Canada’s Truckers will likely face a Jan. 6th “Event” in Ottawa

As always check everything random folks tell you on the internet. As a soldier I have direct experience with “False Flags” go ahead and research the ” Sarajevo bread line massacre of May 1992″ None of this is meant to in any way dissuade you from doing what you are. It needs to be done and I thank you for doing it. This is not meant to cause division or paranoia, and no one should use it to. This is is meant as a stark warning and information resource nothing more. The Author

As Canadians unite behind the massive convoy we need to prepare ourselves for the desperate actions of the rancid scum that now occupies the top tiers of of our political and civil service permanent state. It is almost certain that the brave Canadians now driving on Ottawa in a bid to take back our country will likely face an attempt to manufacture an “event” that will allow the Trudeau junta to invoke the Emergency Act. We have seen this exact scenario played out in Washington D.C. in the now fully exposed government operation that gave the US Democrats the excuse to declare Marshall Law in their capitol and turn their security services loose on anyone who opposes their dark ideologies. The Liberal party of Canada and Justin Trudeau share the exact same masters and operatives.

It is certain that as I write this agents of the RCMP,CSIS and the Canadian Forces are already embedding themselves in the convoy. They will worm their way into positions of trust and when the time is right try and create the event their filthy masters require. Sadly you should expect zero loyalty from these institutions, both the RCMP and Canadian Forces have proven themselves corrupt beyond repair, they will carry out their masters orders without regard.

In what are referred to as LEO Operations to support civilian authorities the Canadian Forces will put its full logistical and tactical abilities at the disposal of the RCMP under their INSET or Integrated National Security Team regional setup. The Canadian Forces itself has been operating against the Canadian people since the beginning of the Corona Event. Barring some massive act of contrition on the part of this organization I will when I have the time be burning my Canadian Forces decorations. They represent nothing to me now but cowardice, capitualtion and treason most vile. At least because of the amalgamation of Canada’s armed services into the Canadian Forces in the 60’s the organization that my fathers fought for on Vimy Ridge and Normandy’s beaches ended with its honor intact.

Forged letter warning about wolves on the loose part of Canadian Forces propaganda campaign that went awry“…

“A plan devised by the Canadian Joint Operations Command relied on propaganda techniques similar to those employed during the Afghanistan war.”..

I am A descendant of the family of one of the RCMP’s founders, Sam Steele. My mother pulled the cover off Steele’s statue when they renamed the Canadian Forces Base in Edmonton after him. The RCMP has always been a quasi military organization. What I say next is not meant to disrespect the great work many of this organizations front-line officers do in our communities but these are the hard realities of the organization they work for. Dudley Do Right it ain’t. Any who doubt this need to familiarize themselves with Canada’s Operation Profunc.

For more than three decades the RCMP ran PROFUNC (PROminent FUNCtionaries of the Communist Party), a highly secretive espionage operation and internment plan. In October CBC’s Fifth Estate and Radio-Canada’s Enquête aired shows on “this secret contingency plan, called PROFUNC, [which] allowed police to round up and indefinitely detain Canadians believed to be Communist sympathizers.”

Under exotic code names like Cathedral, Cobra, Vampire, and Puma, an extensive apparatus of police and military forces has carried out surveillance, disruption, and sabotage against opponents, or potential opponents, of government policies. Masterminding the whole campaign has been the RCMP security service…….One such grouping, G-4, described to the Keable inquiry by RCMP Sgt. Claude Brodeur, stole dynamite, carried out break-ins, and even burned down a barn allegedly to prevent a meeting between members of the so-called Quebec Liberation Front (FLQ) and the U.S. Black Panthers.“…

The Heritage Fronts Grant Bristow’s handlers had been inherited from the same RCMP department which preceded CSIS’s inception.“..

July 29, 2016: B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce stayed the charges against the couple, saying the police undercover operation skillfully engineered the terrorist act committed by Nuttall and Korody.

The Mounties bombed an oil installation as part of a dirty tricks campaign in their investigation into sabotage in the Alberta’s oil patch. The revelation came at the bail hearing Thursday of two farmers who the Crown says have turned their complaints that oil industry pollution is making their families ill into acts of vandalism and mischief. Their lawyer produced evidence that the RCMP bombed a wellsite and that they did it with the full support of the energy company that owned it. The Crown admits the allegations are true.

You will need to maintain discipline in you ranks and keep decision making to people you know , and have personal ties with. Anyone who proposes any action should be vetted, check their social media, call their friends and family, take this very very seriously. One of the easiest tells will be their insistence on violent action. Be very suspicious of anyone who starts a narrative of “this protesting is not enough…this won’t get it done…we need to do something real…ect.”

“A prominent member of the Oath Keepers who was one of the “primary orchestrators” of the first breach of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 has never been arrested for his role in the breach and is being protected by the FBI, a report said. Who exactly is Ray Epps?”

“When the North American Summit Leaders’ Summit was held in Montebello, Quebec in August 2007, something came to the attention of Dave Coles, President of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union.. Amidst a seemingly peaceful protest, Coles noticed that three bandana-clad “burly” men were attempting to incite them to riot”..

Police Provocateurs being identified and rousted in Canada 2007

As someone with long history in social movements and training in asymetric warfare I absolutely caution the need for balance. As a social movement your bonds is a social, inter personal ones, to create a situation of paranoia where those social bonds are broken is just as deadly to you, and they know this. But the massive support you have garnered, the tapping in to fundamental very righteous Canadian rage is incredibly dangerous to them.

If this cabal looses control then the full and total extent of their years of bitter Treason and corruption will have a light shone on them. That they and the foriegn and domestic elites that control them cannot allow at any price. Human life even in large scale is worth nothing to these people, we know that.

Know that any electronic communication is open to them, forget telegraph , smoke signal or whatever if it travels in the electronic medium they can see it. When you fight people from the future act like its the past. In person written instructions. Do not plan or organize online if you can help it. Telephone conversations themselves have a much higher bar for them to hear. They can see who you call but need a warrant to listen. Work out simple verbal replacement codes, change them often.

Your profession means you can check each other credentials and have your own language and common terms of reference use this as a security measure.

If you see anyone in Ottawa trying to incite violence call them out, film them and warn the people around them of the danger. It is not in our interest to commit violent acts, it is in theirs to have it seem we do. They have been painting this picture during the entire pandemic in preparation.

I have included some links on how to guard against this and will continue to update it . My hopes and the hopes of all Canadians ride with you. Thank you all.

William Ray

The beuracratic structure they will use

When the North American Summit Leaders’ Summit was held in Montebello, Quebec in August 2007, something came to the attention of Dave Coles, President of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union.. Amidst a seemingly peaceful protest, Coles noticed that three bandana-clad “burly” men were attempting to incite the protestors to become violent toward riot

Police Were Instigators in Montebello – Report Holds

How To Detect Infiltrators and Observe Covert Police Misconduct

Mark Leier, a professor at Simon Fraser University who has studied the use of police spies in Canadian labour organizations, describes police infiltration in social movements as a “long and ignoble tradition in Canada.”

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  1. I’ve had this thought.. well I had the ghought that this would be a reason for baby Castro to impose Martial law


    I want out of this fucking country

    Sarah Rivera ________________________________


    1. A false flag “LIKELY” to happen? If it profits “them”, why wouldn’t they? And with the sell-out media covering EVERY track for the false flaggers, the Deep State can use their minor league FFers to save money!


  2. I’m in the U.S. and have the same thoughts about this. We still have many innocent January 6th patriots locked up in deplorable conditions with no due process rights given. I pray that this is not going to be a repeat of that event 🙏. Stay strong Canada, we support you 🇺🇸❤🇨🇦🤺


  3. Sam Steeele was also my great great uncle and am very proud of him and his acheivments. I am sure he would turn over in his grave if he knew the CRAP that is going on in this country today and what RCMP have turnd into.


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