote sensing method in her work as a modern conflict anthropologist. Training at the Canadian Forces Base Borden, she received her certification in 2016 and initially began using radar to search for the lost footprints of Canada’s WWI internment sites as well as in search of unmarked PoW graves. With Dr. Beaulieu’s anthropological background, she has developed a reputation for being able to interpret radar scans in a way that is both culturally sensitive and follows traditional cultural protocols…..effort to bring to light the stories of, and give voice to, the disenfranchised groups that have been overlooked in the historical record.

The good Dr Sarah has used Canadian tax dollars to work ceaselessly to demonize Canadians. Her entire “Academic ” record consists of three papers on the Morrissey Internment Camp which interned Canadians of German and Austrian origin during World War One, a practice common on both sides of that conflict. The sum total of her work amounts to little more than very thinly evidenced aspersions of dark deeds. It is worth noting that Dr Sarah teaches Media Studies not Archeology.

The film we paid for her to make and paid her ticket to Geneva to show mostly consists of weaving imaginative stories from old tin ration cans

For a reference point on what actual professionals with ground penetrating radar say about finding graves

Remains of burials are easier to locate in sandy soils that do not contain tree roots or stones. In cases where a vault or casket does not exist, or where the casket has completely deteriorated, GeoModel, Inc. can examine the GPR data for disturbed soil, grave trenches, or other indications of the burial.

This has been a narrative from day one, part of the Trudeau Junta and their Great Reset backers strategy to strip Canada of its sovereignty and both Canadians and Indigenous people of their liberty. The methodology here is the exact same used to turn the violent repeat felon George Floyd into a martyr and kick off the Black Lives Matter death and destruction across the US before the actual facts could emerge.

Chief Rosanne Casimir I publicly denounce you madame as a liar of the most callous and rancid character. With calculated malice you a have attacked my nation and people and needlessly traumatized your own. You have ruthlessly used the ghosts of notional children to advance a political agenda that will lead to ruin for both your people and mine. Your actions have directly lead to violence and destruction. You and your dark confederates will not escape consequences for your actions .

This is the number for the President and Vice-Chancellor Fraser Valley universityDr. Joanne MacLean

Joanne MacLean's headshot

604-864-4608 is her assistant, email perhaps ask her why her employee allowed her taxpayer funded research to be misrepresented for a month while Canada burned.

In case you have questions Dr Sarah

William Ray

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  1. Since your piece was written a number of FN leaders have come forward to denounce the church burnings and set the record straight – that these were not “mass graves” and that they’ve know about these, what are essentially untended cemetery grounds, for decades. The reality is that these were community or church cemeteries where locals were buried, not just the FN kids from the residential schools. Therefore the outlines of the caskets (which in and of themselves established that bodies were not thrown into ditches), are likely a mix of FN kids and locals. Of course the msm has no time for these details. The other issue that’s getting no attention is that this residential school travesty was a massive experiment in govt social engineering and should stand as a lesson for keeping govt out of children’s lives, particularly efforts at indoctrinating kids. And while I’m thinking about it, although all the vitriol is being directed at the Catholic Church for running these schools, they were only contractors for the federal govt which I have no doubt must have had a pretty good idea as to the methods of instruction and the conditions in which the kids were housed. In fact, thousands of bureaucrats must have been involved in the removal of these kids from their parents’ homes and their transport to the residential facilities. There have to have been police, social welfare bureaucrats, social workers from the federal, provincial and municipal levels. There’s little understanding today of the fact that oppression of any group of people requires a large, dedicated and slavishly obedient bureaucracy.


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