How a Yankee trust-fund scumbag landlocked Alberta oil, took over Vancouver and BC Politics, and is now going National (Observer)

Authors note please follow the links and do your own research, believing random dudes on the internet is how we got here.

William Ray

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 10.54.35 PMJoel Solomon is a Billionaire class Yankee carpetbagger who has used “philanthropy” to distort politics and economically sabotage Canada. Our intrepid Yankee shopping mall trust fund baby has managed to shut down Canadian energy exports through his management of Tides Canada. He went on to take over Vancouver politics with his disastrous front-man Gregor Robertson and the Vision sock-puppet. He has recently managed not only to help put the N.D.P./ Green Party cabal in power over British Columbia but got them to create a whole new class of corporation that makes corporate political/social interference an entrepreneurial activity.

“The Tides Foundation has some very long, strong tentacles into all sorts of businesses that all support Vision Vancouver, not as a political party, but as a movement, and this is extremely troubling,” says Alex Tsakumis, a former political analyst for the newspaper 24 Hours and former director of Vancouver’s municipal Non-Partisan Association opposition party, who blogs on political affairs. “And [Joel] Solomon is the green father, if you will, behind this social engineering movement.”

Kevin Liban, National Post, 2010

For details on Joel Solomon’s funneling of , in his own words “Hundreds of Millions” of dollars into Canadian politics see Vivian Kraus’s excellent work on her blog

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 11.12.21 PM

Now with the help of his sister Linda Solomon-Wood and her pathetic propaganda pamphlet the National Observer, he helped keep Justin Trudeau Prime Minister. Not strange since his fellow travelers in the corrupt Obama  US Democratic Party and Oligarch foundations helped install him in 2015. The destruction of Canada is almost complete.

Joel’s father Joel  W Solomon inherited a large chain of theaters from Grandad Solomon. Joel the elder sells said theaters and uses the proceeds to start building shopping malls in the late 60’s early 70’s. It hard to nail down the family Solomon’s exact worth but they are Billionaire class. Joel the elder is at some point made head of the Chattanooga Housing Authority which is a powerful political plum for the “Southern Democrats”. He then works for the Jimmy Carter campaign, along with his son our intrepid Joel Jr and daughter Linda Solomon-Wood, now editor n chief of Liberal propaganda machine the National Observer.

Joel senior is made head of the Gov Services agency by Carter. The Carter White House is noted by both the left and right at the time of being closely tied to the Rockefeller Foundation funded Council On Foreign Relations. It might be here that Joel Connected with the people that would eventually fund his hostile takeover of Canadian Energy policy and BC politics as the Walrus laid out in a 2015 article.

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 10.19.05 PM“A Tennessean whose father did well in shopping malls, Solomon, sixty, worked on Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign in the mid-1970s; he learned that crisp organizing can turn social philosophy into political success. After Carter was elected, Solomon, having been diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease, passed up a chance to work in the White House and ended up in BC. “It’s a hereditary condition that had killed several members of our family,” he recalled, “and it felt like a death sentence. I was doing some soul-searching, and I spent time on Cortes Island.”

In 1995, he met an organic farmer named Gregor Robertson. Their views aligned, especially on the environment, and they became close friends. Solomon was investing in sustainable businesses; Robertson had started a juice company, Happy Planet. Solomon didn’t just urge his friend to embody their values in the political arena; using his networks and the money of like-minded friends—especially Carol Newell, an heir to the Newell Rubbermaid fortune from New York State—he helped Robertson win a provincial seat in 2000 for the NDP.

Seven years later, after a kidney transplant, Solomon had a new life. So did Robertson. As leader of the Vision Vancouver party, he was elected mayor—again with Solomon’s and Newell’s unreserved backing. Last fall he was returned to office for a third term; next year he’ll become the longest-serving mayor in the city’s history. He’s seen as a potential future premier or federal cabinet minister. Solomon’s smarts and Newell’s money might not have been enough to ensure Robertson’s success, but they were essential factors. Robertson simply would not be where he is without them, and the city—with its Greenest City 2020 mandate—would not be on the trajectory it’s on today.”

“team America” article in Walrus 2015

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 11.07.43 PMIn 2010 he organized this little conference on Cortes Island. Through TIDES U.S. he damn near owns Cortes, what is it with rich Yankee’s and islands?

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 10.17.58 PM“In late “October, a group of environmental and social justice activists met at a remote lodge on Cortes Island, 150 kilometres north of Vancouver, up the Georgia Strait. The four-day gathering was billed as the Social Change Institute — an event that says it “gathers seasoned and emerging leaders with thinkers and trainers from the change-making world” — and it’s been happening for years. The lodge is called the Hollyhock Centre, a New Age retreat known for its holistic healing circles, Shaman drum making workshops and Tantric “sacred sexuality” seminars.

Stop before you conjure up images of hippies dreaming of a utopian free love world. The Social Change Institute is a magnet for professionals. Professional activists. Professional environmentalists. And, yes, professional business people and politicians. One does not sign up for the SCI; one applies and is accepted — or not. The 12-hectare centre, which started life in the early 1980s precisely as something resembling a hippie caricature, has been transformed into the virtual headquarters of a powerfully sophisticated and co-ordinated network of people who are mobilizing millions of dollars “towards systemic social change focused in one region,” as Hollyhock president Joel Solomon has described his mission.

On his side are wealthy trust-fund progeny, powerful U.S. business leaders, billion dollar American foundations, a web of environmental groups and prominent Vancouver political players. The region under focus for “systemic” change is Western Canada. The funding is frequently foreign. And Canadians may not know it yet, but the program is already well underway.”

“The Tides Foundation has some very long, strong tentacles into all sorts of businesses that all support Vision Vancouver, not as a political party, but as a movement, and this is extremely troubling,” says Alex Tsakumis, a former political analyst for the newspaper 24 Hours and former director of Vancouver’s municipal Non-Partisan Association opposition party, who blogs on political affairs. “And [Joel] Solomon is the green father, if you will, behind this social engineering movement. …Kevin Liban National Post

He also started a relationship with David Eby in 2010 when Eby is head of  the BritishScreen Shot 2020-01-19 at 8.35.44 AM Columbia Civil Liberties Association, He bankrolls Ebby’s 2013 election to the BC Legislature. This will pay off later when Ebby becomes Attorney General of British Columbia in 2017 and creates Joel Solomon’s B Class corporate creature. To this day BCCLA continues its interference with Canadian energy policy under the guise of Human Rights

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 10.41.23 AM
What a prescient headline

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 10.42.09 AM

There were rumors that Joel Solomon was ready to bankroll David Eby to the BC New Democrat leadership in 2013 but Eby passed due to personal reasons.

He also seems to have bankrolled the rise of the Greens through a relationship with Andrew Weaver, climate scientist who just lost a lawsuit on his work in a BC court and Leader of the BC Greens. Literally one of the first thing the Greens did was write the B-class Corporation legislation up and hand it off to David Eby.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.52.38 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 11.05.34 AM.png

The astro-terf BCCLA is now headed by Harsha Walia who helped fund and train the ANTIFA through No One Is Illegal front groups. She helped plan and train for the current rail blockades at Carleton University in 2019. And is now involved deeply in the representing the manufactured “Hereditary Chiefs”

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 9.22.53 PM

Joel Makes subversion a Family Affair

Linda Solomon-Wood starts the National Observer “around her kitchen table”, then turns it into a Class B corporation and gets a million dollars funding on the Vancouver stock exchange. All at a Time when major publications are flailing to survive.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 10.26.24 AMScreen Shot 2019-08-01 at 10.26.32 AMLinda Solomon Wood worked as a Journalist in Chattanooga. Where I have found one piece she participated in on state insurance fraud. That story seems to be her sole claim to investigative Journalism. She wrote other pieces over the years mostly the kind of  fluff the indolent children of the rich specialize in. She follows her brother to Canada after 9/11 and marries her husband  another high end “socially conscious” investor. Her brother hired some heavy guns and set her up with the Vancouver Observer which morphed into the National Observer. She testifies in front of the Canadian Parliament Advocating for the B class corporations to be created Federally in 2016.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 10.48.34 AM.png

Ms Solomon-Wood’s propaganda pamphlet has unsurprisingly gone after Vivian Kruase on numerous occasions and she is currently suing them.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 1.03.52 PM.png

The National Observer also pushed the Russiian Bots narrative over the #Trudeaumustgo hashtag

B Class corporations, how the rich can profit from the act of controlling us.

So like the large Foundations that have been around for a century and have been instrumental in bringing us “social good” like Eugenics and Identity Politics. Basically Class B corporations are a way for the 1% percent to direct political and social change by being able to pour money at it , oh and make a tidy profit. The Category B company started out in the states and has moved quickly with well financed lobbying throuout the US. To Become a “Certified B Corporation” in Canada or the US you have to be Certified by B-LAB. which is funded by the Fords and Rockefeller , Goldman sacks et al…cause they really care man…they really do. This is a structure for increased corporate dominance in our political and social structures.

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 1.07.17 AM.png

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 7.09.58 PM.png

So here are professional critiques of the Class B corp law brought in by Joel’s little friends in BC. Readers digest, it is mostly unnecessary under Canadian Corporate Law. But here is the real shocker…these corporations are actually less transparent and accountable than regular corporations….wow.

“For legislation that’s supposed to enshrine business accountability, it is embarrassingly toothless

The weak definition of “public benefit.” In the proposed bill the definition of “public benefit” is so broad that it’s hard to imagine a business that couldn’t meet the standard. If the definition were tighter, the legislation might actually present some benefit of differentiation, but as written it will almost certainly only muddy the waters around what constitutes a “public benefit.” And the real problems would arise if you tried to take action against a Benefit Company for not upholding their obligation to provide a Public Benefit.

Very limited rights for stakeholder action. The “oppression remedy” that we already have in law for our regular Business Corporations gives the opportunity for an individual to sue the corporation for unfairly prejudicial and oppressive behaviour. But you won’t be able to take action against directors of Benefit Companies for not delivering on their stated mission for public benefit… wait for it… unless you’re a shareholder with at least 2% or $2 million of shares, whichever is lower! That’s a big step backwards for accountability. This is ironic. And sad.

Limited scope for remedies. The bill also states that, “a court may not order monetary damages in relation to any breach” of the duty to uphold the mission. Compare this to the oppression remedy, which gives the court tremendous latitude to formulate an appropriate remedy. Section 241(3) of the Canada Business Corporations Act provides a non-exhaustive list of remedies: courts can set aside a transaction, make a corporation or another person buy your shares or pay you money, they can dissolve the corporation, they can remove all the directors—it’s totally open ended. BC Benefit Companies will have nothing like this level of accountability.

the community of certified B Corps already sees over representation from luxury / premium consumer goods, and I think there is a risk of this becoming a self-reinforcing trend.

When the stakeholder requirements are stripped away from the benefit corporation structure, the remaining legal elements seem somewhat bare. The requirement that a benefit corporation create “a general public benefit measured by a third-party standard” seems impressive at first glance, but a cursory glance at the benefit corporations listed on the Benefit Corporation Information Center’s directory indicates that there are would be very few businesses that consider themselves excluded from this standard.160 How does the sale of pastries, for example, provide a general public benefit? How does a regular cleaning business (with no mention of anything publicly beneficial on its website, not even eco-cleaning supplies) create a public benefit? 161 One practitioner in the CFGR study mentioned Coca-Cola’s somewhat counterintuitive campaign to fight obesity.162 Could Coca-Cola be a benefit corporation? The “third-party standard” measure seems to be a low one. Any corporation that has embraced the CSR movement and adopted some form of CSR practices in their business can become a benefit corporation. Benefit corporations also have no legal features to combat the limitations in CSR. Empirical studies have shown that CSR trends have been consistent with theories of strategic CSR and rational, profit-seeking 158.VT.STAT. ANN. tit. 11A, § 21.09(F) (2011). 159. Liao, CFGR Study, supra note 62, at 580. 160. Find a Benefit Corporation, supra note 61. 161. This is not meant to single this company out, as it was one of several benefit corporations that had little evidence of any general or specific public benefit on its website. 162. Coming Together: Help Us Fight Obesity, COCA-COLA CO., [].
712 Seattle University Law Review [Vol. 40:683 management decision-making.163 “Greenwashing”—where companies spend significantly more time and money on green advertising rather than on environmentally sound practices—is a real concern.164 There are no built-in legal mechanisms to prevent this type of corporate behavior in a benefit corporation beyond what is already available for regular Canadian corporations. The trouble is that the benefit corporation’s definition of a “general public benefit” fits perfectly into the dogma that has been at the core of modern economics since Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations”…

“A corporation is “certified” by B Lab once an acceptable score is obtained under their rating system (80 out of 200), and the company is required to submit supporting documents for a portion of the answers.25 B Lab relies on this self-reporting assessment and a separate auditing system to ensure B Corporations are pursuing and achieving their social mandates.26 Within an allotted time following certification, B Corporations are required to amend their articles of incorporation to require directors to consider more than just shareholder interests when carrying out their duties.27
It also addresses how the implementation of the benefit corporation in Canada would conflate incorrect assumptions on Canada’s model of governance and potentially impede the progressive development of Canada’s corporate laws.
B Lab has acknowledged that Canada is an important “market” for them as there are now more than 160 Certified B Corporations in Canada. B Lab has also indicated that the obligation to consider stakeholder interests must be 100% affirmed under Canadian law before they will allow Canadian companies to forego their article amendment process. When told of Canada’s statutory requirement that directors exercise their fiduciary duties in the “best interests of the corporation,” the oppression remedy and other minority protections, the Supreme Court of Canada’s 2008 BCE decision, etc., B Lab’s position did not change. It seems that the only way B Lab can be satisfied is if Canadian statutes provide language that mirrors the B Corporation’s. This is problematic.”

We need to send Mr Solomon and his sister back to the US. We need to destroy the power of Oligarch’s to warp our democracy and cripple our nation forever or we will surely face a continued assault on our basic democratic freedom, our Nation and our children’s future.

William Ray

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